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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Acadia LeBlanc (Engineer) in Engineering, Main Sim (LeBlanc, GM)

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Lt. Mado arrived in Engineering with the funky tricorder – it looked 24th century… and yet there were steampunk elements part of it. He arrived during the second shift, and looked around for the person in charge. Since Petrov was assigned elsewhere, he didn’t exactly want to start maintenance on systems and have someone remove the organization’s tricorder by accident… or on purpose.

“Excuse me, can you tell me who in charge right now?” asked Mado.

“Ah, that would Lt. LeBlanc, sir. I’ll go get her for you,” said an NE.

(Apologies, moron moment obviously)

The NE came around the corner to where Acadia was working on the AI. After letting her know someone was looking for her, she came back around the corner and looked at Mado. “I’m Lieutenant JG LeBlanc, Acadia. What can I do for you?” She was glancing at the tricorder and a frown lightly creased her brow. She looked back up at the man and waited for his answer.

Lt JG Acadia LeBlanc
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“I am Lieutenant Andreas Mado. The Captain asked me to route this special tricorder through our computer systems,” said Mado, “However, I do not wish to interrupt the delicate systems in Engineering, so perhaps you can assist me?”


Acadia nodded and held her hand out for the tricorder. “I am sure we can manage an interface. What within the systems were you to gain entry into? I’m sure it’s not the whole of everything.” She wasn’t completely comfortable with this and was hesitant to merely let, whatever this was, gain access to the entirety of the ship without knowing exactly what this was about.


“This tricorder is a specially designed unit of Starfleet Intelligence. It can process the sensor readings to scan for specific signals that our mission is looking for.”


Acadia nodded. “Ahhh… then the communications system would be best. The link in to the array would probably help the most.” She moved to the console near the center of the bay and smiled. “Here you are. Let me see it…” She put her hand out for it. “I can get it interfaced in just a moment.” She moved the piece to the side and connected the line that would link it to the system. It took a moment to find the right sync up program, but as she smiled back at the man, she hoped it would work. Anything requiring a more sophisticated hook up would take time. “Now we see if they can speak to one another without creating a soufflé in the replicator.” She laughed but it was a nervous laugh.


OOC: and then like one of those little made up devils and angels who stand on your shoulder and prompt you to do something, one looking just like Petrov stood on hers and whispered “don’t trust him.”


(That’s why isolating the system winks so it ‘can’t’ go anywhere else… hehehe)

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