Ranger Excursion

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=/\= Jacobs to M’Resh. What’s your status? =/\=

Jacobs, CO


As she waited for the CSO to return her comm call, Katelyn called out again:

=/\= Jacobs to Sutret. Have you made any progress with the computer core? Is there any way you can get our shields down? I have an idea of how to beam this craft out of the Chimera to give us eyes and ears, but I’d need the shields down to make it feasible. =/\=

Jacobs, CO

=^= Captain, I don’t recommend lowering the shields right now. Currently they are all that is keeping us from crushed like a can of syto beans. We are running some calculations to see what we can do in the meantime though. =^=

Lt Sutret - CE (crosspost)

Katelyn cursed audibly again and then slumped back in the chair she occupied with a noisy sigh. Well, there went that idea…

=/\= Let me know when you have something, Lieutenant. =/\=

Her voice was clearly annoyed, although hopefully the CE would realize that was more at the situation than her in particular.

Jacobs, CO

Eleanor understood the Captain’s frustration. In fact, she was feeling it herself.

Reviewing the scans on her console, Carnegie shook her head before laying her head back in her seat and closing her eyes for a moment. Turning abruptly to the Chimera’s CO, her eyes shone with the glint of hope that came with a new idea. “Ma’am… I have no idea if this is going to work, but if we have to be here doing nothing, we might as well try it.” Shaking her head, Eleanor glanced at her console before looking back at Jacobs. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. But… regardless of whether or not there’s a ship towing us, this warp bubble has a source. What if we could jam it? I mean… the sensory pods my bird has installed can effectively jam 95% of all known targeting systems in a radius of 10,000 km, 75% at 15,000km, and 50% at 20,000km!” If it sounded like a page of the craft’s manual, it’s because it was. Carnegie had gone through it so many times, that she effectively knew the file by heart. “If whatever is targeting us is within this radius, it can, in theory, be jammed. If it is, no more warp bubble, and no more warp bubble, means no more chance of the Chimera becoming a crumpled piece of steel roaming around space. This is, of course, assuming there’s something outside causing this. Is there any chance that the Chimera may be the one producing all of this? Someone mentioned infected computer systems a while ago, but I honestly have no clue about what’s going on outside of my vessel…”

CPT. Carnegie, Recon Squad CO

Katelyn listened attentively to Carnegie, despite the slight tantrum she’d had in reference to the CE. She quickly began to nod along as she anticipated where the train of thought was going to take the pilot. “It’s worth a shot,” she agreed. “I have no idea what’s going on outside this vessel either at this point,” she added, her tone both joking but also somewhat serious and aggravated. “Let’s see if you can figure out the source of the bubble and we’ll go from there.”

Jacobs, CO

OOC: Interesting idea.

The pilot activated her bird’s jamming pods. While the jamming would have no effect on a warp field, it would in theory impact a targeting system. The jamming was annoyingly unsuccessful. It probably meant that whatever was going on the Chimera was not a targeted weapon effect. It might not have been successful but it at least proved what it wasn’t.


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