Moreino's Psych Evaluation Check-in

Posted June 4, 2022, 1:23 p.m. by Warrant Officer Najma C. Moreino (Operations Specialist) (Mika Jackson)

Of all the check-ins she was required to do, the psych eval was her least favorite. Psychiatrists AND counselors were evil, they were always trying to get into her head and when they did they manipulated her thoughts and her words. She scoffed at the fact that she was diagnosed with antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders by three Starfleet psychiatrists. In her mind she was perfect, too perfect, so these people wanted to find something wrong with her. She demanded they not include that trash in her profile but of course they did, because they wanted her to look “crazy” when people read it. Luckily the commander seen through it and recruited her as the operations specialist on the Wolverine, even though if it hadn’t been her only option, it would have been the last ship she would have considered serving on.
The truth was all the other ships were too scared or thought it would be too risky to have her as part of the crew. Najma had right profile to serve on a ship like the Wolverine.

This visit was particularly unnerving because she knew she would have to talk about the “incident” or what was referred to as her psychotic break that almost got her kicked out of Starfleet indefinitely. But maybe now she would have a chance to tell her side of the story. She crossed her arms as she walked through the doors of the counseling suite.

N. Moreino, Operations Specialist

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