Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (Gamemaster) in Bridge Jigsaw (I am rubber, you are glue)

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Katelyn smiled at her XO, appreciating his concern about being stuck in a mostly useless CIC. “Where do you think your skills would be the most useful, Commander?” she questioned. She had a few ideas of where he could jump in, but she’d prefer that it be somewhere that worked the best with his skillset. They hadn’t had a chance to spend much time getting to know one another yet, so in some ways, she felt like she was flying blind with him.

Jacobs, CO

=^=Commander. The CSO says that the multitude of forcefields around the ship will interfere greatly with both scans and beaming and around the CIC in particular as it is the mostly heavily concentrated in forcefields. She is checking the computer core area as we speak now. She feels there is no reason the Ranger could not act as a Communications hub though as the Ranger computer is not infected the same way as the Chimera’s.=^=

Rear Admiral M’Ressa

=^= Thank you Admiral. The Captain will be joining you shortly to make your ship the defacto CIC. In the meantime do what you can with scans as you are able and add that to the database of what the marines and others have added for what is where in the ship. Is there any way of determining what population of the ship has been discovered and the level of injuries and treatment? =^=

Jen was hoping that he would be given something to do. There was so much ‘to’ do. “Captain, I could join B Company in their search for people and a route in the lower decks. Alternatively I could secure engineering and attempt to see where our power is going. We have a great deal of auxiliary crew and engineers who should be put to establishing the safety of the blast holes that the marines made and testing stress levels through the ship. Additionally there has to be a way of deactivating force fields, even for the benefit of passage so that the ship can be assessed and injured crew removed to safety. I can understand the ship’s .. safety mechanisms .. however one forcefield for a few seconds at a time is not going to crash us.” He hoped, anyway.

The ship whined unhappily every time someone dropped a force field. It seemed unwise to drop all of them simultaneously.

Katelyn listened attentively to both M’Ressa’s response and Jen’s thoughts. “Sounds like a plan, Commander. Lieutenant Riloc, let’s go.” She pulled out the phaser she had stashed away and checked the settings on it, keeping it in her hand. “Let’s figure out what the heck is going on with this ship.”

Jacobs, CO

Riloc nodded in agreement. “Yes sir.” He said with a Sigh visibly relieved to feel useful once again.


=^= Jen to B-Company. Captain Pitt. Sitrep please. =^=
- Jen, XO

OOC: Thought I would see what they are doing and where they’ve gotten to, GM, as they have a job but no PC for it. However, for the moment, our good NE Captain Ferdinand Pitt will do the trick.

OOC: I’ve lost track of this company. where are they going.?

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