Deck 14 // Flight Deck: 22h42 - Gas Attack

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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (Gamemaster) in Deck 14 // Flight Deck: 22h42 - Gas Attack

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The worst thing about being a pilot was the inconsistent schedule. As a squad leader, things were a little more consistent than usual, but even then, it was not the regular nine to five job.

Flight training had been over for an hour. Chief Simmons had come and gone, and so had Snoopy, Java, Charlie, and Smoke, and all their birds’ respective crew and crew chiefs. Sloan had stayed back to chat for a few minutes before heading out, and Badger had taken off the moment the bird had parked. Something about a date. Malcolm had CAG duties waiting for him, and even though it was not terribly late, she knew he had an early morning the next day and didn’t want to bother him. So she had stayed back, glasses perched on her nose as she made a few adjustments to the Lady of Steel, her cherished Ranger-class vessel.

First she felt it. Even though every bird was secure in place by a stasis field, the jolt and subsequent tilt of the mothership did not come without consequences, as her unstrapped body was violently thrown from her chair and into the side of her cockpit. Her glasses flying from her face and landing somewhere under the main console. Then she heard it, a loud clang on the starboard side of her vessel. Something had slid through the deck and hit her ship.

As she tried to get herself back on her feet, Eleanor could hear noises around the hangar. Tools falling off from storage, ammo loaders sliding down the space… she could only hope the stasis fields would hold or Wing 399 would lose most of their ships, and probably half of its personnel. Flight operations never stopped, and even if she was lucky enough to be inside a ship, there were plenty of people that weren’t.

The internal lights went out for a moment and only the glow of the force field and mini tractor beams that held the ships in place were the only illumination for a second. Then the light flickered back on slowly… filling the room with a disappointingly faint light.

Without missing a beat, Carnegie climbed into her chair and strapped herself to the seat. As a warp flyer, Eleanor had a bet on what just had happened, so better safe than sorry. Tapping her commbadge her first call was to the CAG. =/\= Carnegie to Dawkins. What’s going on? You better tell the Fleeters our ships are not prepared for a drop out of warp of this dimension!!! =/\= and the second was to Flight Ops three decks above her. =/\= Flight Ops. This is Carnegie. What’s the status on the stasis fields? =/\= She could only hope, the calls would go through.

CPT Carnegie, Recon Squad CO

=^=CAG this is Flight, I’ve got red lights across the board. The fields are on the batteries, and the batteries are draining rapidly… faster than any projections I’ve seen… 20 minutes before the entire section is down and if that happens,=^= He left the question hanging in the air.

He could hear his voice yell in the background, “Get on the mechanical tie downs. Check each bird… and get the injuries to sick bay… watch the ordinance on the ground.”


=A= Flight Ops, this is the CAG. I’m heading down. Clear the Bay of all non-essential personnel, recall the staff and get all DC (OOC: Damage Control) Teams into the Bay ASAP. Have the Flight Crews lock down the Birds. manually. If power is spotty, the last thing we need is the ship to take another roll like that and the damn Tactors not be on. We could lose half the Wing! CAG out!=A=

A moment later, Carnegie’s comm chirped. =A= Dawkins to Carnegie… Ellie, I’m heading down now....=A= He was breathing heavy and sounded like he was running at full tilt. =A=… are you OK!? Where the hell are you?!=A=

Dawkins, CAG

The flight officer looked down the launch tube. He tilted his head. “Garner… James… take a tricorder down the deck. I wonder if we can get the birds of the deck.” You couldn’t hit the side of the landing bay… if you weren’t in the landing bay. Of course that would require two things, a clear deck, which they didn’t have yet and free and open space to maneuver which they had no evidence of either.


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