Welcome to The Infinite Fleet! Voted Best Fleet 2014 and 2015!

Commodore Steven Sigle, Fleet Commander
Welcome to The Infinite Fleet! My e-mail box is always open so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

STF Awards

Nominations are now open for the STF Awards! Please see Command ship for details.

STF Command Ship

An Infinite Fleet chatroom has been started in Discord for the Command staff of the Fleet. Type !infinitefleet to join.

Fleet Captain Kate O'Neill, Assistant Fleet Commander
It's great to be with you guys in the most awesome Infinite Fleet! I can be contacted easily and am always happy to answer any questions anyone has. I can be found in Discord with the user name Wolfe

Fleet History
The Infinite Fleet, or Fleet 8, was commissioned on 14th May 2014, following the decommissioning of The Great White Fleet and The Forceful Fleet. The fleet is located between the boundaries of the Klingon Empire and Romulus in the Beta Quadrant. Our mission is to act as a buffer between the two empires while exploring the unknown space beyond this region. Our mission statement is "extending the frontiers of knowledge".

Starbase Magellan-Speed Average 3/5/7
CO: James Watkin
XO: Steve Johnson
GM: Geoff Joosten

USS Chimera-Speed Average 3/5/7
CO: Captain Sarah Hemenway
XO: Gene Gibbs
GM: Luke Hung

USS Constellation-Speed Slow 5/7/10
CO: Louis Harvatt
XO: Katy Darrah
GM: Emily S.

USS Viking-Speed Average 3/5/7
CO: Amanda Mercer
XO: Jim Watkin
GM: Emily S

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