Bistro Boudreaux

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Remy took the empty plate and placed it on top of his own. “Oui, dis is a part of de family business, tucked away in a ‘lil ‘ole in wall of de French Quarter. Normally, de place would be packed, but I can make it special, for a special mademoiselle.”

He was about to retrieve another bottle of wine when the door burst open suddenly!! Four men brandishing phasers quickly came through the door and fanned out. All four phasers aimed directly at Remy.

The man in the lead flashed at badge and proclaimed, “I am Marshall Zerbino Albertine. On behalf of Interpol, you Monsieur Remy Boudreaux are under arrest for international crimes.!!”

“Sacre,” Remy exclaimed!!. “Computer, pause holoprogram.”

He looked at Kadence, slightly embarrassed. “Forgive me, cher, I ‘ad forgotten dat dis was a part of de program. I will cancel it, unless,” his smile curved upward and a mischievous glint appeared in his eye, “you are up for a ‘lil adventure?”

Boudreaux (Boudreaux (CO)

At the crashing of the intimate gathering, Kady had palmed her dinner knife and the handle lay in her hand with the blade up the length of her wrist. As Remy froze the program, her brows rose in query while trying to stifle the slight rise in emotion she felt at feeling she had been ‘played’. When his explanation was forthcoming, she felt a bit better and laid her weapon back on the table with no one the wiser for what she had done. “I am afraid I will decline. Though I hope you take no offense. I had just not been prepared for such games. Forgive me? Perhaps another time?”

She glanced around and smiled. “I really have enjoyed this evening, Captain. I appreciate all you went thru. And I am looking forward to working more with you during this rotation. Perhaps in a few days, once I am settled, we can sit down and go over those you think could benefit from a bit of, attention shall we say?” She inclined her head in a polite way to say she understood the unique make up of the crew.


Remy was disappointed she wasn’t up for the adventure, but smiled politely and said, “As you wish, but you are missing out on an exciting adventure.”

He emptied his wine glass of the last swallow and set it down. “Per’aps another time, no? Let me know when you are ready, an’ I will make de time to go over de crew.”

He stood up and bowed to her. “I would no’ be a proper gentlemen if I were to at least not offer to escort back to you’ quarters. . .. “

Boudreaux (CO)

“Thank you. And I will take you up on it. But one day aboard and I have yet to manage any decent rest. I would be a poor showing of my skills this evening.” She nodded and moved around towards the door. At the offer of his escort, she offered him a nod that was a bit more deeper than necessary for mere politeness. “Thank you, Captain. I would like that.”

He offered Kady his arm as they moved toward the door. “Dat is a shame. I was ‘opine to get a first ‘and look at you’ skills. C’est la vie.”

As they exited the holodeck, she smiled. “I admit, dinner was excellent and I hope we share a meal again. I may find a pleasant second favorite to my wonderful Italian Cuisine.” She laughed and waited for him to exit with her.


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Remy stopped at the door and said, “Computer, end program,” and the deck returned to its’ basic black and yellow pattern.. Looking to the area where the kitchen had been, there were still pans of food sitting there.

“Dere are plenty of leftovers. If you like, I will have some delivered to you’ quarters, but to be ‘onest, I was ‘opine to have dem for breakfast wit’ you.”

Boudreaux (CO)

Kady smiled taking his arm. “I am sure I can find a time to show you my skills in a more prepared setting, sometime. As to breakfast, I would like that. Perhaps we can discuss the unique makeup of the crew and can discuss anything of importance you wish me to start taking on right away. How does that sound?” She glanced at the food and smiled. “I will bring the files of those I have thought worth discussing. And you can, of course, tell me what others you believe need seeing to.” She let him lead her to the door. “I have truly enjoyed this evening, Captain. Thank you for the dinner.”


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