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Posted Dec. 11, 2023, 12:37 a.m. by Lieutenant Alice Spencer (Chief Science Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Petty Officer Basil Baker (Tactical Specialist) in Lounge…When tactics are needed find the specialist

Posted by Lieutenant Alice Spencer (Chief Science Officer) in Lounge…When tactics are needed find the specialist

Posted by Petty Officer Basil Baker (Tactical Specialist) in Lounge…When tactics are needed find the specialist
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Alice Spencer walked into the lounge and only paused long enough to scan the room. She was searching for a particular person and after a long few seconds she found him. Hey Basil… no you can’t say that. You barely know him, Alice practiced what she would say as she closed the space between them in the lounge. How about…Ensign Baker I have an assignment for you? Her nose wrinkled up and she shook her head to get the thought out of it. Alice didn’t want it to be an order or for him to feel like he was being voluntold. As she approached the table, Alice said the first thing that came to her mind. “Basil Baker today is your lucky day,” she announced before processing in her own mind how her proclamation sounded.

Basil had been picking at his food and reading a new novel when the Lieutenant came over. Issueing her proclamation made Basil look up and assess her. “Is that so?” he said giving a wry smile as his accent slurred his S’s.

“What I meant was are you busy,” she slid across from him laying her hands on the table, drumming her palms slightly on the cold, hard surface. Her blue shirt and pips showed Alice Spencer was not security or tactical but science which might explain her directness; however, the way she was stumbling about her words indicated Alice needed something from Ensign Baker.

Spencer CSO

Basil raised an eyebrow at the science officer and bookmarked his page before setting the book down. “I suppose I could make myself available. What do you need Lieutenant?” Baker didn’t interact much with Sciences, working in Tactical, except as backup or security. He wasn’t opposed to science and was moderately well-read for a layperson. They just didn’t capture his interest as strongly.

-Baker, Tac/Spec.

“I have a problem in science and I was hoping you could help me out. It’s tactical in nature but I don’t want to ask the security people for their input,” she cast a glance at a few officers sitting around a nearby table. “They would never let me live it down and last time was a disaster.” Alice wasn’t sure if asking tactical would be any different but it didn’t hurt to try.

Alice Spencer CSO

“Hmm,” Baker hummed a smile on his face, “A tactical science problem. Sounds interesting.” Baker wasn’t quite sure what the Lieutenant was worried about. Did she not know she outranked him and could just order him to help out? Maybe she was just being polite. Either way, Baker did have some time to kill before any of his tactical tasks. Lt. Commander Claire hadn’t scheduled any new drills so far, and Baker did like to keep busy.
“Well, Lieutenant, I’d be pleased to help you. What seems to be your problem? Or is it more of a show than tell situation?”

Baker, Tac/Spec

“Oh, it is definitely a show type of situation,” she let out a breath of relief now that Baker agreed. “We can go to the main science lab but first I need a drink,” she whistled and made a swirling gesture with her finger over her head. “Ben can I get a shot of courage for me and for my friend,” she looked at Baker, “you are off duty right?”

Alice Spencer

Basil watched her relax and wondered what this task was going to be. It seemed less dangerous and more embarrassing by how she was acting. “Currently, yes.” He replied, “Unless Claire comes up with an impromptu drill of some sort, I should be good.” He turned back and nodded to Ben. When the shots were brought, Baker held his and waited for the Lieutenant to take hers.

-Baker, Tac/Spec

Picking up her shot, she looked at Baker. While she did not know the man, Alice had ordered the shot and felt it almost rude not to give a toast. That being said, since she did not know the man, she kept the toast short and sweet. “Lift them high and drain them dry.” After talking, Alice drained the shot with all the skill of a pro drinker until the taste hit her. Scrunching up her nose she made a slight gagging face and shook her head. “Ugh, I still don’t see how anyone says whiskey is pleasurable to drink. Give me one of those drinks with the umbrellas any day but everything has a purpose right.” Getting the man drunk was not going to help solve her situation and stalling would not resolve it faster.

“So ready,” she said standing up abruptly. The shot was not enough to get her drunk but it did seem to take the edge of her mood. Alice let her eyes drift over the man’s features and he was definitely easy on the eyes as the saying went. “Let’s get this done and then maybe we can come back and toast to our victory?”

Alice Spencer CSO

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