Deck 7 - Outside Computer Core

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=/\= Jacobs to Sutret. Have you made any progress with the computer core? Is there any way you can get our shields down? I have an idea of how to beam this craft out of the Chimera to give us eyes and ears, but I’d need the shields down to make it feasible. =/\=

Jacobs, CO (crosspost)

=^= Captain, I don’t recommend lowering the shields right now. Currently they are all that is keeping us from crushed like a can of syto beans. We are running some calculations to see what we can do in the meantime though. =^=

Lt Sutret - CE

=/\= Let me know when you have something, Lieutenant. =/\=

Jacobs, CO (crosspost)

OOC: Calculations on what?

=^= Something inhabited it seems, Chief. Can you access the sensors now to see if there is anything ‘out’ there? Life forms. Structure. Something out of phase. If we hit them and we’re .. partly in their space it could be that much more pressure on our hull. We need to know the what before we can see to the how of backing out of there. =^=

Mirai nodded at the ethereal voice of the computer as, silently, she began weighing up options in her head.
“Ma’am,” she replied to Sutret, leaning against the closest bulkhead as she spoke, partly for her own comfort and also partly to confirm that the supporting structure was still present and intact, “It appears that the capability of our main shields is wholly insufficient to protect against such significant pressure on the hull. I suggest supplying additional ramifications, either in the form of modified personal force fields, if we have some emitters onboard, or by generating a subspace bubble that could protect the entire ship from the outside. Opinions, Ma’am? Or…” she glanced around the otherwise empty space, “anyone else listening?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

OOC: Steve is on LOA for a bit, so I would appreciate if you could keep nudging this along, Sharon. Thank you!

OOC: Mirai might know that the ship has been projecting as warp field, as if the ship was going at warp eight, for the entire duration of this episode while not actually moving. A warp field by definition is a subspace bubble.


OOC: Sorry, I didn’t know that the ship was appearing as if at warp. Still trying to catch up with what’s going on in the sim and what happened before I came onboard.

At this point Jen came over the comms after a red alert signal came over the comms. =^= All hands. This is Commander Jen th’Jir. Computer estimates show that external pressure on our hull is increasing and we have 8 hours to solve this before there are critical failures. All hands able to attend their stations and help work out our situation is hereby ordered to do so. We need to know what is out there beyond our hull. Perceptive crew members have seen auras of beings. These must be logged and investigated as they appear and contact made if possible. Medical continue with your work with the injured. Engineering is to find us more time. Science get us eyes outside and communication with these beings. Security and Marines continue. If a crew member sees a being I want a Marine or Security attending them. The Captain will update you further. Good work so far. Lets get on this. Jen out. =^=
- Jen

Seizing control of the situation, Mirai slammed a palm against her commbadge.
=^= Engineering, I want constant scans of shipwide hull pressure. Any areas approaching minimum crush pressure then we need to send an engineer to that location with a mobile field generator to establish a localised, secondary SIF. I shall return to engineering to assist. Nakuto out.=^=

With a nod to Sutret, who was still wholly occupied with her own tasks, Mirai began to retrace her steps away from the computer core. As she did, the half-Klingon pawed at her commbadge once more.

=^=Additionally, have someone begin replicating duranium support beams. If our technology fails us then we must be prepared to use more…primitive means.=^=

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

“Yes, yes....” Koria just nodded as she was looking over the sensor data again.

Looking up from the display Koria wondered where Mirai had gone, and why the lights had dimmed red. Closing her eyes for a second she took a deep breath. She had gotten lost in the problem, not focusing on everything else. Hopefully Mirai was taking care of whatever the new problem is.

But they were getting some sensor readings internally, just not through the shields.

“Computer, are we able to get any sensor readings from outside of the warp bubble created around Chimera, in any direction? Or are we limited to internal sensors only?”

Lt Sutret - CE

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