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Alita waved Cel into the COS position and took the center seat.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Celador nodded then took over tactical position.

Petrov was smiling inside. A fools game and way too easy. He did not care if anyone thought he was coming down a step to argue with a lowly enlisted person. He had crossed paths and won with bigger. He just wanted to see where her line was. More talk than walk. She had buckled and not took the whole bait. Still he would put her on report and let that stew with her for a while. Regardless of the outcome.

He now waited to see what engine data came back from his research and simulations.

Petrov CE

As Najma looked through the records and she settled on the fact that the Captain had asked her to help the supposed engineer do his job. It meant only one thing to her, that he was an incompetent idiot who obviously needed her expertise, something he clearly lacked.
She didn’t care about his reports or him crying to the Captain or XO, she wasn’t about to let a petaQ like him push her around. If he tried she would shove his badge and BOTH PIPS down his throat then resigned her commission herself!

Moreino, OS

Cel took a long slow look around the room, silently observing each member of the crew, their body stance, demeanor and facial expressions before returning to review his console.

He input the standard system check and general sensor sweep into the computer before returning his gaze to the rest of the bridge.


The captain’s voice rang out over the comms. Those that had been on the Wolverine long enough, could tell this wasn’t Remy’s normal congenial visit to his office.

=^=Warrant Officer Moreino, report to my ready room, immediately.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

Before she left, she sent the files for the Montoya back to Petrov, then said, “Look over these yourself, engineer.”
Then she tapped her comm badge and said, *Acknowledged. On my way.”, as she walked off the bridge.

Moreino, OS

Mikel coolly took the PaDD.

“BTW Warrant Officer you are on report. Behavior unbecoming an Enlisted Personnel. Disrespecting a Superior Officer. I will generate that report later and forward through your chain of command. You are dismissed.” Petrov said cooly.

How they let this personality wreck of a human being into SF. How did they ever pass a psychological readiness exam.

Petrov CE

No surprise there. Najma was used to those types of reports. She rolled her eyes and said. “Noted, Lieutenant.” Since he had called her by her proper title, she guess she would give him the same courtesy. “And I am sure it won’t be the last one you file. By the way, no dismissal needed. I know you saw I was already leaving.”

Moreino, OS

Commander Erin had left the CSO and the new science officer back in the lab then decided to pay the Bridge a quick visit. Bryson was hoping the CE and ops specialist had calmed down some; he wasn’t trying to get a migraine only a few days into their assignment. Much to his liking, the XO found that only the Chief Engineer was on the Bridge, so at least he’d get some peace and quiet.

“I’ll assume there are no changes to report?” The XO asked aloud to no one in particular, before taking his mission at mission ops.

Erin (XO)

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