Approaching the Devil's Doorstep

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Approaching the Devil’s Doorstep

Posted by Commander Akorem Nevin (Executive Officer) in Approaching the Devil’s Doorstep

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Helm controls would be unresponsive, but with the ship having a noticeable forward momentum towards the nebulae cloud. The ship having moved over 100 kilometers forward.

The lights of the bridge flickered for a moment before going out entirely. Not even the consoles lights could be seen. A sharp cry of pain rang out on the Bridge. A deep burst of laughter rose over the sound of something liquid hitting the floor and splashing on the CIO. Something warm, and a lot of it coated his uniform before something large and heavy slammed into him. Knocking the man off his feet. The cry of pain ended as the lights returned. The NE that had seen the shuttle missing was now strung up by his intestines to the wall. Blood covered the area he had stood and the CIO. His body looked as though something with sharp claws had ripped his chest open and pried the rib cage apart. A still beating heart, slowly dying where it had been pinned to the wall with a sharp keratinous spike, dripped blood from it’s now empty chambers. Wide eyes from the body showed the frozen horror on the man’s face.


=/\=Commander, there is fire on the bridge eating the oxy…=/\= Nevin began, but his voice was drowned out by the blood curdling scream of the now dead ensign.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Peter knew what it was that that was dripping on him before he could see it. He could taste it in the air… and you don’t forget what disemboweling sounds like. When the light came back on he froze as he stared at the corpse, stifling a scream. “What the!” He barely managed to get out. before raising himself, not taking his eyes of the corpse for one moment “Sound the intruder alarm, something is in here with us” His voice was firm and cold, ice cold. He struggled to stand up all covered in the young man’s blood. His hand moved towards the zipper on his jacket and he slowly lowered it =^=Bridge to Sickbay=^= He called out, barely stopping his voice from breaking =^=We need a team to remove a body over here, now please=^=


Lance nose Was flooded with the scent of blood.His insides started to burn his eyes went red The wolf was coming. He shouted out “someone beam me to the Brag and fast Before I hurt anyone” his fingers stirred to be replaced with claws his teeth became Sharpened.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Peter turned his head towards the growling ensign without so much as a reaction “Raise a level ten forcefield around the Ensign” He said calmly, almost blankly to the person manning the Security Console. Peter moved back to the Central Chairs, reaching behind the left one he grabbed a type two phaser and set it to high stun. “Ladies and gentlemen, please arm yourselves.” His voice was regaining some of its former power “We don’t want to use the transporters, they’re as likely to kill you as well just about anything on this ship” He wasn’t facing the young Ensign but his Phaser was pointed at him, very casually.


As the force field surrounded the young ensign What Stood There was a thing of nightmares half wolf and a half man. The wolf slashed at the shields that was keeping him in every time he fell he let out a primal howl. “Let me out soo I can feed” The wolf said with it’s primitive ability to speak.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Peter cocked his head slightly as he looked at the monstrous creature. He turned to phase it completely. Again he didn’t seem phased at its arrival “No” He said simply “Understand that the only reason you still cling to life is that there is a Starfleet officer under there and we’ve already lost too many today” His tone was even, calm and as cold as before “Now be still until we have time to deal with you”


The werewolf Didn’t like being with in the force field. It slashed down and started to dig through the deck digging to freedom. “Feed feed must feeed”

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

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Ensign Sharvi peered through the files on a console adjacent to Ensign O’Larria. He overheard the conversation and started looking for patterns in the backgrounds of the other wrecked ships in the area seeing if that might lead to something. He compiled a bit of information, then patted the engineering ensign on the shoulder and showed her what he found. Hearing that there was an explosion, he was hoping Lt. Darz was safe over there. He looked back at the captain, she had never actually answered his question about the patrols in engineering.
=^= “Ensign Sharvi to NE Acres. I need you to get as many NE’s together as you can and head down to patrol engineering and keep me as updated on your findings.” =^=
NE Acres: =^=”Acknowledged Ensign.” =^=
Ensign Sharvi

=/\=Viking. Report!=/\= came the XO’s voice over the comm


Peter turned to the corpse of the NE, holstering his weapon “Ensign Sharvi, please keep your weapon trained on Ensign Hellsing.” He looked at the Captain with a sad look =^=Away team this is the Viking, we were… attacked” His voice was firm but sad “Our lights went out, the Bridge was attacked by some being”=^= He examined the wounds closely =^=”NE Sensors was killed by a creature of unknown origin, his chest ripped open. He is now nailed to the bulkhead.=^= Peter turned his head slightly to the helmsman =^=And Helmsman Hellsing has transformed into some sort of wolf. The situation is… complicated.=^=


=/\=What about the Captain=/\= Nevin asked… His mind wonderring to her ‘feeding’ habits.


