Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

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There was a sudden whine across every deck of the ship… it sounded like bulkheads literally crushing underneath their own weigh, but all of the pressure was coming from the outside. The ships gravity and other life support went to zero as the computer attempted to steal power from every other system to repower the shields and the internal force-fields.

The lights and other auxiliary systems dimmed to almost zero as the computer activated the red alert klaxons.

The whining ceased after a few moments as the lights and life-support returned.


“Jen automatically gripped a console as gravity was lost, his ears and antennae taking in the sounds. He had not expected the response, though he was far from surprised by it. Quietly he held his breath through the klaxons and the lighting until things were restored. As things restored, Jen slowly let go. =^= Engineering, report. What did we learn from this? =^= He was not interested in an excuse or consequence. Something happened and while the experiment failed they learned something from it about what was going on. Jen turned to the others. “I’m thinking the ship is playing Atlas .. holding us up and we are not the wiser. Yet.”
- Jen

Suddenly a Caitian voice crackled over the comms,

Tapping the comms button M’Ressa decided to see if she could try and reach the bridge. =^= M’Ressa to Chimera. Chimera do you copy?=^= She commed.

Rear Admiral M’Ressa

Katelyn let out a string of curse words that would have made even the most daring blush as she felt the ship’s reaction to her orders. The crackle of the comms interrupted her brief tantrum and she left Jen to strategize with engineering as she attempted to respond to M’Ressa’s message.

=/\= This is Captain Jacobs, Admiral. =/\=

Jacobs, CO

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=^= Alpha Company to CIC. We are working on getting that bird in the air. The Captain wants to know where you need us next. Over. =^=

MCapt Hawkins - A Co Commander (crosspost)

Riloc half floated to before grabbing the console. ” I suppose I’ll wait to get to an arms locker till my feet are on the floor.” He smiled.


“We need to figure out where that power is going,” Katelyn muttered again before responding to the hail.

=/\= I’d like a visual survey of the ship to see if there are any clues as to what happened and what’s going on now. Sensor sweeps of the area should help too. Finally, see if you can get into contact with Starfleet. Obviously, our comms are down here. =/\=

She took a break after listing off all of the orders. With the Chimera out of commission, that bird was their eyes and ears for the foreseeable future.

Jacobs, CO

While the Captain was communicating with the troops he, in his irony, was about to talk with the Admiral. =^= CIC to Ranger. Good to hear from you Admiral. What is your status and what support personnel are there with you in the bay? The. .. alarms you hear were caused when we attempted to reduce the warp engines that are at full output, but we do not yet know where. If your sensors can give us perspective we and engineering will be most grateful. =^=

He moved closer to the Captain. “We don’t have main computer access, though the ship is responding to an emergency it sees. That is my guess. Does it seem to you that there is an external pressure that is threatening to crush us and the force fields are keeping that at bay?”
Jen, Xo

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