About USS Constellation:
Welcome to the USS Constellation the one ship in the club were you get let your hair down and be as wild and strange as you want. Serving as the clubs one and only Comedy ship the Connie as it is best known as is the place to be if you have the thrill for all things strange.
Gamesmaster: Captain Philip Graham as GM Newtons Law
Sim Title:Carnival Express
Sim Notes: While we wait for the new Captain to be appointed the crew is about to find and experience an unusual group, Sensors have detected multiple ships of different species and an odd message welcoming the ship to the carnival extravaganza
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Commanding Officer: Captain Louis Harvatt
Welcome to the Nut House err USS Constellation! Welcome to the USS Constellation my name is Louis Harvatt and I am your new commanding officer.
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Liam Schoepp.
Greetings, I am the XO of the Connie, and I hope that we can have a long and prosperous working relationship.
Chief Operations Officer: Trinity Fister as Khavo
You've got the jump on Engineering! Grab the best operational things to look after and leave the boring ones to the new Chief Engineer.
Chief Engineer: Katy Darrah as Aaron Michaels
Fix up the malfunctioning sickbay EMH
Chief of Security: Mike Bourdaa as Katherine Piece
Be on guard, you never know what this distress signal may have in store for the crew and ship.
Chief Medical Oficer: Travis Good as Gong'Da
Sorry about the malfunctioning EMH, I'll get the Chief Engineer on it for you
Chief Science Officer: Vacant.
Might be a good idea to see what you can dig up on our destination.
Councillor: Timothy Frogue as Timothy Frogue.
Try to get us all sane ... and keep us sane, if it doesn't drive you insane!
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Christopher Johnson Commanding Officer Human 6'1 144 lbs Louis Harvatt OK (0)
Commander Amze Ezma Executive Officer Human 5'11'' ??? Liam Schoepp OK (2)
Lieutenant Katherine Pierce Chief of Security Human 4'5" 95 Mike Bourdaa OK (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Michaels Chief Engineer Human 5'9 160 lbs Katy Darrah OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Gong'Da Chief Medical Officer Ferengi 5'2" 165 lbs Travis Good OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Khavo Chief of Operations Jelna (Rigelian) 5’3 113lbs Trinity Fister OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jalel Davis Chief Tactical Officer Human/Risan 5'11 220 AJ Paulson Late (7)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Timothy Frogue Counsellor Human 5'7 190 Timothy Frogue OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Peter Cross Security Officer Human 6'3" 195lb Krystelle McLean OK (7)
Ensign Harry Simons Doctor Human Jim Watkin OK (1)
Ensign Emily Bradford Engineer Human 5'2" 110 Tyra Schroll OK (6)
Gamemaster Newtons law GamesMaster Philip Graham AWOL (9)

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