Crew Mess: Lunch Break (open to all)

Posted Jan. 26, 2020, 7:10 p.m. by Mar. Captain Eleanor "Iron Lady" Carnegie (Recon Squadron CO/Pilot) (Joana Ribeiro)

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Posted by Mar. Captain Eleanor “Iron Lady” Carnegie (Recon Squadron CO/Pilot) in Crew Mess: Lunch Break (open to all)
First it had been Sloan, stopping her before she could leave the cockpit with concerns regarding their Sensor Ops officer. Then, it had been Badger, the Sensor Ops officer, following her through the corridors sharing with her his true opinion on the training missions they were running.

Eleanor’s wrist chronometer marked 12:27 when she finally walked through the Crew Mess’s doors, with a cloud of annoyance thundering over her head. She could hear her heartbeat so violently in her ears that she was afraid the throbbing was visible.

It took ten minutes to get through the line of officers on lunch break and to pick her own lunch plate from the buffet, before Carnegie finally managed to sit down and have some time away from the complaints of both members of Sentinel 1’s crew.

The Crew Mess was crowded, but not enough for the chatter to drown her own thoughts. As she pushed her glasses against the bridge of her nose and grabbed the cutlery to start eating, Eleanor glanced through the room in search of any familiar face.

CPT Carnegie, Recon Squad CO

“Excuse me,” A voice said from beside her. Out of her peripheral vision she would see the figure of a man standing there. “Would you mind terribly if I joined you?” She may or may not recognize the man as the ships Counselor, and his black eyes would no doubt alert her to his being a Betazoid, if she wasn’t already aware.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

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Although not a very familiar face, Carnegie was aware that the officer talking to her was the Chimera’s Counsellor. She was also painfully aware that she had not met with the man, even though she knew she had been supposed to, mostly since Marine Medical didn’t have their own. Arbogist would be able to sense the guilt ridden thoughts coming from the Marine pilot.

Turning towards the sound, Eleanor greeted the man with a smile. “Not at all, please.” She said, motioning to the different available seats on the table. Her willingness for some lunch company other than her small ship crew was genuine. “I’m always happy to meet new faces.” Her smile widened slightly. “I don’t think we were ever introduced, I tend to live in or around the flight deck.” She added in an apologetical tone. “Eleanor Carnegie, Recon.”

CPT. Carnegie, Recon Squad CO

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