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The Wolverine was docked at Starbase 439. It had been a while since the ship had received a full once-over, and there were lots of new faces on board the smaller vessel. One such face was sitting in the Conference Room at the head of the table. Fleet Captain Miriam Snythe looked at the assembled officers.

“So thats what we have been able to piece together since the incident eleven days ago. No one knows what happened, no one is taking responsibility, and the survey team is still on the planet and everything seems normal. We have an investigation team assembling and they will be en route in the next few days. What Command wants is the Wolverine to take point before the team arrives. Try and figure out what you can. This is a real blow to colonial services, people. And we need to know what, how, and why it happened. Questions.” The last word was definitely a command, not a request.


Remy had a concerned look on his face. “40 minutes? An’ den ‘boom’? No warning no message? Any clue as to what caused de explo-SHOn, Admiral? De Montoya’s sensors picked up no notice of an attack? Could it ‘ave been an internal explo-SHON?”

Remy didn’t like going into a situation this blind, but it seemed that was what he and his crew were about to do.

Boudreaux (CO)

“Captain, you now know exactly everything we do.” the Fleet Captain replied.

“The sensor relay may have picked up some kind of reading or emission,” Duncan piped up. “Once we can examine the logs we may be able to get a clearer picture on whether there was any external influence, or it was an internal reading. Whatever it was, it seems sudden enough that they didn’t have time for any kind of mayday. It’s too early to say, but that alone isn’t a good indicator of a system failure. Those ships are built with enough redundant systems that they are hard to put down.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“And the ship had been given a thorough check less than six months ago. Lieutenant. Everything was perfect from a system stand-point.” Snythe added.

At this point, all we can do is form a hypothesis.” Commander Erin said at last, “Though we may want to start by examining the debris, or at least see if any part of the ship’s computer system is salvageable.” The XO knew the Wolverine’s capabilities were limited compared to a Mythology or Pendragon Class, but he knew the Engineering and Science crew were on top of their game and could produce some results.

Erin (XO)

The Fleet Captain nodded and then took a deep breath. “Listen… I don’t know what is going on with this, but keep on your toes, people. And as soon as you find out anything… and I mean anything… you relay that information back here. I don’t want the rest of the investigation team walking into something nasty completely blind.” and she shrugged slightly and added “That’s why we have you all, right?”


Lily sat at the table listening to the briefing. As senior staff she was required to be here but sudden booms were not something her department typically handled. There was not much left when a body went boom, however that did not mean things didn’t surprise one in the end. It also kept her in the loop.

Lily Locksley CMO

Bryn had found a seat next to the doctor and was listening with great concentration. Ships did not just go boom. It didn’t sound like there would be much for her to do once they got there unless they actually went down to the planet and interviewed anyone who knew about the Montoya’s presence. Her training might be useful there. But she did have a question. “You said the Montoya had been traveling for two years to reach the planet. How long will it take the Wolverine to get there?”

—Shar, CNS

Fleet Captain Snythe said “At Warp 7, two and half weeks. The Montoya was stopping and picking things up along the way, and sometimes they had to wait for critical equipment.”


Commander Erin sighed with relief; the Wolverine only had enough supplies and equipment to last them 18 months. “We should be ready to set off shortly, ma’am.” The XO stated, once it appeared that no more questions would be asked. They had their work cut out for the, but they wouldn’t be sure what they’d be up against until they got to the site.

Erin (XO)

Alita had been listening intently to the entire briefing but felt everything had been covered extensively and had no questions at that time. Most certainly there would be questions an hour after it was too late to do anything about it but, that was life on the Wolverine.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Remy looked around the table at his officers and concluded the no one had any further questions. “I guess we’ll find out more when we get dere, Admiral. I’ll keep you appraised of any findines. De Wolverine will depart in 4 hours.”

“Cmdr. Erin, recall all personnel from de base,” he ordered.

“De rest of you ‘ave 4 hours to get restocked wit’ whatever you may need in you’ respective departments. Four hours–dat’s it. Anytune else, we’ll replicate or make in de machine shop.”

Hitting his comm badge, the Captain sent a message to the bridge. =^=Petty Officer Raab, set a course for Golseniax X. We’ll be traveling at warp 7 and departine SB 439 at 1230 hours. Dat is 4 hours from now.=^=

“Lt. Crosby, find out all you can about the Golseniax system. de survey team, and Montoya specs. Go over dose wit’ Lt. Petrov, an’ see if dere are any flaws in her systems dat could ‘ave caused an explosion.. Share any pertinent info’ma-SHON wit’ de oder departments. We ‘ave two weeks to find out all de info we can before we get dere. Let’s do dis people.”

Boudrreaux (CO)

“Remember guys,” Commander Erin said as he stood up from behind the table, “We’ll be away for over a month, so please essential equipment and replacement parts only.” The XO didn’t want any extra storage containers getting in the way in case they needed to jerry rig a science lab in one of the cargo bays. Bryson knew enough from experience that their was no chance for a cakewalk when the Wolverine was sent out.

