Starbase Magellan

Out on the frontier, in the no mans land between Romulan and Klingon space, Starbase Magellan serves as both a defensive station for the Federation and as the final port of civilisation before crossing into the vast unknown. Starfleet personnel, military units and civilian traders co-exist in an uneasy state of co-operative dissonance while providing facilities and services for passing merchants and explorers alike. As the home of the 33rd Marine Corps, the military influence on the base is evident at every turn, something that is embraced or rejected in equal measure by the station's other inhabitants. With supply shipments from the Federation at the mercy of nearby marauders, the crew are having to learn to be self-sufficient, making contacts and sourcing equipment from their neighbouring territories, as well as the trade vessels passing through. But life out on the frontier is hard and already the 'new station' sheen has been swallowed by a layer of grime and grit, in keeping, it seems, with their desolate location, where only the most hardy of travellers dare to tread.

Captain's Log

Captain's collar Jim Watkin as Captain Benjamin Gillespie

Welcome to Starbase Magellan. We have a few vacancies we are working on filling. If you are interested in joining, applications can be emailed to me or Steve Johnson.

XO's Log

Lt Cmdr's collar Steve Johnson as Lieutenant Commander Aaron Foley


GM and Sim Notes

Commodore's collar GM Geoff Joosten

Our events to date: A mysterious and bumbling freighter captain, Mord, has arrived on the station. Shortly after docking, many disparate systems seem to have developed failures without rhyme or reason. Suddenly the Captain received a communication from two men who stated that the Magellan was being held hostage until Ore is delivered. A trap has been set to capture them. Mord has been captured and awaiting interrogation. Lt. Rendana is working with her team to bring the Magellan up to fighting condition.

Noteable Side Sims

Alert Status


NE's & Unrostered Characters

Alton Roma - Pervayer of Sax, Drums and Rock n Roll

Yuki Miyafuji - Owner of Forever After Books

Siimon Jacobs - Journalist

Starfleet Departments

Gold Lt's collar

Strategic Operations



White Lt.jg collar


Kyrstelle MClean as Lt (j.g.) Chandel

Work with civilians to keep them calm and reassure them that the Magellan is in working order.

Red Lt's collar


AJ Paulson as Lt (j.g.) Braxton Harris

Capture Mord and interrogate him

Gold Lt jg's collar


Lindsay Bayes as Lt (j.g.) Avalise Rendana

Fix the Magellan.

Teal Lt jg's collar




Teal Lt jg's collar


Trinity Harman as Lt (j.g.) Nisihe Odraavi

Tend to the wounded.

33rd Marine Corps

Captain's collar Steven Sigle as Marine Captain Ashley Williams

Fly with the USS Trinidad to rendezvous with the ship holding the Starbase Magellan hostage. Capture the two men aboard alive for questioning.

USS Trinidad

Trinidad Alert Status

USS Trinidad's Current Mission: Rendezvous with ship that is holding the Magellan captive. Apprehend the two men on board.

Trinidad Current Commanding Officer for Mission: Lt Commander Aaron Foley

USS Trinidad Specs

Chamber of Commerce

Mystique Club

Teek'ma Downs

Mystique Club Description

Forever After Books

Yuki Miyafuji

Forever After Books Description

Sax, Drums and Rock n Roll

Alton Roma


The Blue Note

Mia Salazar


AWOL Policy

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please notify the Captain or XO

Useful Links

Current Vacancies

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Counsellor
  • JOs in every department
  • Shopkeepers, Civilians and Swings

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