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Posted March 29, 2020, 7:13 a.m. by Lieutenant Mary Knowles (Doctor) (Russell Watt)

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Posted by Lieutenant Mary Knowles (Doctor) in Arrival - Mary Knowles
Doctor Mary Knowles, Lieutenant, had never been appointed to a ship the size of the Chimera before. Should she go to the sickbay? And if so the Alpha or Beta sickbay? Or should see see the CO or XO? She knew that most ships had the bridge and the CO’s office on Deck 1, and she tried to get there. But a couple of burly security guards convinced her that was a bad idea(TM). So then she headed to deck 23, because to her query as to where the bridge was, she was met with a snort and a brief chuckle, “Oh, you want the CIC, that’s Deck 23”.

Stepping out on Deck 23, she saw how big it was with screens showing all kinds of data and displas on the walls.

She looked around and declared, “wow, it is a really big one, isn’t it?”

She had meant to keep that to herself, but her mouth often got her into trouble.

Anyone who looked at her would see a slender raven haired human who was looking around, mouth agape. She was dressed in her form fitting Starfleet Uniform.

“Sorry,” she said to anyone who would listen, “is Fleet Captain Jacobs in? Or Commander th’Jir? I have my transfer orders with me to join the Chimera.”

  • Dr Knowles, GP

“I’m Fleet Captain Jacobs,” came a remarkably soft voice beside a console. Katelyn turned to try to piece together who had required her attention now. Transfers had been free-flowing as she assumed command of the ship and it was hard to keep track of a crew a ship the size of the Chimera required. “Welcome to the Chimera,” she added as she ran her fingers through the shoulder length dark curls she wore loose at the moment. The deep black eyes of her heritage settled on Knowles as she made her way over to her and extended her hand to shake hers.

Jacobs, CO

Mary looked at the other woman as she shook her hand, “Thank you for the welcome, Ma’am. I’m Doctor Mary Knowles and I’ve been assigned to your large vessel. I’m sorry, I’m like a kid in a candy store, I’ve never been assigned to a ship as big as this before.” Mary paused and looked at her transfer orders in her other hand and then at her pips, and grimaced.

“Sorry ma’am, I’m a Lieutenant as you can see, and well, I’m really really happy to be here on this big vessel of yours.” Mary grimaced again, “I’m not making a good first impression, am I? I’m nothing like this in sickbay, I promise you, there I’m steady as a rock. It is just this ship, it is so, well …”

“Big,” came a chorus of answers from NEs nearby, and Mary blushed with embarrassment.

“I’ll just shut up now.” Mary said, wishing the floor could swallow her whole.

  • Dr Knowles, GP

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