Sickbay - Nakuto's boarding physical

Posted March 25, 2020, 3:39 p.m. by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Ensign Mirai ‘Raptor’ Nakuto (Engineer) in Sickbay - Nakuto’s boarding physical

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Nakuto’s boarding physical

Posted by Ensign Mirai ‘Raptor’ Nakuto (Engineer) in Sickbay - Nakuto’s boarding physical

Mirai turned to the speaker and allowed a frown to deepen her ridged forehead. No uniform, no insignia or badge that she could see. Was this man a patient also? A civilian, perhaps? Her gaze travelling up to his bearded face, she found herself wondering just how long this man had been waiting!

Ryley watched her observe him with apparent interest.

Turning on her heel and marching over to him, she extended her muscular, right arm towards his chest and, with finger extended asked, “And where might it be ‘at’?”
Another glance outwards at the population of the room and it appeared, to her rising irritation, that she had already been forgotten.

Ryley looked down at his chest and made a contemplative sort of noise. “I guess youd have to ask an Andorian.”

“Wherever it is at, it most definitely is not here,” the belligerent half-Klingon continued, reaching for an unoccupied stool and wheeling herself forcefully over to the man’s side.
“This is a pointless task at any rate. Merely a formality currently standing between me and my work. But as you can surely see, I am in prime condition!”
Another glance out at the room and she added with increased volume, “I challenge any of you to wave your tricorders in my direction and prove me wrong!”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

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Clearly amused by this the greying, bearded man considered his new waiting companion. “Most people are. The issue isnt if you look healthy its more to make sure theres nothing lurking like Molor in side.” He took a drink from a mug that seemed to appear in his hand. “Coffee?” He asked offering her a drink. “Too early for anything stronger.”


“Ha!” Mirai barked in response, eyeing both the man and his coffee in turn. “It is never too early for strong and hearty sustenance. However, since I suspect it might hamper smooth passage through this infernal physical were I to request some bloodwine right now, coffee would indeed be welcome. Thank you.”

As she waited for her beverage, the half-Klingon rose once more to her feet and began to pace a limited path from Ryley to the nearest wall and back.
“Tell me, is the Chimera’s sickbay always this…chaotic? Or do I have the misfortune of having arrived during an epidemic of some sort?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

Ryley pushed his stool over to the wall and then after a few minutes pushed himself back holding a second steaming mug. He didn’t leave the stool. Once he had handed over the drink he went back to observing sickbay. He seemed to consider her question.

“The Chimera is a Mjolnir-class ship so it actually has two sickbays, Alpha on deck three and Beta on deck twenty-six.” He drank his coffee before continuing. “Now Alpha is smaller, has a grand total of seventeen biobeds in the main treatment ward, fifteen more in the surgical suite and a forty odd number in the recovery ward. Beta, she’s bigger, she’s the combat sickbay. Twenty beds in main treatment, fifteen in each surgical suite and recovery for like…”he closed one eye as if counting in his head. “…I duno 50? Beds…anyway this one is busy because the CMO ordered a deep clean of the other sickbay so all foot traffic is being diverted here. This means they are implementing basic triage procedures. In short kid, you’ll get seen to when your seen to so I’d get comfortable.”

He drank again and looked at her, telling someone with Klingon blood to be patient was like telling a cracked damn not to leak. He seemed genuinely interested in her reaction.


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