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Bryson allowed Petrov and Alita some time to gather the equipment they wanted to bring, while he laid out the scanning tricorders and Type 2 phasers. Commander Erin was aware that scans returned negative for any bio signs, but he learned from past experiences to always expect the unexpected.

Erin (XO)

A few minutes later, Alita stepped intot he transporter room. She carried with her a type-3 phaser rifle and an extensive pack of field medic gear that she was very adept at using. When she had come aboard the Wolverine she was a Combat Medic and even though she was now COS, those skills had never been allowed to diminish.

  • Alita

Petrov arrived with a scowl on his face. He considered beaming into danger a foolish way to resolve anything. Senior crew should be on the ship. Safe.

Petrov CE

“Expecting to fight some ghosts, Commander?” Bryson said to the COS when he spotted her rifle.

Alita shook her head and smiled at Bryson.

“Better safe than surprised.”

  • Alita, MO/COS

The XO picked up his phaser and holstered it, then distributed the science tricorders. “I was hoping we’d beam into their engineering section for initial observations, sound good?” Commander Erin asked.

Once he saw that everyone was ready, Bryson moved to the transporter pad. “Energize when ready, Crewman.” He said to the transporter operator.

Erin (XO)

The transporter effect took them, their eyes watching the transporter operator going through his motions, and then in their next sight, finding themselves in a room, familiar as a small engineering room. Lighting was at half illumination making the long, thin silent room eerie. The warp core, small by comparison to most starships, was central in the room with just room enough to walk around it but not much more. The walls bulged out to accommodate the warp core. Otherwise the engineering was uniform in both directions from the warp core - a narrow corridor with consoles on either wall which would denote the different engineering functions to keep the ship alive. Those which controlled the warp engines were in the ‘bulge’. All told this would likely staff three engineers at a time. It was small but efficiently designed.

Most of the consoles were dark or, of the two that were illuminated looked to be scrolling status notes. The warp core was dim and silent. The air felt on the edge of stale. It was cool, around 60F. The only sound was what the party made.
- Wookiee

Bryson had immediately set his hand to his phaser, but by looking around he immediately noticed they weren’t in danger. “Alita, check the area for anything out of the ordinary, Petrov and I will take a look at the consoles.” Commander Erin ordered. The XO stepped up to one of the illuminated stations and began gazing over the notes that were automatically scrolling up the screen. Hopefully, these controls would give a clue of what was going on throughout the rest of the ship.

Erin (XO)

The displays were showing ship status data. One was scrolling through a number of different data features, oxygen content, life support, temperature, and others more ship related being power status, scanners, shields and the likes. They were all in the green but for one - communications were red and showing offline.

Another display showed a small model of the Pythagoras over a globe, presumable the planet. It indicated power levels, gravimetric indicators, thruster levels, speed etc.

Alita scanned with her tricorder and took a visual scan just as Bryson had ordered.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Within range of the tricorder there was no human life signs. There was one life sign that was one deck up. It was unidentifiable principally due to something interfering in the scan, be it some shielding or other. Tricorder would note it as a physical shield rather than an electronic one.

Bryson saw that Alita was off, scanning the perimeter. “Petrov, what do you make of this?” The XO asked, pointing to the various status updates on the console.

Erin (XO)

Petrov would burrow down further on the displays. The first was a computer generated series of status diagnostics. It was a standard Fleet engineering diagnostic which the computer would initiate should there be no crew to watch over them. He would note as well that this had been specifically initiated and not autogenerated by the computer. The comms were definitely off line. It gave no immediate reason for that mystery.

The other was an engineering diagnostic that monitored the Pythagoras’ position in standard orbit and making automatic adjustments to keep it there based on the last known commands from the helm.

Petrov went to the consoles and studied the information.

“I would say the crew purposely set them this way in order to abandon ship. Why coms are offline are unknown. Everything else has been set in a way that maintains the ships position. However there is a section here that is blocking sensor scans such as that tricorder. Its not electronic. Someone has set up a shield wall that inhibits scans. Maybe using parts of the ship that have qualities like this. Sort of like lead in the ancient days that blocked x ray radiation. If I was guessing there might be someone there. Maybe even crew but that would be a guess.” He answered.

Petrov CE

By that time Alita had made her way back to Bryson and Petrov.

“Permission to investigate the possible life sign one deck up?” she said after hearing Petrov rattle off when she was just about to say to Bryson. Where he got the ability to read her tricorder from a different room she would never know.

