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Commanding Officer:

Captain Brian Richards as Gerald Hopkins

CO's Words of Wisdom(Or A Contradiction in Terms)

Last Update: 71363.25

Hello everyone!

Anyone that wants a drink feel free to stop by and have a chat! I'm looking forward to the many adventures we can have together y'all!

Captain's Log(Last update 71363.25)

Executive Officer:

Lt. Commander Liam Schoepp as Amze Ezma

News from the XO's Hot Tub

Last update: 71363.25

Greetings, I am the new XO of the Connie, and I hope that we can have a long and prosperous working relationship. If you have any plans for me about taking over the CO position, you can find me in discord under Squidyetkid Crazycog or through email. (Or I can edit your notes and see if you notice! -BR)

GameMaster's Propaganda:

Gamemaster James Harrison

Mission Title:

Watch this spot for words of wisdom from the GM!

Current Alert Level:

AWOL Policy:

CO, XO & GM:

5 Days


7 Days

Everyone Else:

10 Days

Please email CO to be re-instated.

Departmental Orders:

Chief of Security:

Steve Johnson as Lieutenant John Hardin
Be on guard, you never know what this distress signal may have in store for the crew and ship.

Chief Tactical Officer:

AJ Paulson as Lieut.(J.G.) Jalel (Jahleel) Davis
Be ready for anything.

Chief Engineer:

Nathan Derricutt as Lieutenant Tara'lec
Make sure we don't go boom!

Chief Science Officer:

Travis Good as Lieutenant Brett DeWeese
Might be a good idea to see what you can dig up on our destination.

Chief Medical Officer:

Amanda Mercer as Lieutenant Aurora Shadowflower
Be prepared for potential casualties, given the distress signal we really don't know what might go on.


Adam W. as Lieutenant Wally Jeznick
Ensure the crew know about the needs of the doors on our ship and any other suitable causes you see fit.

Away Team Alpha

No away teams currently, we're just getting started!

Away Team Beta

No Away team!
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Gerald Hopkins Commanding Officer Human, 60% cybernetic Brian Richards LOA
Commander Amze Ezma Executive Officer Human 5'11'' ??? (She managed to get this deleted from the records) Liam Schoepp OK (2)
Lieutenant Aurora Shadowflower Chief Medical Officer Human 5'4 145lbs. Amanda Mercer AWOL (19)
Lieutenant John Hardin Chief of Security Human 6'2" 210 lbs Steve Johnson AWOL (16)
Lieutenant Pilar Halcyone Chief Science Officer Risian/Argelian 5'7" 129lbs Mika Jackson OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jalel Davis Chief Tactical Officer Human/Risan 5'11 220 AJ Paulson AWOL (11)
Ensign Raymond Luxury-Yacht Scientist / Chief Nasal Officer Human 5'1" 135lb Russell Watt AWOL (15)
Gamemaster Semaj Das GM James Harrison AWOL (20)

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