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Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Commanding Officer) in Captain’s ready room, (Tag Moreino) concurrent with Bridge thread

Posted by Warrant Officer Najma C. Moreino (Operations Specialist) in Captain’s ready room, (Tag Moreino) concurrent with Bridge thread
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Remy had had been monitoring the Bridge conversations from his Ready Room, since he had left He needed to get a good read on his new Chief of Ops, and observing her interactions with the rest of the bridge crew was as good as place to start as any.

The woman had a problem with authority (among other apparent things), and he decided it was time to intervene. If she kept this up, Petrov would eat her alive, spit her out, and still have room for his next meal (whichever member of the crew was next on his list).

=^=Warrant Officer Moreino, report to my ready room, immediately.=^=

“Acknowledged. On my way.”

Remy was sitting at his desk, leaning back, and drumming his fingers on the desk.

When she walked in the room, she made it a point keep her attitude in check but she couldn’t erase the annoyed expression off her face. “You summoned me…sir?”

“Ms. Moreino, ‘ave a seat and get comfortable. We may be ‘ere fo’ a while, he began.

Boudreaux (CO)

She could tell that she probably wasn’t there for a friendly visit and figured the the engineer had snitched because she refused to let him push her around. Anyway she wouldn’t know the real reason she’d been pulled off the Bridge until she heard what the Captain had to say to her . She sighed and said, “Very well. What’s up?”

Moreino, OS

Remy sat quietly, watching her for a few minutes before replying. When he finally did speak, his voice was calm and collected.

Najma raised her eyebrows and looked at the man wondering why he was staring at her.

“Ms. Moreino, I an no’ accustomed to my orders beine ques-SHONED, especially on de bridge. If you feel the need to do so, I would expect you to ‘ave a more appropriate sugges-SHON to offer an ‘ no’ just a complaint ‘bout the incompetence of my bridge officers. Lt. Petrov is one of de most competent and creative engineers I ‘ave ever served wit.”

“Sure, he is.” She said sarcastically. Then she cleared her throat and said. “However I was not really questioning Lieutenant Petrov’s competence although I suppose my question did imply it. I was questioning why you would pick me to work with the man. It’s obvious neither one of care for each other and there is bound to be friction between us.”

“Nor was I suggestine dat you were incapable of performine de task I set out fo’ you. I don’ owe you any explana-SHON fo’ my orders, but I’ll give you one anyway. It is a simple fact dat two sets of eyes working on de problen is better dan one.

She nodded in agreement, indicating she accepted the explanation.

“Co-opera-SHON is a key element of success in any task you are to perform, especially on MY ship.”

Boudreaux (CO)

“I understand, sir.” Her calmness and complacentness may have been a surprise by those who really knew her. They also knew that she did take her work seriously, and even so she was not going to let anyone (Petrov) bend her into submission or force her to respect him by throwing his rank around. “I can work with the man. However, I will not allow him to push me around. I do not appreciate being told to be quiet. He doesn’t respect me as a colleague therefore I will not offer him the same courtesy.”

Moreino, OS

“Respect is a two-way street. It must be earned, and someone ‘as to show dat first. In dis case, he is of an ‘igher rank. As a warrant officer, it is you’ duty to show dat respect first. You may not like de man, not many people do, but e’ is one of de best engineers I ‘ave ever served wit’. ‘Is skills are incomparable an’ dat alone deserves some respect.”

Boudreaux (CO)

“I disagree. I don’t care how great of an engineer you think he is, I am not going to respect someone who calls me a misfit. Which by the way is when I began to form my own impressions of him. If you think I am going to let him bully me because he is a higher rank,” she laughed, “well then you don’t know me very well.” She noticed the man was showing some bias for Petrov, which to her meant he was not about to give her a far chance at all.

Moreino, OS

“Lieuten–Warrant Officer Moreino,” He caught himself from using her former rank from the last time she served on the Wolverine. “I can understan’ now, why you ‘ave been busted in rank. Insubordina-SHON being at de top o’ de list. You ‘ave a chip on you’ shoulder dat needs to be knocked off or you will never rise back to you’ previous rank.”

He reached in the drawer and pulled two tumblers out along the ever present bottle of bourbon. He poured each of them a shot and slid one across the desk to Moreino.

“Relax, Najma, you are on a ship full of misfits. Almost everyone on did crew has some kind of black mark in dere Starfleet file. So you are no different dan anyone else. Command sends people to de Wolverine for one of two reasons. A) Whatever you did was not severe enough to ‘ave you serve a sentence in a penal facility, or 2) you are sent ‘ere for a chance to redeem you’self. De choice is you’s–continue down dis path and eventually end up in prison, or work wit’ me an’ dis crew to become better dan what everyone else sees of you. What’s it goine to be?”

Boudreaux (CO)

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