Deck 8 - Crew Lounge 2242 hours (et orders out)

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“Good question,” Simon said, looking towards the Chief Engineer. “Any ideas of how this may have happened?” He slowly held onto the nearby table and pulled himself upright. He reached out with his mind to see if he could sense the other crew members. He didn’t really know many of the senior staff that well, so it would be difficult to mentally scan for a familiar brain. But he let his senses extend out past the lounge, to see if he could get a sense of what was going on throughout the rest of the ship.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

OOC: GM - would Simon be able to sense anything telepathically??

There were no ‘senior’ officers beyond the Chief Engineer with in close detection. Although Argeneau presented as a very hard to sense entity, which was normal for her. What was odd, in addition to the hazy Chief Engineer.. there was about two dozen more hazy entities in the immediate vicinity that were not accounted by the people who Arborist could see.

Heather tied off the splint making sure he could still move the arm. Renting the seam of her sleeve from her uniform she pulled it free did the same to the other turning the uniform jacket into a vest of sorts she tired the two sleeves together then tied it as a sling around the counselor’s shoulder to keep the arm from hanging before answering. “If I had to guess we were attacked, most of the ship is quiet comm wise, I haven’t sensed any immediate danger at the moment. Hopefully, our fellow Engineers are working to get power restored.” Heather frowned looking around. Once Heather was sure that Simon’s arm was secure she went to check and see if she could open the doors.

Heather Argeneau, CE

The doors were un-powered, but also had a force field on the reverse side. The automated systems had, for some reason determined this compartment was either open to space or in danger of being open to space… or was so structurally unstable that the force field was required to maintain integrity.


Heather had managed to open the un-powered doors enough to know that there was a forcefield. “Shit… not good.” She muttered wondering if the structure was unstable or not. If it was, how long did they have before they lost structure? Heather hit her com-badge to try and reach the CIC again. “Lieutenant(Jg) Argeneau to CIC, is anyone there?” She said into it.

Heather Argeneau, CE

There was nothing but static off the Com-Badge.

“Are there any other access points to the lounge?” Simon asked. “Jeffries tubes? Or a way we can access transporter controls?” He was spouting off random ideas, all the while keeping his mental senses attuned outwards, in case he might make contact with anyone - or anything.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

“There should be Jeffries access on every deck. the question is if it’s in here, or in the corridor.” Heather said searching for the panel that would give her access to the Jeffries tube mentioned. “If I cannot find it in here, then no there are no other access points,” Heather said keeping her mental blocks up as she sensed his mental senses spreading outwards.

Heather Argeneau, CE

There was an access tube behind the bar. However, there was a cross-section bulkhead blocking that tube for the same ‘reason’ the force field was on.


Heather pulled the panel on the access behind the bar and found the cross-section bulkhead blocking the way. Cursing silently she wondered if she could narrow the beam on the phaser to cut through so they could get out of the Lounge and maybe be of use, However, it was definitely going to be difficult to move both injured parties. Heather risked opening her mind to see what was on the other side of the cross-section to be sure it would be safe to cut through if she could get the beam narrowed enough. Even as she opened her mind she made sure to avoid the Counselors. Though she had closed her eyes they opened now and she looked around with a frown. Why was she using her mind, when she could use her Tricorder as well. Heather reached for the engineering tricorder that was always on her and started to scan beyond the cross-section.

OOC: in opening her mind to sense the other side of the cross-section was safe does she sense the other hazy entities that were mentioned?

Heather Argeneau, CE

OOC: Presuming the effect is similar to the Canon abilities of the Betazoid, the results would be similar, to be clear the hazy emotional and minds come from within the lounge and outside the bulkheads.


OOC: How many more hazy emotions can she sense inside the lounge and is there anyone other than the counselor and NE Engineer inside the lounge that they can visibly see?

Heather Argeneau, CE

The lounge, as is common, at this hour of the day, has 15 people in it. The two telepaths sense those 15 and another 16 hazy identities with in the lounge.


