Marine Barracks - 2242 Hours

Posted Sept. 11, 2019, 9:29 p.m. by Mar. Captain Kate Hawkins (A. Co Commander) (Steve Johnson)

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Posted by Mar. Captain Kate Hawkins (A. Co Commander) in Marine Barracks - 2242 Hours
Laying in her rack in her small quarters, down in marine country, Kate was finishing up the duty roster for her company for the next morning. There were times she missed being just a part of a small fire team, there was a lot less paperwork then leading an entire company. But that was what the job required, and the paperwork wasn’t going to just do itself.

As she signed off on the next day rosters, and tucked the PADD away, the ship suddenly lurched to port. Throwing her out of her rack Kate tried to roll with the motion as she was thrown towards the wall. It only limited her impact somewhat.

When the ship finally stopped rocking, she pulled herself to her feet and hit the comm channel on her desk. =^= Hawkins to HQ. Anyone there? =^=

MCapt Hawkins - A CO Commander

OOC: I can’t see a location for Marine HQ. If you are contacting the Bridge there is not signal from there. If you are contacting the other marine barracks communication works. In addition to the response below any of the marines in the barracks can respond as well.

OOC: HQ is on Deck 29, it’s hidden in the spec up in the marine detachment section. But since we can’t get to CIC, I’m gonna guess that we can’t hit the Marine HQ. So I’ll rephrase my post to make it work for what you’ve given me. :-)

All Kate got was static, that was not good. Whatever had happened to the ship has really shaken it up. Hopefully it wasn’t the start of something even worse.

Standing up she grabbed her BDU’s and pulled them on, wincing as her shoulders were a bit sore from where she had hit the floor.

=^= This is Hawkins to any marine. Does anyone read me? =^=

There was a blast of static and what had to be a dozen pained cries. =^=I’ve got you Sir, Ma’am, =^= came the voice of one of her junior lieutenants. =^=Geezus, even in the emptiness of space, the damn Navy found something to hit.=^=


=^= Easy marine. Just because they’ve beached the ship… =^= she said chuckling. =^= But for now, stow it. Get a count on who is still up and moving, I’m on my way down. And break out some of the ship to ship communicators, I’m not able to get through to anyone on intraship communications. Let’s see if we can power through what is disrupting communications. =^=

Walking over to the locker in her quarters, Kate placed her hand on the scanner before it opened. One of the perks of being the Company Commander meant she rated a small weapons locker in her own quarters. Pulling out her sidearm she slipped it into its holster before heading for the main barracks.

MCapt Hawkins - A CO Commander

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