Erin (XO)

Alita smiled and raised an eyebrow at the XO but stopped short of making a joke about how she desperately needed space in a cargo bay to keep the fixings to make 500 servings of jambalaya. Now was not the time.

  • Alita, MO/COS

The next four hours were a flurry of activity as personnel rushed back to the ship from the station, material was brought on board, and last minute issues were dealt with. At the three hour and fourty-five minute mark, the disembarkation chime sounded throughout the Wolverine, and the station made the announcement that all personnel should be back on board.

On the bridge, comms reported that they had been given clearance to prep for departure. Incoming traffic had been steered away from the Wolverine’s departing vector, and all departments reported that all personnel were present and accounted for.


“Departments are green across the board, Captain.” Commander Erin announced from the operations station. “Helm, back us away from the station using maneuvering thrusters.” The XO made a mental note to search for an Operations Officer once they were underway, but for now, he’d have to do double duty.

Erin (XO)

“Merci, commandeur Erin,” Remy acknowledged.

Mikel had wanted more leave time. It seemed the Wolverine could never finish its leave. He wondered if he had a case he could file for a medical leave. He dismissed it as more unhealthy for his career than his actual health.

Petrov CE

Alita stepped back onto the bridge and handed several PaDDs to the NE that accompanied her. He quickly turned tail and boarded the lift again as she took her station.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Getting comfortable in the big chair, he added,” Sit back and’ relax people. I ‘ave a feeline, we will no time fo’ dat once we reach our destina-SHON. Kick it up, ‘elm”

Boudreaux (CO

It had been a while since she had been on a ship. On her last ship assignment, there had been an “incident” and she had gotten into a lot of trouble. After what happened Najma was lucky to see the inside of any ship. The incident caused her to be demoted from Lieutenant to Warrant Officer. During her reprimand and demotion, she was told “It isn’t your work that was an issue; it is your attitude. We don’t know if you are Star-Fleet material.” Not Star-Fleet material? She cried for the first time in…forever. Just hearing that she may not be good enough for something really got to her. She was perfect and good at everything. How dare they! After undergoing a required psych evaluation and some “retraining” she was cleared to return to duty, but only if she received continuous and routine psych evaluations as well as counseling to manage her “issues”.
The door to the bridge opened. Looked like everyone was settling into their stations. She approached the XO with a PADD in her hand and was aware of her mindset because she knew this was going to be her only chance to prove that she was “Star-Fleet material”. If the XO or Commander relieved her of duty from this assignment, that was it. There was no chance of a career in Star-Fleet for her…ever. She approached, then stopped in front of Commander Erin and said in a low voice, “I was told to report to you. Warrant Office Moreino, sir.” She held out a PADD, that contained her transfer orders on it, to him. “Your new cybernetics specialist.”

Warrant Officer, Moreino

“I guess the gods have spoken.” Commander Erin said. He quickly took hold of the PaDD and read it over. “Everything looks to be in order, Warrant Officer Moreino.” Bryson said as he moved aside, so the Operations Specialist could take over. It appeared Starfleet felt the Wolverine needed an Ops Specialist, which he was thankful for, though he wondered how she’d interact with their Chief Engineer.

“It’ll take some time for us to reach our destination, ” The XO stated as he showed Moreino their target system, “So once your shift is over take some time to stop by Sickbay and our Counselor for an official stamp of duty.”

Erin (XO)

She nodded and said, “Will do sir”, then she took her place at the operations station. The console was not standard, it was a little more state of the art than the ones she had operated before, but it would not be too difficult for her to understand the functions and processes of system. Najma tapped on the console for a few minutes. The commander was right the ETA was approximately 430 hours or 2 1/2 weeks to the destination.

Moreino, Operations Specialist

Remy spun his chair around in the direction of the new Ops specialist. He eyed her for a few moments, scrutinizing her face.

“Welcome to de Wolverine, Miss Moreino. I assume you ‘ave ‘ad a chance to settle into you’ cabin?”

Najma nodded and said, “Yes, I have settled in. The cabin is a little too small but it is fine, sir.”

The captain continued watching her and said, “You look familiar, Moreino. ‘Ave we served on the same ship somewhere before?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Surely that was a rhetorical question because no one could ever forget her. Najma’s eyes grew wide, she began to sweat, and her hands began to fumble over the console buttons. She must have had a rendezvous with this man at one point, he recognized her and was pointing it out. He was definitely her type, but surely she would have never forgotten that accent. Would she? She looked at him, wiping sweat from her forehead with the back her hand, “Served together? I am not sure, Captain, what do you recall? I am sure I would have remembered if we had.”

Moreino, Operations Specialist

Alita was at her station overhearing the conversation and glanced up to familiarize herself with the new woman.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Even though she had become disoriented by the Captain’s question, Najma noticed the glance from Alita. She frowned at the woman, then sarcastically said, “What is it? Do I look familiar to you as well?”

Moreino, Operations Specialist

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