USS Turing

CO's Notes

Red Captain's Collar
Philip Graham (John P. Jones)

Welcome to the Chimera!

It's great to be the Captain of this awesome ship!

If you ever need anything let me know via my Contact Form.

I'll be keeping an eye on the Master Roster

Keep in mind the posting limits: For CO, XO and GM 3 days, DH including the CNS have 5 days and JOs and Swings have 7 days.

I'll be shooting emails if you go over this time and another notice after two days, please keep in mind the limits.

XO's Notes

Red Commander's Collar
Sam Pennigton (Lt Cmdr Sara Kiernan)
Hello! I'm really excited to be your new XO. You can always contact me, using either my contact form or I'm on Discord as scassamas. The ship is headed in a great new direction and I'm happy to be with you.

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Luke Hung

Welcome Luke! Simm updates are coming soon!


Yellow Lt Cmd
Heather Argeneau
There is a hole in the ship!


Teal Ens
Heal the injured!


Yellow Lt
Charles Tenkiller
Shoot them! Shoot them all!


Teal Lt
Detect something or another.


Elsamine Georgio
Taking applications for a good sharp shooter.

Useful Links

USS Chimera
Systems Display
Power Systems Main Power: offline Auxiliary Power Backup Power Emergency Power
Warp Drive Cruising Speed: Warp 6.8 Maximum Speed: 9.98 (12 hrs) Maneuvering Thrusters
Impulse Engines Maximum Sustainable: Warp 9.6 Maximum Impulse speed: 0.25c
Shields: ONLINE Phasers: ONLINE
Torpedoes: ONLINE Photon: 145 / Quantum: 50
Sensor Systems Standard Tactical Astrometric Probes: 145
Support Systems Life Support Holo-Support Transporters Tractor Beam
Armadillo 1 Status: Docked - Bay 1 Armadillo 2 Status: Docked - Bay 1
Armadillo 3 Status: Docked - Bay 1 Armadillo 4 Status: Docked - Bay 1
Armadillo 5 Status: Docked - Bay 2 Armadillo 6 Status: Docked - Bay 3
Armadillo 7 Status: Docked - Bay 3 Armadillo 8 Status: Docked - Bay 3
Armadillo 9 Status: Docked - Bay 3 Longevity 1 Status: Docked - Bay 1
Longevity 2 Status: Docked - Bay 1 Longevity 3 Status: Docked - Bay 3
Longevity 4 Status: Docked - Bay 3 Longevity 5 Status: Docked - Bay 4
Longevity 6 Status: Docked - Bay 4 Longevity 7 Status: Docked - Bay 4
Longevity 8 Status: Docked - Bay 4 Workbee 1 Status: Docked - Bay 2
Workbee 2 Status: Docked - Bay 2 Workbee 3 Status: Docked - Bay 2
Workbee 4 Status: Docked - Bay 2 Workbee 5 Status: Docked - Bay 2
Cargo Module Status: Installed Expanded Weapons and Fleet Operations Status: Installed
Expanded Diplomatic Status: Installed Planetary Colonization Status: Not Installed
Expanded Entertainment Status: Not Installed Search and Rescue Operations Status: Not Installed
Flea'tan Compression Relay Jump Core Status: Not Installed
Command Officers 3 Security Officers ?, Crewman
Science Officers ?, Crewman Engineering Officers, Crewman
Diplomatic Officers Officers ? Tactical Officers ?, Crewman ?
Marines Officers 2, Enlisted ? Intelligence Officers 1

Damage and Repair Display
Primary Computer System Deflector System *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*
Auxiliary Computer System Warp Power *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*
Computer AI *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*

Casualty and Injury Display
*Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient*

No System/Patient No Damage/Injury Minor Damage/Injury Moderate Damage/Injury Severe Damage/Injury Offline/Surgery Destroyed/Deceased

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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain John P. Jones Commanding Officer Human 5'10 195 Philip Graham OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Sara Kiernan Executive Officer Human 5’4” 121 lbs Sam Pennington OK (0)
Lieutenant Charles Tenkiller Chief of Security/2O Human 6'2" 168 lbs. James Sinclair OK (1)
Lieutenant Sheriye Chief Science Officer Caitian 5'4" 125lb Krystelle McLean AWOL (9)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Heather Argeneau Chief Engineer Altered Atlantean 5'6 125 Sara Rastellini Late (5)
Ensign Leo O'Reilly Scientist Human 5'9" 60kg (132lbs) Riley Young OK (2)
1st Lieutenant Elsamine Georgio Marine CO Human Tyra Schroll LOA
2nd Lieutenant Kate Hawkins Marine XO Human 5'9" 157 lbs Steve Johnson OK (0)
Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Haygen Marine NCO Human 6'00 230 Philip Graham AWOL (16)
Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina Gamemaster GM Luke Hung OK (0)

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