USS Viking - NCC-88750

A horrific and tragic accident during the construction of this Viking class heavy explorer brought a dark and sinister curse upon the vessel and all who sail on her.

The USS Viking has been cast adrift in the no-mans land between Romulan and Klingon space. With a spec that has been far surpassed by newer classes, the antiquated Viking is a hapless but loveable bucket of bolts that is creaking at the seams. Some rumours claim that she is cursed, others that she is haunted and certainly some of the crew have experienced shadowy figures and unearthly screams amongst the badly-lit maze of corridors in the dead of night. If you enjoy your sci-fi on the darker, more creepy side, and enjoy putting your characters through all manner of psychological tortures, then the Viking is ready and waiting for you.

Command Staff

Captain's collar

I would first like to say thank you for allowing me to be your commanding officer, and I hope that we can continue to work together to keep the Viking the best ship in Star fleet. If you ever have a problem or concern please don't hesitate to contact me through my contact form, or you can find me is discord as CaptRavenfall.

First Officer's collar
First Officer: James Harrison as Commander Michelle Allen

Glad to be here as your new XO! I am always up for side sims and character development opportunities so if you wanna get something going just let me know. Find me on Discord as OspreyJames!.

Department Staff

Intelligence chief's collar
Chief Intelligence Officer: Hjortur Ingi as Lt Commander Peter Sigmundsson

Swing role's collar
Consultant: Sharon Miller as Kara Nakuto

"You can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk." - Edward Snowden

Kara and Peter find themselves desperately trying to unravel the mystery of the USS Viking. Is what curses this ship and torments its crew truly of supernatural origin? A dimension that interacts with the universe around it in a manner exceptional to all of our known laws of physics? Or are the unfortunate crew simply test subjects, reacting as on cue to external stimuli that, while it might appear ethereal, has a very real and scientific basis and is being generated for no other reason than to push them to their very limits?

Counsellor's collar
Counsellor: Vacant - Please contact the CO or XO if you would like to play this role

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” - Philip K. Dick

On a ship infested with creeping shadows and disembodied voices, the unfortunate crew could perhaps be forgiven for doubting their own grips with sanity. Therefore none onboard are as vital as the Counselor as a sanctuary from all of the madness and an anchor in this most turbulent of seas.

But a brave and steady mind it will take to be the guiding light of reason for the exhausted and terrified crew of the USS Viking. Which is perhaps why four previous counselor's have already fled, screaming, into the night.

Do you have what it takes to fill this role?

Engineering chief's collar
Chief Engineering Officer: Miha Kozlevcar as Lieutenant Mike Stone

Engineering officer's collar

Engineering officer's collar
Engineer: Vacant - Please contact the CO or XO if you would like to play this role

"Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world." - Elon Musk

...and on the creaking hulk of the USS Viking, the talented men and women who make up the engineering team literally have to produce magic. With their requests for supplies and equipment almost constantly reappropriated elsewhere by Starfleet and the ship crumbling by the minute, the exhausted and overworked team must use every trick in their arsenal to keep this Viking-class beast in the air.

Medical chief's collar
Chief Medical Officer: Rusty Boshankles as Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi

Medical officer's collar
Medical Officer: Cass Young as Ensign David Harrington

Medical officer's collar
Medical Officer: Vacant - Please contact the CO or XO if you would like to play this role

"By medicine life may be prolonged, yet death will seize the doctor too." - William Shakespeare

Their sickbay is only half-functional, their staff members running on several days now without sufficient sleep and yet the Medical team on the USS Viking battle on. With an almost constant deluge of casualties - from those who have been injured wandering the dark and desolate lower decks, to those tormented to the point of collapse by unseen entities - the Doctors and Nurses use their meagre resources and almost limitless skill to keep the crew as healthy as they can...until the EMH shows up appearing as a literal Grim Reaper to scare their patients half to death!

Security chief's collar
Chief Security Officer: Charles Stevens as Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha

Security officer's collar
Security Officer: Melissa Aragon as Lieutenant Kalika Darz

Security officer's collar
Security Officer: Christina Crafford as Ensign Luna

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." - Sun Tzu

With the lives of every man and woman onboard the Viking in their hands, the heroic security team have had to resort to sometimes unorthodox methods to keep the crew safe. Comandeering an entire , otherwise closed down, deck, for their unofficial base of operations, they have surrounded their living quarters with an elaborate, bespoke security system, designed to repel intruders of both the tangible and ethereal kinds.

It is the one who draws the short-straw of the day who watches over the Brig, where empty cells have been known to spawn a mysterious occupant when nobody is looking. Similarly, the patrols that occasionally take in the lower, closed down, decks, have a necessity to prepare for all manner of encounters with rogue members of the crew embracing the darkness for their own, nefarious ends.

Science chief's collar
Chief Science Officer: Sam Haynes as Lieutenant Markus Woods

Science officer's collar
Scientist: Vacant - Please contact the CO or XO if you would like to play this role

Science officer's collar
Scientist: Vacant - Please contact the CO or XO if you would like to play this role

"Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done." - Robert A. Heinlein

As scientists, we are taught always to search for proof. But on a ship where shadows blink in and out of existence in a heartbeat and mysterious conduits that stretch on towards infinity swallow several members of the crew, the unfortunate science crew of the USS Viking are left to doubt if even seeing can truly be believing.

