Side sim: Visiting the Counselor

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Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Visiting the Counselor
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“Or perhaps it was the copious quantity of alcohol in your bloodstream, or that phaser beam. Though for someone who believes the person he’s standing alone in a room with is a cold blooded killer who likes to choke out random civilians you’re awfully calm. That or just awfully stupid to be mouthing off considering you can’t outrun or probably outfight said cold blooded jar head. So why don’t you stow the attitude and sit your ass down. Before I knock you onto it.....Sir.” The way Granger twisted the word Sir, sounded like a bit of an insult. Euridice if anything had one fatal flaw that had seen him get into trouble and sent to counselling a few times. That was his mouth. When he was on duty and in the thick of it down range the man was the shining beacon of professionalism. But he just didn’t tolerate idiotic officers too well and it had cost him more then one mandatory trip to the ship’s counsellor. Which was part of the reason why he was here now.

– CSGTMJR Granger, Marine

A slight smirk turned the corner of Ryley’s mouth upwards. “Would that be on my ass or on my attitude?” He asked innocently and moved to the other seat regardless. He sat, manoeuvred his bad leg out slightly in front and hooked the cane on the chair arm. Then he considered Granger. “First of all, don’t call me sir. It’s Ryley or Doctor Ryley if you prefer or just Doc. Second, it was Three quarters a bottle and it was medicinal, trust me I ran out of painkillers.”

He surveyed the man again as if sizing him up before he continued. When he did his tone was relaxed and conversational. “Besides if you had wanted to kill me you would have already and though you do want to knock me on my ass, don’t worry I get that a lot, you didn’t do it before because Skipper was watching. She’s not here now however so if you need to go ahead. Because your right I can’t outrun you or outfight you. But be warned I kick and i bite and I fight dirty, you’re likely to find me packing hypos again and believe it or not this cane works nicely as more than a walking aid.”

He left the comment there as a matter of fact statement and surveyed the room. Didn’t fit. “So, attitude issue or authority issue or both?” He asked.


“Then just maybe you aren’t as stupid a cake eater as you look Sir. Only a moron fights his enemy square on and by some notion of fairness.” At which point Granger looked around a moment before looking Ryley dead in the eyes. “I don’t like you, but unless the skipper orders it then you don’t have to worry about me punching your dial. Unless of course she changes her mind, then you’ll be beaten, bloodied or just in a bag on her say so. But to answer your question I have a pathological intolerance of stupidity.”

– CSGTMJR Granger

Ryley laughed then. “You don’t like me? Hah, I don’t care. But here’s the kicker, I don’t like you either. The difference is I won’t hide that fact if Jacobs is around or not…” He followed Granger’s glance around with interest then went back to looking at the marine. “ As for the beating, I could say, big hard man beats a man nearly 60 years old with a cane. Real classy. But then I tend to bring that out in people, so I guess it’s better to say you’d probably need to get in line.”

Granger shrugged, “It’s a living....besides, the 60 year olds with cane’s don’t beat themselves up you know.”

He turned the cane in his hand again as if the first part of the conversation hadn’t happened and said with interest. “If memory serves, having a Pathological intolerance of stupidity tends to get you sent to the counsellors office for so called mandatory sessions to help correct that behaviour. At least that’s one thing we have in common.”


Granger looked mildly offended at the idea that he might have something in common with a cake eater. He snorted then looked at the door. “Where is this fool. It’s not like I don’t have better things to do and have an unlimited amount of time to wait for him to grace us with his winning personality.” Granger muttered.

– CSGTMJR Granger, Marine

Ryley shrugged, “how the hell should I know? I’ve never met the guy.” He puffed air between his cheeks and looked around him again. “Is he as fun as you are?”


Just then, the doors swished open, a man walked inside, pausing just inside the doorway. His eyebrows raised, and his dark black eyes almost seemed perplexed.

“Oh dear, was I expecting a couples counseling session today?” The man asked, looking quickly from Ryley to Granger. Then he shook his head, dismissing the idea. “No, no, that’s not it.” He squinted his eyes, shifting glances between both men once more. “Interesting…” He mused, letting his voice trail off, his expression turning neutral once more.

“My apologies for being tardy,” He said, walking over towards them. “I’m Counselor Simon Arbogist,” He held out his hand, offering it first to Granger, then to Ryley and then back over towards Granger again.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

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