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Posted Aug. 25, 2020, 2:34 p.m. by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) (Christopher Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in Side Sim: holodeck (Open to anyone)

Posted by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Side Sim: holodeck (Open to anyone)

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in Side Sim: holodeck (Open to anyone)
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Cel was angry, raging as he force walked down the corridors early in the morning. Dressed in nothing but an undershirt, a pair of workout shorts and some flip flops, he stormed down the corridor, knocking over an science NE as he did, ignoring the protest as he pushed passed him and continued onto his destination.

“Watch it!” The NE yelled from the deck as Celador rounded a turn and continued out of sight.

{What is wrong with you?} Squared asked forcefully into Celador’s mind, trying to override the burning emotions that Celador was feeling.

{You know perfectly well what’s wrong with me.} Cel snapped back as he approached the holodeck controls. The display read that the holodeck was currently occupied by NE Smith, an operations NE whom Celador knew to be easily intimidated.

{It was just a dream, it wasn’t real.} Squared said, ‘What are you going to to, kick him out? That will go over well, especially with You know who and her superior.’

{So’}Celador replied in though as he started to key the shutdown sequence for Smith’s program. He wasn’t thinking in anything but the rage and angry he was feeling. At this point, he didn’t care who he hurt or why.

{I should stop you.} Squared suggested. {You will get us both thrown back into the brig. I could override you, you know.}

{Oh yeah, try it} Cel challenged Squared as he shut down Smith’s workout program. He then opened the doors to the holodeck.

“Get out!” he exclaimed in a commanding voice. A voice he hadn’t used in well over 20 years. He saw NE Smith laying on the ground, looking like he was working on some pushups.

“What did you do that....” NE Smith tried to protest.

“NOW!” Celador yelled as he entered the holodeck and moving towards NE Smith staring at him unblinkingly the whole time. NE Smith scrambled up off the ground and ran like a scared dear and exited the holodeck.

As the NE was leaving Celador turned towards the center of the holodeck. =^=Computer, Access secure file Marinna292887A, time index....AHHH=^= He started screaming in pain before he could finish the command.

{No!} Squared mentally shouted and he tried to assert control over Celador. =^=Computer, Be…AHHH=^= Celador starte fighting back, using his anger and rage as a shield. {You don’t need to see that again!} Squared tried to reason while fighting Cel for control over his body.

=^=Time index 1329.2, Deck 7, Section 9=^= Celador continued, straining as he spoke.

{YOU WILL NOT STOP ME!} Celador mentally yelled at his counterpart, throwing all his rage and anger at Squared.

The computer responded. =^=Enter security code.=^=

=^= Alpha 77619 Bravo Wrath 996553 Xray=^=

[NOOOO!!!!] Squared shouted back, fear in his voice. The force of energy sent Celador convulsing, causing him to stumble back and hit a newly materialized bulkhead. He slumped to the ground and stared up at a newly materialized computer display. It was flashing red, and on the display near the bottom, in large while letters was “USS Surak”.



“Morning Bright” had just dressed after his swim, and was just stepping out into the corridor when he saw Ensin Smith rush out of the adjoining holo suit and and he herd the scream. In just a hand full of strides he ducked threw the doorway just as the ship materialized around him just as the human convulsed and fell.

Stepping fully into the simulation he bulled aside any furnishings not bolted down, then his massive frame looming over the stricken man. A series of deal clicks came out before “Are you ok” came out the deep reedy voice as the massive reptilian head and three three fingered clawed hand came into focus.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

Celador ignored the newcomer as he turned his head to look down the corridor to his left. The ship rocked hard as several people ran down the corridor from his right. A console exploded into shards and a large fire burned brightly as debris and toxic gasses started to fill. Screams started to fill the corridor to Celador’s right as the injured started to try and escape the devastating fire and toxic gasses. But Celador never turned his head towards the injured, he kept looking down the less damaged section
A women in her late 20’s , dressed in a Lieutenant medical uniform rushed down the corridor from the less damaged section. Medical kit in hand, she ran passed Morning Bright and Celador and started to attend the injured. Celador’s eyes never left her.

“We have to get these to the escape pod. Help me!” She called to the lesser of the injured crew members. That ensign took one quick look at her and the seriously injured man laying on the ground and took off running, presumably towards the escape pod.

“Forget him and go, please love, go.” Celador pleaded. “Please” he begged. The women obviously couldn’t hear him. She gave the injured man a hypospray then started to drag him away from the fire and towards the less damaged section. The ship rocked hard again, throwing the women and her patient hard against the bulkhead.

=^=All hands to the escape pods=^= Came a stressed voice over the comm system. The women struggled to get back to her feet, a nasty cut now shown on her otherwise beautiful face. She got back on her feet and grabbed the man again, pulling him again. Something hit the hull hard, knocking them back to the ground. Emergency lights kicked on and explosions could be heard in the distance.

“Go love, run you still have time.” Celador pleaded softly. But the women didn’t run, she got back to her feet and grabbed the injured man. She dragged him past Celador and Morning Bright, the explosions getting louder and louder. Celador was in tears now. “I’m sorry love, I failed you. I should have tried harder to convince them. I’m sorry, forgive me.” He was crying, reaching his hand out to her as she dragged him down the corridor. Suddenly the floor and bulkheads explodes in a bright light and heat and they were gone.