Heather looked to the other officers and crewmen in the lounge. If she tried to cut through the secure bulk and there was a breach then she was risking a lot of lives. 15 people in fact outside of herself, the counselor, and Ensign. Whatshisname. “Ensign, we have got a slight problem the lounge is completely secured, I could cut this bulkhead and gain access to the Jeffries, but I do not know if the insecurity or breach is on our end or beyond this point.” Heather sighed she was asking his advice because if she cut through it and the breach was on that side they were stuck in here if it was not then they could get out.

Heather Argeneau, CE

“We are cutting bulkheads??” Ensign Onthespot asked. “With what?” He tilted his head as he held the sling the supported his injured shoulder.

“You have a better idea?” Heather looked to the ensign. “I mean if we could cut through this bulkhead there’s a chance of getting out of this lounge and the injured to sickbay.” Heather pointed out.

Raal’s eyes fluttered open. He looked at the toppled chair inches from his face. As his eyes focused he snapped back to consciousness. Something had happened, had something hit the ship? Were they under attack? He bolted up and drove the crown of his skull directly into the table he’d rolled to a stop under. He yowled in pain and cradled his head in his hand. Awkwardly, he sidled under the table and out to where he could stand upright. He rubbed at the growing lump on the back of his head and sucked in air through his teeth. Barely cognizant of his surroundings, he walked unsteadily to the bar. He bent over and grabbed a fallen stool and hoisted it up. A burning pain shot through his shoulder as he did so. He winced and dropped into the seat. He looked over at his shoulder and was immediately presented with the source of his pain. There was a fork stuck deep into the meat of his left deltoid. The tines were completely embedded. A low growl came from deep within his throat. This was going to hurt. He reached over and grabbed the handle, took a deep breath, pulled hard, and screamed. More of a yelp than a scream, but impressive nonetheless. He dropped the fork onto the counter. With the pain slowly subsiding in his shoulder, he slowly became aware of his surroundings. He saw several people were conscious, so at least he wasn’t alone. “Arre any of you medics?”

-Raal M’resh, Scientific Advisor

Onthespot looked at him. “I’m not certain that was protocol.” Standard first aid was not to remove something until medical support was present. Although he did have a med pack. He walked over and despite his injured shoulder began to unpack the necessary equipment to shore up the fork sized whole in his arm. He first swept it with a sterilizer and then placed a self adhering bandage to it.

Raal sucked air through his teeth as he suppressed another yelp. The pressure on the wound wasn’t pleasant, but it was better than it had been.

“As good as new… well at least the hole in your arm is as good as new. The rest of ya…” He shrugged.


Raal gave a curt, sardonic nod. Wiseass… He looked down at the bandage and prodded at it with his fingers absentmindedly. Suddenly he realized what he’d heard being discussed. I really must have hit my head hard. “Did you say cutting the bulkhead? Did you say you don’t know if the breach is on the other side?” He huffed once and rolled his eyes. He immediately regretted doing it. The room spun a little and the pain in his head surged. To cover it he leaned hard on the counter and slapped his combadge. =^=M’Rresh to the brridge. I’m in the lounge. We’ve been sealed in. Can you tell us what’s happened? We have an engineerr down herre rready to phaserr a hole into the jeffrries tubes. Oh, we also have injurred. Including me.=^=

Raal M’resh Scientific Adviser

OOC: I’ve been informed that the comms are down, so I’m going to continue.

IC: The combadge buzzed, indicating a lack of signal. He tapped it again, and then again. Both times the same buzz of a dead signal. He hung his head and winced again. His stomach lurched. He knew this feeling. He’d had a severe concussion in his academy days during a particularly fierce game of Parissi Squares. A Ktarian cadet named Ardranu something or other fell onto him. All 320 pounds of him hammered his head against the court floor. This wasn’t nearly as bad, but he needed to get to the sickbay. Ensign ‘Bedside Manner’ over there with his standard issue medkit wasn’t exactly up to the task. He closed his eyes for a moment and gathered his strength.

He lifted his head and made eye contact with the young lieutenant he’d just been fairly rude to. “Lieutenant. Please accept my apologies. I’m fairrly cerrtain that I have a concussion. You’rre…” He paused as his stomach turned over. He took a deep breath through his nostrils and started again. “Can you access interrnal sensorrs?” He was having a hard time concentrating over the pain.

