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Raal gave a single sardonic laugh that was more a sharp exhale through his nose. He saw a little of himself in both officers. Disdain for authority, quick to anger, yet dedicated to their fields. “Fairry, Wizarrd, Mugatu…whateverr you arre, thank you forr fixing my head. I’ll trry not to bounce if off any harrd surrfaces.” He stretched his arms and winced as the pain in his shoulder flared. Raal made a little growly yelp. “My head was so bad I forrgot about this.” He turned his shoulder towards the doctor and tapped the bandage with his opposite hand. “I distinctly rrememberr pulling a fully embedded forrk out of this.”

-Raal M’resh Scientific Advisor

Ryley scratched his beard absently. “I could pull off wizard.” He said ponderously. When the patient before him tapped the bandage, Ryley’s attention focused on the injury. His eyebrows shot up in interest. “Seriously?!” He asked “kool.” He took his tricorder out and began scanning the area before he moved to unwind the bandage to take a look.


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As Ryley began to examine the wound the fork had made…

There was a sudden whine across every deck of the ship… it sounded like bulkheads literally crushing underneath their own weigh, but all of the pressure was coming from the outside. The ships gravity and other life support went to zero as the computer attempted to steal power from every other system to repower the shields and the internal force-fields.

The lights and other auxiliary systems dimmed to almost zero as the computer activated the red alert klaxons.

The whining ceased after a few moments as the lights and life-support returned.


The momentary loss of gravity and then air did enough to knock Ryley on his ass. When it returned he came up coughing and immediately scanned the rest of the medical staff to ensure no one had been badly hurt. After checking he reached for a triox hypo to give his lungs a boost.

“Everyone alright?” He yelled as he caught his breath.


Raal was laying on his stomach, hugging the bio-bed. When the gravity went out he scrabbled at the sides of the bed, claws out. They slid up the metallic sides with a squeal and then caught in the padding.He had pulled himself down and hugged the bed to him as tight as he could. He retracted his claws, but one snagged in the fabric. He hopped down off the bed and tugged reflexively at his caught claw. One last hard tug and it came free, tearing a one inch rip in the bed’s surface. He flinched and his eyes flicked down to the doctor. The bandage was still hanging from his left shoulder. He pulled it free and let it drop to the floor. He bent over and offered the Doctor his right, uninjured, hand. “I’m ok. Let me help you up.”

-Raal M’resh Scientific Advisor

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