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Remy made the call to engineering and asked Lt. Petrov to join him in the Ready Room. He knew Petrov would probably complain and grumble that the illiterate Cajun was interrupting him from something important, but that was too bad. Remy chuckled at the thought, because the chief was probably in the middle of some diabolical revenge plot for some member of his crew.

As he wanted for the chief, he pulled out 2 tumblers from his desk and NOT the normal bottle of bourbon, but instead a bottle of Tsarskaya Vodka, said to be the favorite of Peter the Great.

Boudreaux (CO)


MIkel came in and wondered what the Captain wanted. He was ready to defend a half dozen insults he had made to crew or be congratulated on saving the ship numerous times. He figured with this Captain it could be anything but for sure none of it would make sense.

“Captain you asked for me.” Petrov said. This time he left off his usual annoyed attitude until he knew what was happening.

Mikel CE

“Yes, Mr. Petrov, please have a seat,” Remy replied. He then held up the bottle of Tsarskaya Vodka and tumblers to show Petrov. “I hope this meets with your approval?”

One of the first things Petrov would notice (other than the vodka), was Remy’s complete lack of Cajun accent when he spoke.

“We have served together a long time, Lt. First on the Vanguard and here on the Wolverine. You are one of the few remaining officers to have followed me here, and I appreciate that. I asked you to join the Wolverine because you are without a doubt one of the best damn engineers I’ve ever worked with. And, you have literally pulled this ship out the fire a number of times, especially on the last mission. I owe you a great deal of graditude and thanks, chief.”

Boudreaux (CO)

Mikel was happy to have a drink of a real distilled product such as Tsarskaya Vodka. However he was absolutely taken back by the Captains lack of accent and almost regular behavior.

“Thank you sir.” He said almost hesitantly.

The captain filled both tumblers with the voda and offered on to the engineer .

“What’s going on here?” He finally just asked. “Your accent?”

“Don’t get used to it. This is probably a one time deal.” Remy grinned and continued. “I know how much you enjoy listening to me in Cajun speak, and I want to make sure there are no misunderstandings in what I am about to say. . . . .”

Maybe the Captain wanted to completely throw Petrov off his game. If it had been his plan it was working.

Petrov CE

Remy reached into his drawer and withdrew a small box. He opened it to reveal Lt. Cmdr. pips. He extended his open right hand and offered Petrov the pips from his left.

“Lt. Mikel Petrov, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lt. Cmdr in the service of Starfleet. With the bestowing of this promotion come the rights and priviledges of the rank itself. Congratulations, Lt. Cmdr. Petrov.”

Boudreaux (CO)

Mikel just sat there for a second almost slack jawed. He absent minded took the vodka and drank it in one fell swallow.

“Good.” He remarked.

He then took the offered pips. Rotating them in his hand and looking at them. His father was the most critical man he knew. The man had never given Mikel one word of praise even as he accomplished something that in most cases would have drawn high praise from any other father. Always alluding to the fact that he, Mikel, would mess it up somehow. Maybe because of that even with his brilliance he always did mess it up.

However no one, not even his father, could deny this. Mikel had arrived to the Wolverine on a last chance ticket. Despised and discredited even with everyone acknowledging his potential. Against even himself he had continued to overachieve. No matter how hard he had tried not to, even hating the man before him until recently, he had somehow, finally, fit in.

“Thank you Sir.” He said choking the words and then straightened up. “About time.”

If he had hoped the Captain had bought into his last attempt at bravado and disinterest he probably knew inside he had not.

Petrov CE

“I hope you do not think this changes my outlook on this posting.” He said trying to regain his famous disinterest and downright bad attitude.

Petrov CE

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