Deck 8 - Crew Lounge 2242 hours (et orders out)

Posted Sept. 7, 2019, 9:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Simon Arbogist (Counselor) (James Harrison)

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It had been a long day of crew evaluations and meetings, and finally Simon had some free time to relax.

Making his way from his office down on deck 33 to deck 8, Simon stepped into the lounge. There was still quite a crowd formed despite the late hour.

Simon smiled at a few NE’s who were just exiting. He stepped over to the replicator and ordered a double shot of espresso and a slice of apple pie. Retrieving the tray, he turned to look around and find a seat.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Heather sat on her own at a table out of the way from the rest of the ships crew traffic for dinner. Her tray before her barely touched and a PaDD in hand. Heather seemed more focused on her work than her food. Nor did she converse with or acknowledge many of the other officers that came and went.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Heather would never get to eat that meal as the ship lurched from underneath her, basically felt like it went from 100 to 0 in a second flat. Heather from her intimate knowledge of the ship could tell not only did it ‘crash stop’ out of warp but the Chimera also came to a full stop at impulse as well. The lights flickered off and for what seemed like minutes the quiet moans of injured and stunned crew members filled the air. After a time the battery power came on and the lights dimly illuminated the room.

The alert claxons came on with a disappointing whine.


Heather managed to keep from hitting the deck, despite the fact that she was caught by surprised. Getting to her feet the young woman didn’t hesitate to move to leave the lounge not even thinking to recycle the tray as she moved to leave. Heather’s destination was Engineering.

Heather Argeneau, CE

She almost ran into the Lounge doors, which not surprisingly, failed to open at her approach. In the corner of her eye, given the limited illumination, she could see that there were several pinhole breaches in the lounge walls that a forcefield covered. Some of the pinpricks were located in areas that shouldn’t have required a force-field… but there they were.


Simon had been holding his tray of food one moment and the other moment he was flying through the air. Literally.

Hitting the bulkhead wall, he felt a searing pain as his shoulder took the brunt of the impact. Then he crumbled to the floor, his entire right arm in pain.

His mind was a flood of emotion. All the fellow crew members who were in the lounge were now mentally screaming out in pain, and in some cases vocally as well. He could sense the confusion, the fear, the pain. It was all overwhelming to him.

Laying in a heap on the floor, unable to move his arm, Simon desperately tried to breathe and block out all the emotional turmoil around him.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

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