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Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 8:32 p.m. by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Starfleet Intelligence) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alita Claire (Chief of Security) in After Mission: The Talk (Tag: Terry)

Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Starfleet Intelligence) in After Mission: The Talk (Tag: Terry)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alita Claire (Chief of Security) in After Mission: The Talk (Tag: Terry)
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It always took Alita making a rookie kitchen faux pas for her to realize that something much deeper was going on in her mind. This time the faux pas was burning the butter she was supposed to be Browning for cookies three times. Sawing or rather growling, she sat down and gave everything a good long thought. Finally she realized what she had to do.

=^=remy, pick a neutral holodeck place or take me for a ride in that pretty shuttle of yours. Whatever it is figure it out and let’s do this in half an hour. We need to talk and there’s no getting around at this time.=^=

  • Alita

=^-Meet me at de port dockine bay, cher. Complete privacy. No one to interrupt us.=^= Remy replied.

A half hour later and Remy was already waiting for Alita at the Gambit’s hatch. He smiled while waiting, wondering what fun she had in mind.

Boudreaux (Intel)

Alita used the half hour she had given herself to clean up the kitchen, clean up herself and decide what this would be all about. She washed up and washed herself quickly. Changed out of her uniform and into some off-duty clothes. Glancing around her quarters she decided to take absolutely nothing that reminded her or him of either side of either family. Stepping out of her quarters she made certain that everything was ready and that she wouldn’t be disturbed. All of her staff had been informed she would be away and Diaz had been put in charge. Seeing Remy smiling she was almost convinced to just go out and have some fun, but things needed to be set to rights.

“All right you handsome devil, let’s go look at some stars and have a chat.”

  • Alita

Remy stepped to the side to let Alita enter his ship. “After you, mon cher.” He was always willing to watch Alita lead so he could watch from behind.

After she slid into the co-pilot seat, Remy slid into the pilots and undocked from the Wolverine. As he plotted a course, he said, “Dere is an azmine pulsar no’ too far from ‘ere. I tought we could go take a look-see.”

Boudreaux (Intel)

Alita took a long glance at remy. He was truly a handsome man and that had been apparent since the first time she laid eyes on him. They had such an interesting, complicated, some would say hilarious backstory. They had been through so much together and it could all change in the next few hours. That thought terrified her and she would be surprised if you couldn’t hear her heart beating out of her chest in the quiet of the shuttle.

“I like that idea. Just float out into the Stars somewhere and watch a pretty pulsar. There is no avoiding it, we just need to talk. We just need to get all of this out and whatever happens happens. I love you no matter what.”

  • Reia

Alita’s words sounded ominous, and Remy wasn’t sure he wanted to have this talk, but he agreed it was overdue. He definitely had some exsplaing to to do regarding his sudden disappearance from the Wolverine. He smiled and replied genuinely, “I love you, too, cher.”

He put the shuttle in motion and laid in the course for pulsar. They reached the destination after a short while, close enough to get a good view of the phenomenon, yet still safely far enough away where they wouldn’t be in danger of any radiation.

He cut the engines and let the Gambit drift.

Turning to look at Alita, he flipped a switch and the middle console slid into the deck and the two pilots seats slid together to make one extended bench seat.

He slid closer to Alta and put his arm ariund her.

” I know I ‘ave some ‘splaine to do, ‘Lita, but it seems you ‘ave a lot weighine you down, as well. You wan’ to go first? Or I can. Whatever pleases you, cher.”

Boudreaux (Intel)

Alita had gone over what she wanted to do and say a million times in her mind. Now that they were in the moment, all of that just seemed to float away. She knew that she needed to know why everything happened and to tell him about everything she had gone through when he left. So, out with it who first?

“You’re the one that left our life. You need to tell me why, you first. Don’t hold anything back.”

  • Alita

He turned in his seat to face her and took a very deep sigh. “It’s a long story, cher. It goes back to before I entered de Academy.”

He dimmed the cabin lights, and let the light show from the pulsar illuminate the inside the Gambit.

“De thieves and assassins guilds of New Orleans have been at war for genera-SHONS. A truce between de two was finally achieved when I was 17 years old. De negotia-SHONS resulted in a pre-arranged marriage ‘tween de eldest son of de thieves leader, me, marrying de eldest daughter of de assassins leader. Her name was Sabine, and she was 15. We were to be married when she turned 18. Though she was beautiful, I had no desire to get married so early in my life, nor did Sabine.”