When the lights went out, Kristi had jumped like everyone else. Then she smelled it as well, though her senses weren’t as keen as the wolf’s. As the lights came back on and everyone reacted to orders, she glanced at the animal suddenly behind the force field. When it started scraping into the deck plates, she didn’t think twice. “Whoa… wait… stop…” she was worried he would hurt himself which, she figured, meant would hurt his human form. She moved up on the force field, careful to remain out of the line of fire of the phasers pointed at him.

“Ensign… ummmm....” she glanced up and an NE beside her whispered the needed name at her. “Lance… stop… it’s Kristi. We need you.” She glanced at the remains of the crewman on the wall and had a thought. Glancing back at those in command, she shook her head. “He’s gone… can we beam the remains out to space? Or forcefield it to seal off the smell? Maybe it will help.”

She glanced at Sharvi, then back to Lance. How had the situation gotten so out of control? One dead, one changed, others trapped on a ship that was drifting away…

Tears filled her eyes as she suddenly felt helpless. She moved to her hands and knees to be more in view of the wolf. “Lance… please… look at me. I need your help… please… we have to save the others.” She hoped her words were getting thru. Glancing back over her shoulder, she shook her head at the XO to explain. “They are drifting away from us. I have a team prepping the shuttle. I got the message thru before the blackout. But we have to hurry.” She glanced at the wolf. “We need you to help me at the helm… help me. Please…” There was a panic and pleading to her voice that, had she thought of it, she would have been ashamed of. If Stone saw her now, he’d surely be ashamed of her fear and whimpering.


For a brief moment after the lights went out Vicktoryia was assaulted by the scent of blood. Her icy blue pupils went instantly red. She was drawn to the remains of the ensign as the lights came on, but shook her self out of it as the ensign began turning.

It took her a moment to realize what was happening and to react. With speed she grabbed the hypo she had kept hidden under her command chair and quickly glance around the bridge to see the numbers she was going to have to protect when the force field dropped.

She looked to Kristi, and then to Sharvi “I need the two of you to get everyone on the bridge into my ready room, and what ever you hear going on out here DO NOT come to investigate.”

She knew what she was about to could have dire consequences for both her and the young ensign, but it had to be done. She glanced back over her shoulder at Peter and took a deep breath “Once the rest of the crew are in my ready room be prepared to drop the force field, and brace for impact.” Her red eyes clung to him as if searching for something, something she wasn’t sure she would ever find again.

Ravenfall, CO

Kristi was torn. But years of training kicked in and she murmured, “Yes, ma’am,” before rising and ushering the already moving crew into the ready room. She made sure they were in and the two security were armed still.

But instead of stepping inside and closing the door, she closed it from her side. A moment later appeared back on the view of the CO.

“Ma’am… Give me a chance… I can reach him…” Truth be told, she hadn’t noticed it was a hypo in the Captain’s hand. She assumed it was a phaser and wasn’t going to let the wild be killed for his loss of control. She moved to stand between the force field and the Captain. Kristi’s heart was racing. This was disobedience of a direct order. If the Captain wanted, Kristi could end up in the brig or even stunned on floor. Her hands slightly towards the commanding officer as she pleaded. “Please… The force field is up… Let me try and reach him…” She glanced quickly over her shoulder at the beast on the floor behind her.


The Wolf stopped and looked at her. As he Heard her words his breathing slow he closed his eyes his fur started to retreat back into his body and his claws returned to fingers. Soon he was back to a half nude ensign on the floor Breathing heavily. He pulled himself up and back at his Station. With a hard Fist slam to his consul they Helm controls started to respond “ the best I can get us is trus” he said still Heavily breathing.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Peter hesitated as he listened to the Captains orders. It wasn’t a long hesitation as it was not his way to disobey direct orders. He made his way to the rear tactical station and entered his command codes, preparing to drop the forcefield. His wet hand gripped his holstered phaser, the blood was drying. He gave the Ensign still attached to the wall a quick glance. Once this wolf boy would be dealt with they’d finally have time to take him down. “Ready”


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