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Posted Aug. 5, 2022, 12:35 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Alita Claire (Chief of Security) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Quarters - Alita (TAG: Cel)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alita Claire (Chief of Security) in Quarters - Alita (TAG: Cel)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Quarters - Alita (TAG: Cel)
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It had been quite a long day but Alita still couldn’t get Cel out of her mind. He had brought the new CIO in and shown himself out with perfect manners. She oculd tell that something was amiss with him though.

=^=Cel. Do you have a minute?=^=

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=^=Of course,” he replied curiously. “What can I do for you?=^= He asked


Alita set the recipe card aside and focused on the conversation.

=^=Well if you’d rather stop by, it would probably be better. Besides, I’m just getting ready to pull some scones from the oven. Feel free to come help yourself.=^=

For the moment, Alita just wanted to know what was going on with Cel. There was no reason to make anything official out of the conversation yet.

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=^=Sounds good, I am on my way.=^= He replied cheerfully, the idea of fresh scones sounded good.

‘What could this be about?’ Squared asked as they headed towards her quarters.

‘No idea’ Cel replied, just as curious.

A few minutes later he rang the chime for Alita’s quarters.


“Yeah, come on in Cel.” Alita said moving more PaDDs aside that she knew where where there in the first place.

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Cel entered and took a good sniff. “Smells good. Do you need any help with anything?” He asked as he approached the kitchenette.


Alita shook her head and set a tray down.

“No, I’ve just about finished here. Butter or jam?” she asked fixing them both generous plates.

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“Butter please.” He replied, sitting down. “Any special occasion? He asked curiously


Alita slid the plate across and sat down.

“Well this is a new recipe and I have such a lovely array of Guinea Pigs that I just couldn’t help myself. The ones on the left are poppy seed and the ones on the right are lemon.”

Cel grabbed a cup of tea and a lemon scone then went to site down.

She paused and took a drink of her coffee.

“Okay, so, the other reason is that I was concerned when I saw you walk into the office with the intel officer today. I applaud your professionalism of course but, you didn’t seem quite yourself.”

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Cel did his best to maintain his impassive facial demeanor. “How so?” He asked taking a sip of his tea, his cup was slow to his face and stay a little longer then normal.


Alita set down her cup and smiled.

“It’s like somebody had gotten under your skin. I don’t think that she has the right to be there. Is something going on?”

Alita had a feeling that came out all wrong but there was not taking it back now.

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“I was just walking by when the XO stopped and asked me to escort her to your office. We talked on the way and I found out that she is a young betazoid.” He shrugged, “hard to tell a betazoid and a human apart.” he added


Alita knew Cel was a very guarded person but was that really all that had set him off? She was fairly certain there was more to it but decided to leave it alone for the moment.

“Okay, if you say that’s it…”

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He shrugged and took a bit of his lemon scone. “How was the new Intelligence officer?”


Alita wiped crumbs from her lips before speaking.

“We had a grand ol talk about basically nothing. Just introductions. neither one of us were really clear on the purpose of the meeting so we just talked about ship life. SHould I have been waiting for something?” Alita asked.

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OCC: Look where Cel’s wife died.

IC: “Strange, I would assume the XO would have had a reason for wanted me to escort her to your office.” He took another bite of his scone. “Could she be some kind of test for us?” he asked, setting his scone down and grabbing his tea.


Alita shook her head and smiled.

“I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but, I have never known the first officer to issue tests like that. He’s a very honorable man.”

Alita had a sense there was still more but was obviously missing something.

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