Moreino Heads to Sickbay as Ordered

Posted June 30, 2022, 2:01 p.m. by Warrant Officer Najma C. Moreino (Operations Specialist) (Mika Jackson)

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Posted by Warrant Officer Najma C. Moreino (Operations Specialist) in Moreino Heads to Sickbay as Ordered

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Moreino Heads to Sickbay as Ordered
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“Officer Moreino go to sickbay for a medical exam, Officer Moreino go to the counselor’s officer for a psych evaluation.” she said mockingly to herself as she walked the halls of deck 6 to the sickbay. She laughed to herself and said out loud, “Oh, Najma, you have issues with people telling what to do, don’t you?” She shook her head, smoothed her curls with her left hand, and sighed. She needed to make sure her attitude stayed in check. “I just need to get through my first year on this ship, then I can request my first leave of absence.” After reaching sickbay she walked into the first section where the examination and emergency rooms were. She look around and gave a slight nod, impressed with the medical set up. It was nice and she did not expect a Brazen class ship to have a state of the art medical section since this class of ship was known to be used primarily in battles. She figured they had just installed weapons everywhere they could on it which left little room for anything else, even crew quarters and that is why she had three roomates! She scoffed and said “Guess they had to make sure those injured in “away missions” had proper medical care. Otherwise this too would be an armory, too.”

Moreino, Operations Specialist

Najma wandered around sickbay for a while and when no one showed she gladly left. Not my fault no one ever showed up for my medical evaluation. she thought to herself. I did as I was ordered and reported to sickbay, so I’m outra here. Now to get this psych evaluation over and done with.

Moreino, Operations Specialist

Nearly bumping into someone as she reenters sickbay after tending to an emergency elsewhere! ” oh you lmost got away muahah now im here come back so sorr u had to wait”
Ensingn /mantis [doctor]

Najma was shocked when she bumped into the doctor. Dang it! I almost got away. she thought to herself.
She reluctantly followed her to back to sickbay. “You know I have been waiting here for hours,” she exaggerated.

‘My Apologize seriously there was an unexpected emergency that required the whole staff.” She stated reading oner Moreno’s file her brows raising slowly higher with each sentance.

Najma hopped on biobed and said, “Just to make things super easy for you, I am 100% healthy. Never have been sick a day in my life. If I was immortal and not human, I would be perfect.” She said seriously.

Moreino, Operations Specialist

chuckled under her breath…”yes well i am te doctor here so i have to examine things for myself” she said as she studied the biobed readings.

ensign Mantis [Doctor]

The bio readings appeared normal, there was nothing out of the ordinary.
Najma didn’t hear what the doctor had said under her breath but she said, “Is there something funny, doctor?”
She looked at the woman as she scanned her then said, “You don’t seem like you belong on a ship like this. How did you end up here?”

Moreino, COO

“Ohi just thought it humorous you was playing doctor yes that’s all,.. How Did I end up here? now that’s a very good Question”… She paused to think momentarily.

ensign Mantis [Doctor]

The doctor’s comment infuriated Najma. This was why she never attempted to make small talk with people, they always ended up saying something to make her angry.
Playing doctor? She said in a denigrated tone, as she hopped off the biobed. “Are you implying that I don’t know what I am talking about? You think that’s funny?” She said asked the rhetorical questions as she jeered at the woman.
“I don’t even really want to hear how you ended up on this ship. I don’t care about you. All I care about is did you find any abnormal readings from your stupid biobed readings?” She asked as she angrily pointed at the biobed monitor.

Moreino, OS

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