Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

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Posted by Fleet Captain Katelyn Jacobs (Commanding Officer) in Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Davon Riloc (Chief of Security) in Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)


He paused after the reply and, in standard military style, said, “The Captain has not been in contact as yet.” One blue hand rose to feel whether his pips were still there. “It’s Commander or Colonel. I find I answer to both.”
- Jen

“Apologies Commander I didn’t notice the pips on your uniform.” He said rubbing the back of his head. “I think I have a concussion.” He smiled. “No sense, no feeling that’s what they say.”


Jen waved that off. “Little matter,” he said, now knowing his assessment was right. There was something wrong. He had come through with wrenching his shoulder. That had only been exacerbated by the climb down, though with some time and the medic he was managing it. “Medic!” he snapped out in a well cultured drill sergeant voice. “Attend the Lt here.” Jen turned back to Riloc. “I think we’ve all had an adventure getting to where we have. Lt Sheriye and the Admiral have been here and are working their way to the flight deck. The Marines are blasting through decks to try to create a corridor for travel and reach the wounded. Tell me about your travel here,” he asked, seeking to keep the man talking.

At that moment the comms marine interrupted. “Sir, I have a reply from Captain Hawkins. They have reached Deck 13 and are making their way to the flight deck. Will update us when they arrive.”
Jen nodded. “Ask if they have managed to get a squad to Engineering yet?” They’d have passed Engineering by. “Wouldn’t hurt to have an engineer around when they’re punching holes in the deck to tell them they won’t blow anything critical.”
Gettinger turned back to his comms. “Yes sir.”

Riloc let the medic run their tests. He looked around the CIC realising that he had never made it to here before now.

“I can honestly say Commander it’s nice to not be crawling between a Turbolift and the shaft ways,” he paused. ” Commander, did you get strange reading when we stopped? The sensors down in security where telling me we had vacuum in the corridors. The ship even through up the internal force fields. Yet when I scanned with my tri-corder. I got completely different readings.”

Jen nodded, resting himself by leaning against a nearby console as he studied Riloc to see how injured he was. “I looked at the logs up to the presumed collision or at least very quick stop. The computer believes there is catastrophic hull failure and has force fields up through the ship. Were it so I don’t believe we’d be here now and every deck we have made it to has shown it not to be so. It is good to have your confirmation as well, Lt. Any information is invaluable.”

“Also Commander if it’s possible can we get a medic down to security. Lt. Jefta was injured but stable down in the brig.”

“So you came up from below, then,” Jun mused. “And you have encountered the same issues. There is a company of marines burrowing down in decks and systematically attempting to search for and attend to wounded. I will inquire,” he said.


As the two conversed, a smaller form had traveled the path of the COS and made her way to CIC. The slender form of the ship’s commanding officer quickly got to her feet as she reflexively smoothed her hopelessly untidy uniform and pushed curly dark brown hair back from her face. “What’s going on?” she snapped, black eyes sparkling in dismay at the situation the ship found itself in.

Jacobs, CO

Riloc looked up. “Ships broke. Sir.” He knew it wasnt helpful but his head was hurting. The medic was just finishing up on him. The headache was dull but incredibly annoying.


Jen turned; the appearance of Riloc surprised him though another entry so soon after he was half expecting. It being the Captain was the most surprising. Riloc’s succinct report of the situation was, if dramatic, quite apt. Unconsciously he straightened up, a twitch in his eye betraying the twinge in his shoulder from the abrupt stop of the ship and his tumble over the furnishings. That was only made worse by the climb down to the CIC, an act that had him looking at relocating his quarters to somewhere closer to CIC than a 20 deck spread.

“Captain,” he said, studying her for visible injuries. “Sensors indicated they detected something and made an emergency brake. Whether we hit something or not is conjecture at best. However the computer believes there are myriad hull breaches and loss of pressurization and has initiated force fields everywhere it seems and yielding multiple false readings of vacuum behind them. Communications are out. I have A Company blasting upward through the decks to search and attend to wounded and secure the deck. B Company is moving down. We have limited comms from here to the marine units via field radios. I have no reports yet from Engineering. The Admiral and CSO are attempting to reach the Flight Deck to get birds in space to see what is happening around us.”
- Jen

Katelyn eyed the COS for a moment. Despite the terseness of his reply, she appreciated the succinct summary that it imparted. She offered him a slight nod and then immediately regretted that decision as her own head began to throb from the sudden jolt tossing her out of bed unexpectedly. Before she could respond, or dwell in the impending headache, Jen began to speak and she forced herself to focus completely on him to digest the status report he offered.

“Have any of the teams confirmed the hull breaches the computer believes to be present? Has Engineering…” her voice trailed off as she remembered that he had said no reports yet from Engineering. “Is anyone on their way to Engineering to find out what’s going on?” It was taking quite a bit of effort not to appear visibly rattled at the disaster that seemed to be descending on the Chimera and she certainly didn’t appreciate having to be informed on the status of her ship. A slight huff of resignation and annoyance slipped past her lips, although more directed at the situation than Jen himself.

Jacobs, CO

Jen shook his head in a curt economy of motion; his antennae had greater field of motion. The Andorian was used to the fog of war and not knowing what was what, at least, until they knew. In his opinion a Starfleet officer didn’t have that kind of .. patience .. when their world was the ship and finding that their ship was, as Riloc succinctly said, broken. Typically after any disaster there was a flurry of engineers and others stabilizing the vessel that was their lifeline and bulkhead between them and vacuum. He understood the Captain’s ‘huff’. He too was frustrated at a lack of progress. “None. It is not to say there are no breaches in the forward sections along the hull, however, what devastation the computer believes has not been proven by anyone, nor could the ship be as intact as she is with that amount of damage. The marines are trying to get to Engineering. It is easier to shape charge one’s way through the decks than to work through a force field at each section on the deck.” Fingers were spreading out, however their knowledge even by feel was limited at best. “Engineers were on station at the time of the incident. I have no doubt that there are injured among them, however, there are people there to attend to the situation.” People were not just sitting there but were active in either trying to extricate themselves from where they were trapped, awaiting medical assistance, or working where they were at to keep; the ship together.

“We have communication with the marine units. They have pushed up six decks and are making way to Flight and Engineering. Have you further orders for them Captain?” he inquired.
- Jen

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