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Acadia nodded. “Ahhh… then the communications system would be best. The link in to the array would probably help the most.” She moved to the console near the center of the bay and smiled. “Here you are. Let me see it…” She put her hand out for it. “I can get it interfaced in just a moment.” She moved the piece to the side and connected the line that would link it to the system. It took a moment to find the right sync up program, but as she smiled back at the man, she hoped it would work. Anything requiring a more sophisticated hook up would take time. “Now we see if they can speak to one another without creating a soufflé in the replicator.” She laughed but it was a nervous laugh.


OOC: and then like one of those little made up devils and angels who stand on your shoulder and prompt you to do something, one looking just like Petrov stood on hers and whispered “don’t trust him.”


OOC: LOL!! Oh Petrov, you are so not trusting, and you’re the one that shouldn’t be trusted!!!

(That’s why isolating the system winks so it ‘can’t’ go anywhere else… hehehe)

Lt. Mado tried to access the scanning results of the specialized scans. It came back empty. “It appears you’ve isolated the connection too much, Lieutenant.”


Acadia frowned. Obviously he needed more access than she was willing to outright give. “Hold on a moment, I need to get permission to open the system wider.” She was unsure why, but no one had bothered to send a missive or a comm that this man was coming. And she didn’t like the idea that he was asking for access to the system on more than this narrow band. She tapped her comm badge and reached out to the Captain. =^= Engineering to Captain, I have a,” she glanced at him to be sure he had his name right, “Lieutenant Andreas Mado here with a piece of tech he needs to link to the systems. May I ask what systems we are looking to interface with? It seems communications isn’t a broad enough spectrum.=^= She hoped her message would get thru both her uncertainty as well as what she had given up so far.

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OOC: No prob. I’ll just reply here.

IC: =^=You’re concern is noted, Lt. Mr. Mado needs to modify de sensors to recognize certain energy signatures dat are impotant to our mis-SHON.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

“Are you satisfied, Lieutenant? I do apologize if I am inconveniencing you, but I must report to Sickbay soon after this,” replied Mado politely. There was a slight tone of annoyance, as if this was something he was not accustomed of doing things.


OOC: Good Assistant CE. Remember Petrov 101. One needle prick doesn’t hurt so much but a million sure as heck does. Make everything hard on them so they don’t come a knocking on the engineering door often.


Hearing the annoyance in his voice as she got her orders, she turned to him and smiled sweetly. “No, not really. But like you, I follow orders.” She adjusted the allowances and gave the machine access to the computer system as the Captain ordered. “But to be fair, if someone snatched that thing from your hand and said ‘hang on a moment, I just wanna try something’, how trusting would you be? It’s strange tech I am connecting to what amounts to my home. Forgive me if I err on the side of caution.” She waited one more moment to be sure it was fully interfaced, then nodded. “There. You should have access to everything not locked by Command Security measures.”


“None taken, Lieutenant. Well, there are security protocols in this device, so even if they were to try to use it, they wouldn’t be able to unless they were authorized.”


Once the device was completely interfaced, Acadia stepped back to let the man access his strange device. “So what, exactly, are you looking for? Perhaps I can help.” She moved to the other side of the console and the monitor there. “Let’s see if we can’t get the Captain his information swiftly, shall we?” She smiled and nodded to him as a way to show there were no hard feelings on her end, just following protocols.


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