Remy turned to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of bourbon and two glasses. Pouring for both he and Alita, he continued.

“I wanted to get out of it. I did no’ wan’ de ‘sponsibility of havine a wife at such a young age, but knew it was my ‘sponsibility. So, mon frère jumeau, Merlion and I came up wit’ a plan to get us away from Earth. Had we stayed, both de guilds would ‘ave searched for us when de time came for de marriage.”

“Our plan was to break into Starfleet Headquarters an’ let ourselves get caught. Everyone thought we got sloppy an’ got caught red-handed, which was part of de plan no one knew about. We figured we’d be tried, found guilty and sent to a penal colony. I knew we could get out of de colony anytime we wanted. We’d escape an’ go off de grid an’ find work in de Rigel System.”

He took a swallow and downed one-third of the bourbon in his glass. “I was quite surprised when Starfleet offered us anot’er op-SHON. De recognized our skills and said we could attend de Academy, takine up Security/Tactical, or Intelligence or go to de penal colony. Merlion chose de former, an’ I chose de later, figurine we’d both go AWOL de first chance we got. Surprisingly, I found I liked the world of covert ops. It wasn’t much difference from de way I had already been livine’ We both decided to stay an’ were fast-tracked to graduation to get us in de field as soon as possible.”

To be continued. . . . .
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Boudreaux (Intel)

Alita took the bourbon as he spoke but didn’t drink. She went between watching him tell the story and looking down into the bourbon when she simply couldn’t look at him anymore. She had wanted the whole story, and was definitely getting exactly what she asked for.

  • Alita

Remy sighed and took another drink, trying to read Alita’s reaction. She was making it difficult for him–no show of emotions and at times she couldn’t bear ro look at him.

“You already know much of de rest–recruited into 31, assigned to de Radical and Vanguard, Polaris, Crazy Horse, Saracen, Olympic, back to de Vanguard, and finally de Wolverine. . . . and meeting you. An’ dat brings us up to when I left.

He reached for her hand. . . .

“I got word dat my father was dyine. My time to lead de guild had arrived, as did, unfortunately, my time to marry Sabine. I did no’ want to do either, most of all leavine you, cher, but I was honor bound by de rules of de guild had to return to New Orleans.”

“I got ‘ome an’ Sabine an I were immediately married an’ I could do notine ‘bout it.”

“Soon after, dere were some tines dat were no’ makine sense. My father had always been very healthy, but dis ailment he was sufferine from, dat was killine him came on so fast, so strong, and notine was makin him better. . . he died wit’in a matter of weeks o’ when he was diagnosed.”

“Sometine just did not feel right, an’ I could no’ leave it alone. I started my own investiga-SHON an’ discovered de truth. Sabine has been poisonine him, an’ she had already started to do de same to me. ‘Er plan was, as my wife, she would den be de ‘ead of both’ the thieves’ and assassin’s guilds.. She killed my father only to gain power. . . only. . . for . . .power.”

He lay his head back and placed his palms over his eyes.

When he sat up again, there was anger in his voice. ” I was so angry, I wanted to kill her myself, but could no’. Dat would detroy de truce dat had been in place since de arrangement was made, so I called in some favors, favors from Sec-SHON 31. We made a deal–dey would do me dis ‘favor’, if I went back to work for dem. I agreed not knowine dey wanted me to be dere eyes an’ ears on de Wolverine. . . .”

Boudreaux (Intel)

So there it was, all of Remy’s story in all it’s amazing splendor. Alita had so many choices at this particular moment in time. The truth was it sounded too fantastical to be believed. She knew it could very well be true though, look at everything she had been through since joining the wolverine.

“When I grew up I always thought that I was special, Olivia and my crazy brother Donovan too. When I joined the academy I learned that absolutely nobody was special because everybody was special. When I joined the wolverine I believed I was special again. That’s your fault by the way. So I guess I should have expected something like this somewhere along the way. All of this is laced with family and I guess you just forgot that you have more family than you realize. I want to be so angry with you at the moment but I really feel the loss of everything that you’ve been through. Now, I’ve been through quite a bit myself and you need to know all about it.”

  • Alita

Remy took hold of her hand and kissed it. “Cher, you are special, so special to me. . . I hated leavine de way I did, but I was willine to make a deal wit’ de devil to get back an’ I’d do it again. . . .but enough ‘bout my problems . . . I’m listenine”

Boudreaux (Intel(

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