USS Viking

Winner - Best Ship 2017

"It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice" - Joseph Conrada

Captain's collar

Captain's Log

Last Updated: 2019/02/25
Amanda Mercer as Captain Viktoryia Ravenfall
I would first like to say thank you for allowing me to be your commanding officer, and I hope that we can continue to work together to keep the Viking the best ship in Star fleet. If you ever have a problem or concern please don't hesitate to contact me through my contact form, or you can find me is discord as CaptRavenfall.
Lt Cmdr's collar

XO's Log

Last Updated: 2019/02/25
Jim Waktin as Commander Akorem Nevin
We are approaching the end of the sim - Keep up the good work everybody

The Story

Captain's collar

GM and Sim Notes

Last Updated: 2019/07/18
Emily S. as Maniacal Mother Hen

Sim Overview: Investigate the events on Vaila

There have been two suspicious deaths on the Vaila colony, a computer with a mind of it's own and hallucinations galore. Can you solve the mystery before someone else dies, the entire colony loses it's mind or the defective computer core shuts the entire system down? The race is on!

Green-alert Green-alert Green-alert

The Crew

Notable NE's

  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Away Team

  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Home Team

  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Joe Blow - Played by: Me Myself
  • Gold Lt's collar

    Engineering Department

    Last Updated: 2019/02/25
    Miha Kozlevcar as Lieutenant Mike Stone
    The Viking is creaking at the seams. We have a transporter that likes to abandon people mid-rematerialisation, a warp core that sounds like every heartbeat might be its last and various systems either only partially functional or about to give up entirely. It's up to the overworked Engineering crew to do what they can with the limited resources available.
    Propulsion Systems Warp Core Impulse Engines
    Tactical Systems Defensive Shields Torpedos Phaser Arrays
    Support Systems Life Support Environmental Support Gravity Plating
    Transporter Systems T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
    Recreational Systems Holodeck 1 Holodeck 2 Holosuite 1 Holosuite 2 Lounge Mess Hall
    Auxiliary Spacecraft Shuttle 1: Naglfar Shuttle 2: Skidbladnir Shuttle 3: Hringhorni

    Teal Lt's collar

    CSO's Log

    Last Updated: 2019/02/25
    James Sinclair as Lt. Korbert Sanx
    We need probes and light sources to explore the strange corridor, as well as an analysis of the footage we found in our earlier explorations.
    Teal Lt's collar

    CMO's Log

    Last Updated: 2019/02/25
    Liam Schoepp as Lt SEAI
    Ghostly apparitions have been tormenting crewmembers all over the ship, with some sightings causing very real injuries. Treat the wounded and attempt to control the panic while we investigate.

    Gold Lt collar

    COS Log

    Last Updated: 2019/02/25
    Melissa Aragon as Lt Kalika Darz
    A strange corridor has appeared on the ship, its dimensions seemingly defying all laws of spatial geometry. Ensure that nobody goes in...or comes out while we investigate just what it might be and, more importantly, who created it?
    Teal Lt's collar

    CNS's Log

    Last Updated: 2019/02/25
    Trinity Fister as Lieutenant Ta'lahali Beveres
    People all over the ship are being tormented of visions from beyond the grave. With mass hysteria being touted as a possible catalyst for these events, we have an ever-increasing number of crew needing some mental healing from the Counselor.

    AWOL Policy

  • Command - 3 Days
  • Department Head - 5 Days
  • Junior Officer/Swing - 7 Days
  • If you require a LOA please notify the CO or XO.

    Current Vaciencies

    If you are intrested in joining the crew, please contact the CO/XO

    MOTD written and created by: Robert "ducky" Thompson 04-13-2019
    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Captain Viktoryia Ravenfall Commanding officer Human 5'9 145lbs. Amanda Mercer LOA (36)
    Commander McKenzie Curry III Incoming XO Atalanian 193cm 97 kgs Russell Watt OK (0)
    Commander Akorem Nevin Outgoing Executive Officer Bajoran 1.86m 70Kg Jim Watkin Late (4)
    Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson Chief Intelligence Officer Human 6'8" 2.03m 110kg 242lbs Hjortur Ingi OK (1)
    Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi Chief Medical officer Klingon 5' 10" 190 lbs Rusty Boshankles AWOL (7)
    Lieutenant Lucas Mackenzie Chief of Security Human 6' 2" 190 lbs Matt Evans OK (3)
    Ensign Luna Security Officer Human/avion 5’6 100 Christina Crafford OK (0)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Medical Officer
    Ensign David Harrington Doctor Human (English) 6' 3" 58kg Cass Young LOA (3)
    Lieutenant Mike Stone Chief Engineer Human 6' 170 lbs Miha Kozlevcar OK (2)
    Ensign Kaylia Strenvale Engineer Genetically Altered Half-Caitian 5'9" 131 lbs Sean Bigbee OK (4)
    Ensign Kristiana O’Larria Engineer 200 lbs 5' 11" Melissa Aragon OK (6)
    Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells Chief Science Officer Human 6'0" 175lbs James Harrison Late (5)
    Civilian Dakin Antos Child Bajoran Jim Watkin

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