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Posted Dec. 2, 2019, 6:40 p.m. by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Fleet Captain Katelyn Jacobs (Commanding Officer) in Side sim: Starbase Tortuga -Pre Sim

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Starbase Tortuga -Pre Sim


About an hour later and with his pockets more lined than before, Ryley sat at the bar of the Faithful Bride. A scotch in one hand and an ice pack in the other which he held over a half closed black eye. It turned out that law and order in the lawless station was actually fairly quick to act. The owner of the tavern, another rather large Klingon, had waded into the scuffle and reasserted his control. True one Klingon had been stabbed and another hit with a table but somehow peace seemed to have been restored. They sat nursing their wounds at the other side of the floor space and throwing him dirty looks while he tried to reset his dislocated shoulder using the wall. The little one was concussed, he could tell that from here. Pity he wasn’t in the charitable vein, besides all he had left of his medical kit was a hypo of painkiller and his much loved, very battered and modified tricorder.

He pondered the hypo For himself while he listened to the bar owner tell him gruffly in Klingon that he would guarantee Ryley’s safety as long as he was a paying customer at the bar. But, not the second he set foot out of it. Ryley looked at the bottle of scotch he had purchased, he had a few hours at least. Leaving the hypo where it was in his pocket he poured another drink from the bottle and downed it in one tip.


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As soon as he had set the bottle back down on the bar, it was snatched away by a slender woman in her early 40s. Brown curls cascaded across her shoulders and the black trademark eyes of her heritage met his with a wicked smile. She was dressed simply in form fitting black pants and a black leather jacket that matched the heeled black boots encasing her feet and calves. One eyebrow slowly arched up as she studied Ryley and then turned to study the bottle, remaining silent in her investigation.

Jacobs, CO

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IC: If Ryley was shocked by the sudden arrival he hid it well. He rolled his tongue around the inside of his mouth savouring the peaty after taste of his drink. He gave the woman before him a careful appraisal from head to foot then back up again. He didn’t bother to hide the ogling as he studied her, studying him.

He pushed his now empty glass forward and reaching his uninsured arm up took the bottle back from her and poured a measure back into the glass before nudging it towards her. Holding the bottle aloft he gave her a gesture and took his next drink from the bottle itself.

Closing the open unbruised eye against the mouthful he lowered the bottle again. “ So…” he started gruffly. “In an age of ironic retro culture worship, social niceties and directives that tell us what is ok and not ok to say or do it’s irresponsible to walk around without knowing at least a few bar-appropriate pick up lines.” He refilled the glass and took another drink for himself before continuing. “Yet you choose to steal my drink instead. Interesting. I like interesting.”


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