-Raal M’resh Scientific Advisor

Heather looked to Raal M’resh, “Do me a favor and stay conscious if you have a concussion. we cannot keep you stable if you fall into a coma. Ensign Whatshisname keep him awake otherwise we’ll have a bigger issue on our hands.” Heather instructs as she accesses the internal sensors. “Alright Raal, what do I do now?” She knew but keeping him involved would keep him conscious.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Raal blinked a couple of times. “Scan the corrridorr for brreaches, the arrea outside the doorrssway…” He felt another wave of nausea and it was getting a little harder to think. He grit his teeth and jabbed at his wounded shoulder. The pain was intense and the adrenaline rush that came with it brought a tinny tang to his mouth. He came sharply to focus. He gestured toward the entrance. “Doorrway. If it’s safe, firre therre, 10 centimeterrs above the access panel. Then therre, a meter to the left at the doorr’s midline height. That’ll…Yep…nope.” He doubled over and clutched his stomach. His mouth flooded with saliva and the taste of copper and then he vomited. He remained doubled over as he caught his breath. Head still hung he continued. “That’ll rrelease the physical locking mechanism and make it…” He was still breathing a bit hard. “it easierr for us to prry the doorr. No need to cut thrrough to the jeffrries tubes.” He lifted his head and his vision swam for a moment. His ears were flattened against his head. “Can I get some waterr?”

Raal M’resh Scientific Advisor

“Yup, that’s a concussion.” Ensign Onthespot looked at the Advisor for a moment before finding him a chair. “You need to sit and rest.”

Raal slid off of the stool, stumbled his way to the chair, and sat down gingerly. “Thank you ensign.”

Heather’s fingers moved quickly over the controls running the scans that Raal told her to run to let her know if there were any breaches on the other side of the bulkheads. If she did not have to damage the bulkheads great, if she did, then at least she would know She watched Raal as he vomited and left the console to run the scans. Making her way over to the replicator she ordered a cup of water hoping that at least would work. When it thankfully did she brought the cool liquid to him. “Anything else I should do while the scans are running?” She asked the Science Advisor.

Heather Argeneau, CE

The connection to the internal sensors stubbornly reported that there were multiple hull breeches both inside the Lounge and in the hallways and decks outside, up to 20 meters, where the computer was unable to get any reports as this section of the ship was compartmentalized from all the others. At the very least some scanning should be possible but there wasn’t.


Raal took the glass from the lieutenant. He took a few long swallows before answering her. “That’s nice. Thank you, I needed that.” He set the glass down and took a deep breath. “It all rreally depends on what the scans show.” He was feeling tired again. No, not tired..groggy was the word. What was taking the scans so long?

Raal M’resh Scientific Advisor

“It’s showing breaches both inside and outside of the lounge.” Heather sighed not sure if that was correct or not. “The readings seem a little off though,” Pulling her tricorder out to see if she could confirm with the handheld device.

Simon had been walking the perimeter of the room, his mind outstretched, slightly disturbed by these hazy presences he was sensing. As he walked, he stopped to reassure those present in the lounge that they were working on figuring out what was going on and urged them to stay calm.

Returning to where Heather and Raal and Onthespot were, he let out a small sigh. “I keep getting these hazy senses that i can’t quite pinpoint.” He looked between the three of them. “Have you made any progress?”

  • Counselor Simon Arbogist

“Working on it Counselor, I sense the same hazy presences, I wasn’t sure if it was just the forcefields making it hard to sense them or not.” Heather looked to the counselor knowing that when she’d opened her mind she’s made sure to block him from accessing her thoughts. So he might have been surprised if he hadn’t sensed her while sensing the other’s she wasn’t sure.

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OOC: I snip about until there is three cycles of dialogue

IC: Raal looked up and recognized Doctor Arbogist from when he came aboard. (OOC: even if you don’t go by Doctor, Raal will probably still call you Doctor regardless. He’s a stubborn old cat.) “Only the size of my head.” He forced a smile as he spoke. “You wouldn’t happen to have a trricorder on you? I have an idea.” He took another couple of gulps from the glass of water and pushed the empty glass away. It slid a few inches and stopped just short of the edge. Simon could sense worry verging on fear under his acerbic tone. (OOC: I assume. ignore this part if I’m wrong.)