Celador just layed there crying, still staring at the last spot where the two people were.


“Morning Bright” was more concerned for the real person before him, tho he had a uniquely panoramic view of the seen. Tho he was aware that replaying traumatic events was used to treat symptoms arising from them, he was also certain it was to be done under a counselors supervision. =^= Computer end program and identify this crew man, Please=^=

As the sim collapsed into electric fire flys and faded away, the computer responded to the Gnal’s Query =^= Ensin Celador Theinna, Security Devision=^=.
Extending a clawed hand “ Unless you wish me to call medical please set up, I need to see that you are not injured.” =^= Computer, creat a bench and a seen from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Earth and a large glass of cool water=^= “Come set here and tell me why you are torturing your self?” offering the human the glass of water.

Celador continued to start at the last spot where the two people were, tears streaming down his face. After a moment he turned to look at the newcommer.

It was his full intention to inform the counselor of the incident, but he wished to spare him the further embarrassment of summoning her here. It seemed the man had lost his mate, and tho his race didn’t experience romantic love there were friends and pack mates he would grieve for.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

“Who are you?” He asked looking at Morning Bright sadly.


After giving the man a side long look the Gnal responded “Morning Bright” I’m with the science devision.” Still extending his hand, “You seemed to have had some form of convulsion, would you like me to accompany you to medical? Tho five times the man’s mass his fore limbs were stronger but not five times a strong. He could still carry him if need be with little difficulty.

Try as he might, a half ton toothy Ensin had difficulty not looking threatening.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

Celador looked at Morning Bright, not happy with all that had transpired, even though he knew that he was just trying to help. “I don’t need to go to medical. I’d rather be left alone.” He looked away into the distance.


NE Smith had come to Kadence and it was her that stalked towards the holodeck now. Her face pace was out of concern, not anger. Cel was having problems and she knew she had to see to him before it got out of hand. His kicking out Smith from the holodeck was the next in a series of small incidents that was giving the Counselor rise to the idea that Cel would need more than the single once every two week session they currently had going on.

Tapping the door panel to gain access to the holodeck, she walked in to find a scene from Earth and “Morning Bright” standing over Cel who remained on the ground despite what looked like an attempt of his crewmate to help him. She paused and took a deep breath. Coming over to Cel and Morning, she smiled and her voice was pleasant as if she didn’t suspect anything was wrong. “Hello, gentlemen. I noticed the open program. I hope you don’t mind me being here.” She glanced and Morning and nodded her head in both acknowledgement and thanks.

She paused in front of Cel and slowly crouched down. “Hello, Celador. How are you doing?” It was a calm and soothing voice meant to ease whatever stress he was feeling and she hoped whatever happened next, Morning didn’t get caught in the middle.

Lt Kadence Argona

“Morning Bright’s “ ‘expression’ Clearly shown his concern, with his head tending tord light green and yellow, and his dewlap partially exposed. Tho he had intended to seek out the counselor to inform her of his fellow Crewman’s destress, having her appear was welcome but he was unsure now how to precede with the subject present. “Ensin Theinna appears to be suffering severe emotional destress counselor.” After a pause, “so much so I heard his ‘vocalizations’ in the hall.” Clearly distressed buy the situation, the Gnal seemed to struggle with what to say. The counselor needed information to help the man, but he wished to treat him with dignity and spare him further embarrassment.

Coming to a decision, “I am sorry, but the counselor can’t help you unless she has all the information I can give her.” Just the briefest pause, “He appeared to be running ships logs involving his mates death, and I observed what appeared to be convulsions after he fell.”

Backing up before turning, “I will be in he corridor, if I can be if further assistance.”

Ensin”Morning Bright”

Kadence reached up to touch “Morning Bright“‘s hand as he turned to go. “You are a good friend, Morning Bright. Thank you.” She smiled and nodded before turning back to Cel. Once it was just the two of them in the park, she called out, “Computer, end simulation.” When the room was back to the bare walls and program grid, she spoke to Cel once more. “Cel, it’s Kadence. What happened?” Her voice was once more calm and soothing. She didn’t reach to touch him, but her hand was close enough to his he could reach out and touch her with a scant few inches of movement.


“What?’ He said rather annoyed at all the attention. ” Can’t I just watch in peace?” He turned away from her, trying to hide the pain and anger he felt. He stood up and walked away from Kadence, his back to her and he walked to a corner of the holodeck.


Kadence let him move away before standing up. “Why do you want to watch it, Cel?” Her tone was simple and kind. It was as if she was genuinely interested in what he was watching and why? “Is it something I can watch, too, sometime? Something that makes you feel good?”

She stood between him and the door in case he moved towards it. She didn’t want him leaving the holodeck upset this badly.


“It’s my greatest failure.” Celador replied scornfully, his back still to the counselor. “It lead to my incarceration. So no “He snapped. “It’s not something that makes me feel good.”


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