“I also suggest a thorough comms check since we don’t need ours offline sir.”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Erin’s comm chirped a moment later. =^=Cmdr. Erin, dis is de Captain. We are receivine you’ info’ma-SHON, but it is in bits and pieces, incoherent. Download de ships logs and bring dem back ‘ome. De logs should ‘ave a clue as to what ‘happened. There was also one occupied escape pod dat was jettisoned from de ship. “Opefully, Lt. McLeod’s team will be able to track down de occupant.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

=^= We’re on it, Captain!=^= Commander Erin called out, while listening to the updates from the CE and COS. =^= It appears we might be able to find some answers on our end, I’ll update you when we find me, XO out!=^= Bryson closed out the comm badge and turned to Alita.

“Head to the next deck and see what’s going on.” He told the Security Chief. “Petrov, is there anyway to access the logs here, or would we need to go to the command center?” The XO asked, half wishing for a longer field trip.

Erin (XO)

Nodding, Alita turned on her heel and made her way to the next deck.

  • Alita, MO/COS

The lift was not far away and took Alita up to the next deck. It was an accommodation level by all appearances. Central was an open space design with curved seats, tables, a couple of holo gaming tables, several replicator units and the like. Moving out from this central hub fore and aft was a corridor from which were cabins to either side. There looked to be five cabins on each side both fore and aft.

The indications were coming from a cabin on the fore side of the deck.

By observation Alita would note that while everything looked pretty tidy at the tables and along one line of ‘bar’ seating that spanned one wall where a clear window looked out to space and planetside, there was a bit of a mess at one lounge table. It was on a round table which was the centerpiece of four semi circular couches that surrounded it. Each couch could comfortably seat 2. On the coffee table where the scattered remains of a foodstuff and a drink that was spilled. A fruity smell easily reached Alita’s senses.

“I can do it from here.” He answered.

He then went to the console and punched in the access pathway to route the needed commands over to the console. It configured itself after a minute and he then began to try and access the logs.”

Petrov CE

Petrov was successful up to a point. He was able to bring up the pathway to the logs, however there he was stonewalled due to a command level authorization required. Apparently the Vulcan Commander (Pythagoras was a smaller ship and commanded by a commander), one named Stevan, was security conscious. Fortunately there was such a person aboard with them …
- Wookiee

“Hmmm,…” Bryson commented as he stepped up to the console to give his codes a go. “I wonder why so much security on a small science vessel.” Commander Erin said, waiting for his codes to either work or give them the boot. The XO was a little disappointed they wouldn’t be able to explore the ship more, but it appeared time was of the essence, and there was none to spare.

Erin (XO)

Erin’s access codes did work. After a moment of digital introspection the screen winked on and the computer voice chimed in. =^= Command Codes Authorized. Welcome aboard Commander Bryson. =^= Official logs were accessible for each of the command groups.
- Wookiee

Petrov looked up at the Commander and put his hands toward the screen as if to say. “There you go.”

He agreed with the comment.

“Who is taking a look at the area that showed there might be someone concealed there. I mean if someone can just answer our questions direct as well that might clear things up.” Petrov added.

Petrov CE

“Alita has reported back,” Commander Erin said, watching the CE dig through the files, “Until she does, we’ll just have to dig through the logs.” Bryson pulled out a PaDD and placed it on the console for the data transfer. They didn’t have enough storage room on the PaDD for everything, but they could probably take the CO’s logs and Sensor data.

Erin (XO)

Said logs were soon able to be uploaded - if the sensor logs were filtered to reflect only things that were notable, at least by the system. Logs were able to be easily uploaded.
- Wookiee

“Sir if we take only logs the system flags as operational of note we can send them now. However if we upload all of them it will take 30 minutes more. Let me see if I can set the system to upload the primary files first and then continue to stream the others to the Wolverine.” Petrov said.

He was never a man to accept the obvious answer and in this case someone had gone through some trouble to hide what happened. It was logical that they would do the same with the logs. You did not need to be a Vulcan to extrapolate that.

Petrov CE

“Good idea, Commander,” Bryson stated. There was no doubt they needed all of the logs, but the CE was right to retrieve the high-priority ones first.

=^=Wolverine, Petrov is currently retrieving the primary files, but you should also start to see the other files being transferred to the Wolverine as we speak.=^= The XO called out. Commander Erin pressed his badge to end the comm call, and waited for the computer to alert them that the transfer had been completed.


=^=Merci, Cmdr. Erin,=^= Remy replied.

Boudreaux (CO)

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