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OOC: Fortunately my weekend extends into Monday with Thanksgiving … :) … and using a classic TOS show start method and usurping the Captain’s Log .. please use this as a jumping off point for gathering information and planning your actions.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental.

The Wolverine has been dispatched to a system called Myst, named after the gaseous proto clouds that surround the system and the star. The Myst system is home to seven worlds, three gas giants, two twin ice worlds, a rocky lump of a world that is more like a patchwork conglomerate of metal rich pieces, and the planet Myst. Home to currently no known intelligent species but having a unique eco-system under a layer of mist or fog that rises and lowers with the daylight, almost like a tide. Within these mists are ancient ruins that follow softer stone layers of the slopes of the mountainous landscape that is prevalent over the planet’s surface. This planet too holds a wealth of rare minerals and metals.

The Myst system is outside the Federation boundary and has had on and off claims on it set by the Federation, the Romulans and two other species - the Kien and the Wis. While it holds a wealth of minerals the dust proto clouds in the system do not react well to complex alloys and slowly break it down. Ships like the Wolverine are safe, however more permanent structures are not. Federation presence has been limited to survey vessels, archaeological and science teams. This is where we come in. A month ago the science and archaeological team that was on the planet failed to check in. A follow up ship, a small science surveyor, the Pythagoras, was dispatched and has not been heard from. The Wolverine is next to determine the fate of this ship and the first planetary team, headed by a Janine Carson, who is a cousin to my first officer, Commander Erin.

The situation is complicated by an on and off again war between the Kien and the Wis, neither having shown interest in joining the Federation. Data on each are limited and neither of their homeworlds have been visited by Federation diplomats. Both the Kien and the Wis claim the Myst system as theirs. Evidence from science teams suggests they have undertaken prospecting in the system, and, in one case a report of possible grave robbing of the alien crypts far down in the mists. Evidence also suggests that there have been land battles on Myst between the two parties, however, to date, Federation teams have been left alone.

We are approaching the Myst system now. Sensors have picked up the Pythagoras orbiting Myst, but with no life signs. We have also picked up Kien and Wis ship signatures inside the system, but farther out. It may be that they are playing cat and mouse with each other amongst the clouds, planets and planetoids dotting the outer system areas.


“Approaching Myst System now, Captain.” Commander Erin announced quietly. No sooner did he inform the CO that Bryson also spotted the Pythagoras. “Pythagoras insight, scanning the ship now.” The XO put the ship on the viewscreen as he began scanning the ship. Bryson couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to enter a known war zone, let alone with Federation allowing the science teams to do so.

“Reading zero life signs on the Pythagoras…” Bryson said aloud once the scans were complete.

Erin (XO)

Remy leaned forward in his seat, hoping the few added inches would give him a better view of the Federation ship.. Keeping his eyes focused on the Pythagoras he began barking off a serious of question.

“Does she show any damage?”

“Any signatures from the Kien an’ Wis vessels in the immediate area?”

“Are life support and engines still func-SHON-ine?”

Boudreaux (CO)

“Checking the scans for engine data now. I’m not seeing anything yet on the systems integrity that jumps out.” Mikel updated but it was more obvious conjecture as the scans were not completed yet. Call it his trained assumption.

Petrov CE

The engines, according to the knowing eye of the chief engineer would show the power on the Pythagoras was essentially on ‘stationkeeping’. Life support was at a level the computer would automatically place it in if there was nobody on board. Engine output looked to be programmed to maintain orbit and position.

There was no outward damage to the ship.

Alita took another look at her read outs and waved away the Ensign that came to relieve her, motioning him to run the phaser drills instead. She had decided to pull the ‘I’m the DH, this is my perogative’ card.

  • Alita, MO/COS

“Kien and Wis ships are a bit further out, so I doubt their attention has been placed on us.” Commander Erin replied. The XO was hoping it would stay that way. They didn’t need any more obstacles than they were already facing. “Should I put together a team to head over there?” Bryson asked.


Ion traces suggested that a Wis ship had passed by within the last two days. A larger concentration of ionic radiation from an impulse drive would suggest they had halted not far from the Pythagoras - yes within transporter range but not far enough to physically dock. Nor were there any weapons signature residues.

“Dat would be de plan, Mr. Erin. Let me know when you’ team is ready,” Remy replied.

Turning to the science station, the CO ordered, “Compare de bio signatures of de missing scientific team wit’ any life signs on de planet.”

Switching his attention to the new Intel officer, Remy said, “Mr. McLeod, I wan’ to know everytine you can find on de Kein an’ de Wis. Are eider of dere ships big enough to house de whole crew of de Pythagoras?”

“Mr. Petrov, can we take de ship or a shuttle under de cloud cover wit’ out it affectine our systems?”

Boudreaus (CO)

Looking around the Bridge, Bryson spotted the few officers he’d need to take part in the away team. “Commanders Claire and Petrov, should be sufficient in joining me.” The XO stated. Of course, Bryson wanted to wait for the final reports to come in before deciding if they needed a shuttlecraft or transporter.

Erin (XO)

Jason gave the Captain a nod, along with a respectful, “Yes Sir.” He turned towards his console and brought up all the data the ship’s computer had on the Kein and the Wis. A few commands later and the data was transferred to his TriCorrder as well as the Captain’s own terminal, “Transfer completed, Sir.”

He then turned his attention to the Excitative officer, “Sir, Claire and Petrov are a good selection for the away team. However, might I remind you the value of having a natural born languet by your side during such situations.” He paused a moment before giving his trademark ‘you know I’m right’ smile as he waited for the Commander to finally agree with him.

Lieutenant Jason McLeod

Alita called another officer to take her place and waited for everything else to be ready. McLeod’s comment merely made her shake her head. He was correct in voicing his opinion but he would leant, like everybody on the Wolverine learned, right now she didn’t feel like teaching him.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Bryson could see why McLeod thought his skills would be useful on the away mission, but in the absence of life signs and the goal they were hoping to accomplish, the XO knew they’d be misusing a valuable resource.

” For now, It’ll just be Alita and Petrov joining me, Lieutenant.” Commander Erin said, turning to the Intel Officer, ” I think it would be best if you could try contacting the Kein and the Wis to see if there’s any information they could give us about the area that might be deemed useful.”

Erin (XO)

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