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The Clown Face Nebula (above and below)
is located within the constellation Gemini.
With it, we remember our status as a
comedy ship.

Commanding Officer:
Flt Captain Russell 'Tribble' Watt
Executive Officer:
Lt Commander Liam Schoepp

The Beehive Cluster(above and below)
is located within the constellation Cancer.
With it, we fondly remember the Connie's former
Captain, the Bumblebee (Admiral Kat Dedul).
She was Captain for 12 years.

Captain Phillip 'Puffin' Graham
Connie Tagline

Current Status

Silliness Level

Silliness Ratings: White - Blah, much more silliness required; Burnished Gold - Standard Silliness - We are at the silliness required for a Comedy Ship; Disney Polka Dot Pink - Extreme silliness, continue being silly at own risk

Commanding Officer

Fleet Captain Russell Watt as Rujo Kiwa

CO's Insane Mutterings

Last Update: 30 August 2018

Welcome to the Nut House err USS Constellation!

I'm Russell, the chief nutter and I hope you enjoy the trip to insanity and that you laugh as we collectively explore the comedic side of Star Trek. At the present time, I'm looking to round out our crew, update the MOTD and get to know all of you a bit better both IC and OOC. My hope is that the USS Constellation is a place where we can come to, have fun, laugh, and leave happy. With the world the way it is, I think that we all deserve that. My electronicdoor is always open, and I'm only an email message or discord message away, so please contact me if you have an idea or suggestion or (gasp) complaint.

Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Liam Schoepp as Amze Ezma

News from the XO's Hot Tub

Last update: 71363.25

Greetings, I am the new XO of the Connie, and I hope that we can have a long and prosperous working relationship.

If you have any plans for me about taking over the CO position, you can find me in discord under Squidyetkid Crazycog or through email. (Or I can edit your notes and see if you notice! -BR)

GameMaster’s Propaganda

Gamemaster Philip Graham as GM Newton’s Law

Mission Title: Carnival Express

While we wait for the new Captain to be appointed the crew is about to find and experience a unusual group, Sensors have detected multiple ships of different species and an odd message welcoming the ship to the carnival extravaganza

Club Happenings

All the events in STF beyond the decks of the Connie

Command - Infinite Fleet Report - August 2018

Academy - Mentor Program Discussion and Command Mentor Program Ad

Personnel Department - Current vacancies around the club

Engineering Department - Brandon Irvine appointed AEDir

GM Department - Our very own Crazy Cog is a qualified GM! Congrats Liam!

10 Forward - Monthly Bookclub, Weekly Watch Party, Weekly Flash Fiction prompt and Upcoming Writing Competition

Current Alert Level:

AWOL Policy:

CO, XO & GM:

5 Days


7 Days

Everyone Else:

10 Days

Please email CO to be re-instated.

Departmental Orders:

Chief of Security:

Mike Bourdaa as Lieutenant Katherine Pierce
Be on guard, you never know what this distress signal may have in store for the crew and ship.

Chief Tactical Officer:

AJ Paulson as Lieut.(J.G.) Jalel (Jahleel) Davis
Be ready for anything.

Chief Engineer:

Vacant as Vacant
Fix up the malfunctioning sickbay EMH

Chief Science Officer:

Mika Jackson as Lieutenant Pilar Halcyone
Might be a good idea to see what you can dig up on our destination.

Chief Medical Officer:

Amanda Mercer as Lieutenant Aurora Shadowflower
Sorry about the malfunctioning EMH, I'll get the Chief Engineer on it for you

Chief of Operations:

Jeremy De Spain as Lieutenant Ridge Parvenu
You've got the jump on Engineering! Grab the best operational things to look after and leave the boring ones to the new Chief Engineer.


Michael Hacking as Lieutenant Ashley Farchild
Try to get us all sane ... and keep us sane, if it doesn't drive you insane!

Swing Positions

Russell Watt as Raymond Luxury Yacht (Chief Nasal Officer/Science)
NE (Chief of Jello Operations)
NE (Chief of Waste Management)
These very important positions do not get the recognition they deserve on other Starships, Stations and Planets of STF. On the Connie, however, we will recognise and celebrate their contributions to a well functioning ship ... after all these are their journeys as much as they are the journeys of the senior officers!

Away Team Alpha

No away teams currently, we're just getting started!

Away Team Beta

No Away team!
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Rujo Kiwa Captain Human (Australian) 1.81m 85kg Russell Watt OK (2)
Commander Amze Ezma Executive Officer Human 5'11'' ??? (She managed to get this deleted from the records) Liam Schoepp OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Leighton Ridge Parvenu Chief of Operations Trill(Joined-Dwarfism) 4'0 95lbs Jeremy DeSpain LOA
Lieutenant Aurora Shadowflower Chief Medical Officer Human 5'4 145lbs. Amanda Mercer Late (7)
Lieutenant Katherine Pierce Chief of Security Human 4'5" 95 Mike Bourdaa OK (3)
Lieutenant Pilar Halcyone Chief Science Officer Risian/Argelian 5'7" 129lbs Mika Jackson AWOL (9)
Lieutenant Ashley Farchild Counsellor Human 6'4" 165 lbs Michael Hacking OK (4)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jalel Davis Chief Tactical Officer Human/Risan 5'11 220 AJ Paulson Late (8)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Peter Cross Security Officer Human 6'3" 195lb Krystelle McLean OK (3)
Ensign Raymond Luxury-Yacht Chief Nasal Officer (Science) Human 5'1" 135lb Russell Watt AWOL (43)
Ensign Harry Simons Doctor Human Jim Watkin OK (0)
Gamemaster Newtons law GM Philip Graham Late (6)

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