With their laboratories as inadequately stocked as every other location on this crumbling ship and their most cherished theories and beliefs challenged on a daily basis, it is up to these heavyweight intellects to find an answer to what exactly plagues this accursed starship and, more importantly, how can it be banished?

Do you have what it takes to solve this most terrifying of riddles?

GM Staff

Sim Overview: Time’s War: Part I-Prelude

Ghosts of the ship’s and crew’s past rise and fall, like the tide. Is there a larger phenomenon, or is the curse of the Viking growing stronger?

Systems Statuses
Propulsion Systems Warp Core Impulse Engines
Tactical Systems Defensive Shields Torpedos Phaser Arrays
Support Systems Life Support Environmental Support Gravity Plating
Transporter Systems T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Recreational Systems Holodeck 1 Holodeck 2 Holosuite 1 Holosuite 2 Lounge Mess Hall
Auxiliary Spacecraft Shuttle 1: Naglfar Shuttle 2: Skíðblaðnir Shuttle 3: Hringhorni

Ship and Deck Conditions

Deck 1 - Bridge and Ready Room:

  • Main Bridge: Main viewscreen flickers and suffers from static (reminiscent of an old, tube-style TV set). Ceiling tile at the back of the room unstable and falls regularly. Several consoles defective or inoperative.
  • CO's Ready Room: Several lighting strips inoperative or flickering. Ceiling tile in corner of room unstable and falls regularly.

Deck 2 - Main Transporters

  • Transporter Room 1: Out of service due to recent deaths.
  • Transporter Room 2: Defective memory buffer - can only transport groups of 5 or less before problems with permanent dematerialisation or transport failure occurs.

Deck 4 - Main Computer Core

  • Computer Core 1 Level A: Computer's voice synthesizer defective. Engineering currently unable to identify the cause, but vocal qualities and also reliability of information provided is questionable.
  • Communications system main controls: Defect with shipwide comms system occasionally causes bursts of static that can sound like a woman screaming.

Deck 5 - Main Science Labs

  • Science labs 1-6: Chemical and biological supplies low. Work stations missing or defective in several locations throughout the laboratory network.

Deck 6 - Main Sickbay

  • Sickbay: Out of 15 total biobeds, 11 are fully functional, 2 are defective and another 2 have been taken offline to serve as a pharmaceutical station and a spare part repository respectively.
  • Emergency Medical Hologram: The EMH program has become corrupted and occasionally takes on a physical appearance not entirely unlike the Grim Reaper.

Deck 8 - CoS's Office, Armory and Brig

  • COS's Office: Custom security enhancements include a bespoke intruder prevention system
  • Brig: Lighting levels inadequate and occasionally produce a strobe-like effect. Several crewmembers have reported glimpsing an occupant in the furthest cell, but upon further inspection it is always found to be empty.

Deck 9 - Holodecks and Suites

  • Holodecks and Suites: 1 & 2 have been taken offline to conserve power. 3 & 4 remain operational but issues with security protocols have been reported. For this reason, only recreational scenarios are currently allowed. Scenarios including weapons or combat of any kind are completely forbidden.

Deck 12 - The Heorot

  • 12 forward Bar and Lounge: Renamed by former Captain Kara Nakuto as "The Heorot". Has been redesigned and refitted with catering and bar facilities resembling a Viking mead hall. Known defects with replicators cause food to be produced with unexpected and sometimes objectionable tastes, although nutritional content seems unchanged.

Decks 17 & 18 - Main Engineering

  • Main Engineering Level A: Work stations missing or defective in several locations throughout the engineering workspaces. Parts store low on supplies.
  • Main engineering Level B: Warp Core maintenance and calibration required.

Deck 32 - The Thunderdome

  • Cargo Bay 2: Repurposed as the Viking's bespoke training/battle arena - The Thunderdome.

Decks shut down to conserve power

  • The following decks have been shut down to conserve power. Minimal life support, gravity plating and environmental support controls remain operational. Lighting is emergency level only. All consoles and terminals powered down. Comms restricted to emergency broadcasts only:
  • Decks 11, 13, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 33, 34

Key Locations

The Thunderdome

Built by the Viking's former Chief Engineer, Akirel Ros, the Thunderdome is a gladiatorial arena created for the purpose of allowing the crew to settle their differences in a manner befitting true warriors.

As the crew entered the Cargo bay, they would notice instantly that they were no longer just walking through doors but down what appeared to be an ancient block tunnel, covered in moss and what appeared to be dirt or very old, red stains with sand covering the floor. This opened out into the Arena, the Pit before it and the Captains Chair at the other end. Tiered seating spread out around the 'south' tunnel entrance along the three walls.

In the centre of the space was a slightly (2 feet) depressed 'platform' (The Pit) measuring a good 10 meter by 15 meter rectangle and covered in a thick layer of sand. This was surrounded by a thick rope fence (not bouncy) that reached 2 meters tall and had only one entrance in the form of a gate that was made of transparent aluminium and hinged at the edges to swing open. This gate faced the Captains Chair.

