USS Turing

The USS Chimera is a Mjolnir-class Vessel. It is assigned as a Marine Expeditionary Vessel and Carrier, designed for rapid response missions that have a requirement for highly trained and prepared Marines.

Captain's Log

Captain's collar FCapt Katelyn Jacobs (Sarah Hemenway)

Let's get this ship fixed and figure out what's going on. Always feel free to reach out to me on Discord as eagle15.

XO's Log

Cmdr's collar Cmdr Garinder'Jen th'Jir (Gene Gibbs)

Coming soon to a MOTD near you!

GM and Sim Notes

GM's collar GM Luke Hung

What We Know So Far

Alert Status


Department Orders

Gold Lt's collar


Lieutenant Koria Sutret

Access the computer core to find out what happened to the ship.

White Ltjg collar


Captain Alexxander Ryley

You have a visitor in Sickbay. What did she see?

Red Lt's collar


Lieut (j.g.) Davon Riloc

Keep the CE safe as she tries to figure out what's going on.

Teal Lt jg's collar


Lt Cmdr Raal M'resh

What are these random specs of light on the ship?

Teal Lt jg's collar


Cmdr Simon Arbogist

You'll be needed in Sickbay soon enough...

Gold Lt's collar

29th Marine Expeditionary Battalion Commander

Lt Col Elsamine Georgio

Liaise with engineering to figure out the warp bubble and power drain on the ship.

Gold Lt's collar

Commander Air Group (CAG)

Maj Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (played by Jerome Davis)

Figure out how to get this bird in the air.

AWOL Policy

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please use the LOA setting in the profile page. LOAs longer than 30 days are subject to removal from the ship (but warmly welcomed back upon return).

Useful Links

Current Vacancies

  • JOs in All Departments

MOTD designed by Sharon Miller. Last updated 18 February 2020

Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Fleet Captain Katelyn Jacobs Commanding Officer Human/Betazoid 5'4" 118 lbs Sarah Hemenway OK (0)
Commander Garinder'Jen th'Jir Executive Officer Andorian 5'10" 170 lbs Gene Gibbs OK (2)
Captain Alexxander Ryley Chief Medical Officer Human 6ft 2ins 180lbs Calé Reilly OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Raal M'resh Chief Science Officer Caitan 5' 10" 180 lbs. Shalon Hurlbert LOA (39)
Lieutenant Commander Simon Arbogist Counselor Betazoid 5'9" 160 lbs James Harrison LOA (33)
Lieutenant Koria Sutret Chief Engineer Trill (Unjoined) 5'10" 160 lbs Steve Johnson OK (4)
Lieutenant Mary Knowles Doctor Human 1.68m 55kgs Russell Watt Late (7)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Davon Riloc Chief of Security Trill (Joined) 5'8" 209 lbs Aaron Gulliver OK (2)
Ensign Mirai 'Raptor' Nakuto Engineer Klingon / Human (Japanese) 6' 2 155 lbs Sharon Miller OK (3)
Mar. Captain Kate Hawkins A. Co Commander Human 5'9" 157 lbs Steve Johnson AWOL (9)
Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina Gamemaster GM Luke Hung OK (1)

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