A Sim update for all those who are : A little lost

Posted Feb. 14, 2020, 8:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Simon Arbogist (Counselor) (James Harrison)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Simon Arbogist (Counselor) in OOC: A little lost
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I’ve gotten a little lost in the threads now. What is happening so far in sim. Maybe we could have a little sim update, to help those of us who are lost?


OOC: I am also a bit lost when it comes to the main sim. Not sure where the CNS should be at this point. An update would be welcomed.

Hey guys,

I have an email out to Luke to see if we can get a sim update and sort out where everyone is. I apologize for my absence over the last week or so – I managed to post from my phone to stay within limits, but I haven’t been able to do much more than that since I’ve been swamped by real life while trying to recover from pneumonia. I hope that we can get this sorted soon.

Aaron – you accompanied me to the Shuttlebay, where we’re currently knocking on the door of the Ranger to let us in. :)


Well there a heck of a lot going on so if I miss your thread. Hit this thread up and I’ll fill that in. Now this information was not found out at the same time but I’m putting the information together in chunks so it makes more sense. (?) denote things that could be investigated… (*) refer to clues that have not, or were not fully investigated

About 2 hours ago the Chimera was suddenly brought to a complete stop cause numerous minor and moderate injuries. There also was significant structural damage. The ship ‘automatically’ put up forcefields and dropped cross sectional force fields effectively cutting sections of the ship off from each other (including breaking up intra-ship communications).
At a later time it was learned that there was a * power/energy field that was very close to the ship when the computer presumed a collision was about to occur. The fact that the ship still thinks a collision occurred is unknown(?)
The marines in the cargo deck noted subspace distortions that appeared * humanoid but could not lock them down. At close to the same time two psychic individuals who were in the lounge * felt the psychic presence of 15 or so individuals they could not locate. (?)
The marines cut both through decks and force fields to create a path so people could move from one deck to another, but as more *force fields drop and bulkheads are cut the ship starts making groaning sounds as if it was being crushed or torn. There are also pin pricks on the ship that * have some light beaming from them - the cause of these were at one point were presumed to be micro damage… but that didn’t explain the lights (?)
The airwing launch bay seems to be without power despite the fact the ship is generating - warp 8 of power (?)
And after opening the launch bay doors they were able to note that both the ship’s shields and warp field were still up despite the ship not moving at warp * This phenomena is known by scientists and engineers as a warp bubble… (?)

I think that’s all you know....

OOC: Thanks for that update! I lost track of where the CNS is currently or should be. Could you point me in the right direction?

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