Around the "Pit" were seats constructed of timber and metal pipe salvaged from the lower decks and re purposed, or replicated, specifically for this project. These seats were tiered so that those behind looked over those in front, but with the ringside seats beginning only 3 feet from the rope. All of the seats had been placed on an artificially raised floor that made the Pit itself look sunken into the ground.

The raised seating covered three walls, with the unseated 'northern' wall sporting a large chair that was an apparent mimic of the Captains Throne in the Heorot lounge, only larger and more prominent and with a table to the right side and a number of other chairs to the left of it. On this table was a large wooden keg and a variety of drinking horns. Behind the chair on the wall was hung a large array of vicious looking hand to hand weapons of different cultures and historic periods and a wooden chest sat just behind the chair, intended to hold the less "conventional" weapons that people might draw. Off in the corner in this wall was an area set aside for refreshments for the plebs, assorted drinks and non-replicated food could be provided.

Dispersed among the stands were small metal torches holding oil and wicks to shed some light on proceedings, as the main lighting had been turned down to emergency levels to create the mood and a slightly red tinge. Around two thirds of the way up the cargo bay wall, and above the stands, was a platform that ringed the room's edges on all four sides with a strong metal and wire railing to stop people falling. This "overlook" could be reached by a set of steps right at the back of one of the western tiered seats and had no lighting present except for the huge metal and crystal chandelier that was suspended from the cargo bays ceiling over the Pit and rested just above the floor level of the overlook, so that the audience had a completely unobstructed view of the Pit below.

The eastern stands had a walkway running from the end closest to the Pit entrance, wide enough for a stretcher to pass. This was the Medical Area for first aid and treatment of injuries that might occur from the more violent or over-excited members of the crew, or plain 'in-over-their-heads' participants. This area had been set up underneath the eastern stand complex. The western stand complex had entrances to underneath on both ends, and these entrances led to small 'ready rooms' for the next combatants to change and prepare.

The Heorot

The Heorot is the Viking's custom mess hall and drinking den. Crafted by former Captain Kara Nakuto, the main feature is a bar in the form of a Viking longship, that spans almost the entire length of the left wall. From here the crew can obtain real alcohol from the four corners of the quadrant.

The rectangular room had been painted almost entirely in a shade of deep red that gave the space a warm and inviting atmosphere. The far right wall, one large, picture window that ran its full height and length, gleamed and glistened in the dual lighting from the myriad candles inside and the twinkling stars outside. At the left wall stood the Viking longship. Running almost the entire length of the room, the wooden vessel served as a bar and counter, with a row of wooden stools for people to sit at while they waited to be served.

The clusters of tables and chairs had been removed, replaced by one huge, wooden feasting table. Long benches sat at each side of this table, forcing people to sit together as a crew instead of scattering to the four corners of the room in tiny groups. At the head of the table was the throne. The battered, wooden chair with the red velvet seat looked as old and careworn as everything else in the bar, but it was most definitely a chair for a Captain.

The walls around them were adorned with various wooden shields, lighted candles in black iron sconces and, at the very back of the room, a large shelving unit, currently empty and waiting to be filled by the crew with whatever they might wish to share.

Posting Limits

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please notify the Captain or First Officer

Current Vacancies

Department Heads:

  • Counselor

Junior Officers:

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Security
  • Swings

If you are interested in joining the Viking then please contact the Captain or First Officer

MOTD designed by Sharon Miller. Last updated 12 August 2020

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Viktoryia Ravenfall Commanding Officer Human 34 5'9 145lbs. Amanda Mercer OK (2)
Commander Michelle Allen First Officer 3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid 38 5’11” 150lbs James Harrison LOA 2020-11-24 (8)
Lieutenant Avarak Counselor Vulcan 78 6 feet 72.6 kg Liam Schoepp AWOL (11)
Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson Chief Intelligence Officer Human 47 6'8" 2.03m 110kg 242lbs Hjortur Ingi AWOL (7)
Lieutenant Mike Stone Chief Engineer Human 34 6' 170 lbs Miha Kozlevcar AWOL (6*)
Ensign Kristiana O’Larria Engineer 22 200 lbs 5' 11" Melissa Aragon OK (6)
Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi Chief Medical officer Klingon 31 5' 10" 190 lbs Rusty Boshankles OK (4)
Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha Chief Of Security Andorian 52 155# 6’2” Charles Stevens AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Kalika Darz Security officer Human/Orion 30 5'8 160 Melissa Aragon
Ensign Luna Security Officer Human/avion 19 5’6 100 Christina Crafford AWOL (32)
Lieutenant Markus Woods Chief Science Officer Human 32 1.78m (5' 10") 83.9kg (185 lbs) Sam Haynes AWOL (21)
Ensign Science JO
Lieutenant Commander Matthew 'Junior' Grimshaw Shady Character/Doctor Human 37 6'-0" 145 Lbs Jim Watkin AWOL (11*)
Civilian Consultant

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