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Posted May 25, 2022, 11:14 p.m. by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) (Diana Sheldon)

Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Commanding Officer) in Ready Room: Tag Dr. Mantis

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Ready Room: Tag Dr. Mantis

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Ready Room: Tag Dr. Mantis
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Remy sat at his desk going over a number of Padds that had his crew files showing. Most of the time paperwork was the least enjoyable part of being the Wolverine’s CO. It was at times like this that were the most enjoyable.

He tapped his comm badge and sent an order.

=^=Dr. Mantis, please report to my ready room in 10 minutes.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)
Her head popped up from whatever she was doing to give Noboskie a worried look when she heard the Captain’s order. she took a deep breath gathered her nerves and replied tapping her own com badge =^= aye Sir, on my way Sir.=^= Then she gave her friend a last look n headed out sickbay doors to the nearest turbo lift “bridge” she said stepping inside as the doors closed.

Ensighn Mantis [doctor]

A bit worried as to why the Captain would need her in his ready room she gathered herself after stepping onto the bridge before heading to the ready room. Taking one last deep breath she approached the door and rang the chime.

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

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The door opened for Lenore and she would see the captain sitting behind his desk pouring over some paperwork. As he looked up, he smiled and greeted the doctor.

“Dr. Mantis, tank you fo’ comine so quickly. Please, come in a ‘ave a seat.”

“Tell me, Dr., ‘ow are tines goine since returnine to de Wolverine. You ‘ave adjusted to de routines set down by Dr. Locksley, no?”

Boudreaux (CO)

As she entered she smiled back at his greeting and sat down as he had asked. “Things are going well yes and a I am adjusting easily.”

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

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