Raal M’Resh Scientific Advisor

Heather passed her Tricorder to Raal, maybe he could help her confirm if the breaches were real or not.

OOC: I reported above what the ship board sensors detected. You can confirm with a hand tricorder, but the only device you have in the Lounge is the medical tricorders in the first aid pouch.


Heather Argeneau, CE

(Sorry for the late posts guys.)

Raal took the tricorder from Heather and looked at the display. He made a gruff noise and set it on the table. If his head wasn’t throbbing and his vision not swimming he might have been able to reconfigure it to make one of the scans they needed, but as he felt now he wasn’t sure he could use it for its intended purpose, let alone jury rig it with a fork. He suddenly remembered something important. “The forrce field is up outside the doorr. That is if we can trrust anything the computerr is telling us.” He gestured weakly around the lounge. “I don’t see a brreach but it’s rreporrting multiple.” He lost his train of thought. What had he been saying? It was important. His brow furrowed as the searched his thoughts. Oh! Yes. “If you want to rrisk it, you could prry the doorrs open a little and see if therre’s atmospherre orr a forrce field, orr we slide them back shut.”

-Raal M’Resh Scientific Advisor

It’s certainly possible to open and close the doors, but the hull breach doors are significantly heavier and more difficult to move than the normal doors. So if they opened it, and the hull was breeched they would lose a huge amount of oxygen before they would be able to close them.


Heather shook her head, “I already opened the doors, the hull breach doors aren’t as easy to move.” Heather said, not unless she wants to reveal her actual strength which was on par with an android if not stronger if she didn’t hold back. “There are also several pinpricks breaches along the wall closest to the opening of space. if not for the forcefield we’d already be sucked out.” She told them honestly.

Heather Argeneau, CE

“Blown out.” Raal slumped back in his chair. “We’d be blown out.” He said weakly. “I’m prretty much out of ideas.” It wasn’t precisely the truth. He couldn’t concentrate anymore. He just wanted to lay down and close his eyes. “Blown out of ideas.” He chuckled at his own joke but immediately regretted it. He grimaced and let out a low growl.

Raal M’Resh Scientific Advisor

Ensign on the spot walked about the room, his one arm pinned against his chest. “The pinprick holes are on all four walls.” He used his good arm to tap one of the holes. “This one isn’t even facing outside.” He looked at argeneau.

“Why the hell are the hull breach shields up on every side of this room. If its on every wall of every deck it would use a ridiculous amount of power… ridiculous.”

Ensign OntheSpot

“But it would also have the effect of keeping any of us frrom going anywherre on the ship.” It seemed he wouldn’t be seeing the inside of sickbay anytime soon. Now on top of his oppressive headache and nausea, his shoulder had started to throb again. He started to stand up, decided against it and sat back down. He really had to stop doing that. “Can someone rreplicate me some Ice forr my head?”

-Raal M’Resh Scientific Advisor

Onthespot could use ice as well. He went behind the bar and started collecting bags in which he filled with ice. Handing one to the Science Advisor, he kept one for himself and his damaged shoulder. There was also hypo sprays in the bag, but it was advisable to sedate someone with a concussion.. if he remembered his first aid correctly.

Ensign Onthespot

Raal took the ice pack and pressed it gingerly to the crown of his head. For a brief moment, the pain actually blinded him. He sucked air sharply through his teeth and growled again. As the shock of the cold against the swelling knot passed, he let out a slow breath and relaxed a bit. “Thank you, Ensign.” He spared a thought for Sheriye. His grandkit was most likely elbow deep in whatever solution was being cooked up on the bridge. But of course she was, she did take after her grandfather after all, and when wasn’t he elbow deep in something or other? He found a somewhat self-satisfied smile spread across his lips.

-Raal M’Resh Scientific Advisor

Simon had moved silently off to one corner, where he sat cross legged on the floor. He had opened up his mind and began sending out telepathic waves of thought, trying to sense anything other than the general haze that he had been feeling earlier. He knew that there was a slight chance that he might be able to actually connect with someone or something outside of the Lounge area.

“Can we check the power consumption levels?” He mused aloud.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

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