Ensign Szandor Psych Eval

Posted June 6, 2022, 1:22 p.m. by Ensign Adrean Szandor (Security Officer) (ALEXANDER HAMPSHIRE)

Posted by Lieutenant Bryn Shar (Counselor) in Ensign Szandor Psych Eval

Posted by Ensign Adrean Szandor (Security Officer) in Ensign Szandor Psych Eval

Posted by Lieutenant Bryn Shar (Counselor) in Ensign Szandor Psych Eval
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Adrean headed to the counselor’s office and pinged the door to be let in. He wondered how good the counselor was and how much they knew/ would find out about him. He knew the Wolverine’s reputation for taking on black sheeps, but this was always a rough spot for him when joining anew ship.

“Come in.” A female voice sounded from behind the door, activating it to open. Green eyes looked up from the desk as Bryn stood to welcome the visitor. ” Good morning, Ensign. How may I be of service?”

—Shar, CNS
Adrean stepped in and took a look around before finally meeting the counselor’s gaze. “Just checking in for my onboard psych eval,” He said through a forced smile. “What can I do for you?”

ENS Szandor - Security

What an odd question. Dark brows raised in surprise. “You can’t do anything for me, Ensign—you came to me for help, remember?” Bryn took a deep breath and held a hand out to the chair across from her desk. “Why don’t you have a seat and we’ll get through this as quickly as possible, okay?”

—Shar, CNS

Adrean shrugged and took a seat. “To be honest counselor, I don’t think I need any psychiatric help. Just here for my eval so I can start my duty. Trust me, I’ve been through my fair amount of shrinks. So where do we start? I know different counselors have their own way of conducting their evals.” Adrean just wanted this to be over. You didn’t get to be where he was without developing a few mental scars and he just as soon not open up old wounds his first day on the ship. Whatever she needed, he’d give her, but he wasn’t in much of a volunteering mood.

—Ensign Szandor, Security

Bryn sat behind the desk. Stating that he’d been through his fair share of ‘shrinks’ let on that there had been some kind of psychiatric trauma in his past. She would need to dig into his file deeper than just a quick scan when he arrived at her door. “Why don’t you tell me what landed you on the Wolverine? The ship isn’t quite a regular posting. You’ll find people here aren’t your usual, run of the mill, officers.”

—Shar, CNS

Adrean settled into his chair and let out a sigh, “Well, as I’m sure you’ll see in my file, not many Captains want people with ties to the Ansata onboard their ships.” He was sure she’d look into him further and find his brother. Kylian had been dragging on his career since the beginning. But Adrean hoped that the Wolverine would let him show his true merits. “Starfleet doesn’t have a reason to drum me out, despite looking hard, but every captain I’ve been with has found some reason or another to transfer me out. Wolverine seems to be my last chance in Starfleet.” The last sentence came out rather defeated. Ever since he left the Ansata behind and gained his sponsorship with Commander Gilmore into the academy, Starfleet had been his dream. And then Kylian turned it into a nightmare. “Sometimes I wonder if I should just save them the trouble, to be honest. Anyway,” He said trying to change the subject, “I can assure you I’m a good officer. I’ll be a valued asset to your security team. I may not have the rank, but being bounced around star ships, you see your fair share of incidents.” Adrean had a feeling he had overshared, and that this was not going well.

Ensign Szandor, Security

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