Approaching the Devil's Doorstep

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For a brief moment after the lights went out Vicktoryia was assaulted by the scent of blood. Her icy blue pupils went instantly red. She was drawn to the remains of the ensign as the lights came on, but shook her self out of it as the ensign began turning.

It took her a moment to realize what was happening and to react. With speed she grabbed the hypo she had kept hidden under her command chair and quickly glance around the bridge to see the numbers she was going to have to protect when the force field dropped.

She looked to Kristi, and then to Sharvi “I need the two of you to get everyone on the bridge into my ready room, and what ever you hear going on out here DO NOT come to investigate.”

She knew what she was about to could have dire consequences for both her and the young ensign, but it had to be done. She glanced back over her shoulder at Peter and took a deep breath “Once the rest of the crew are in my ready room be prepared to drop the force field, and brace for impact.” Her red eyes clung to him as if searching for something, something she wasn’t sure she would ever find again.

Ravenfall, CO

Kristi was torn. But years of training kicked in and she murmured, “Yes, ma’am,” before rising and ushering the already moving crew into the ready room. She made sure they were in and the two security were armed still.

But instead of stepping inside and closing the door, she closed it from her side. A moment later appeared back on the view of the CO.

“Ma’am… Give me a chance… I can reach him…” Truth be told, she hadn’t noticed it was a hypo in the Captain’s hand. She assumed it was a phaser and wasn’t going to let the wild be killed for his loss of control. She moved to stand between the force field and the Captain. Kristi’s heart was racing. This was disobedience of a direct order. If the Captain wanted, Kristi could end up in the brig or even stunned on floor. Her hands slightly towards the commanding officer as she pleaded. “Please… The force field is up… Let me try and reach him…” She glanced quickly over her shoulder at the beast on the floor behind her.


“You have 5 minuets until I drop the force field. If you can’t control him I will.” she said as she she stood down and took point and stood close to Peter. She hoped the ensign was able to reach him, but she stood ready just in case.

Ravenfall, CO

The Wolf stopped and looked at her. As he Heard her words his breathing slow he closed his eyes his fur started to retreat back into his body and his claws returned to fingers. Soon he was back to a half nude ensign on the floor Breathing heavily. He pulled himself up and back at his Station. With a hard Fist slam to his consul they Helm controls started to respond “ the best I can get us is trus” he said still Heavily breathing.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Peter hesitated as he listened to the Captains orders. It wasn’t a long hesitation as it was not his way to disobey direct orders. He made his way to the rear tactical station and entered his command codes, preparing to drop the forcefield. His wet hand gripped his holstered phaser, the blood was drying. He gave the Ensign still attached to the wall a quick glance. Once this wolf boy would be dealt with they’d finally have time to take him down. “Ready”


The Wolf let out a blood chilling howl that was so loud some of the crew covered there ears. Then he spoke again “there is pray in my Territory let me out” he slashed at the shields again.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

“Captain We don’t have five minutes to waste on this thing, the away teams shuttle disappeared” He looked at the deceased man “And we have a body to remove” He uniform was still wet, he could only smell the blood and nothing else.


Ensign Sharvi heard what the captain ordered, and he started moving the non-essential crew into the ready room. He was going to do what he could to be the last person to go into that ready room. As the acting Chief of Security, he couldn’t let the captain and CIO handle that wolf by themselves. He was sure they would most likely have the capabilities to do it. He pulled his phaser out and put it on stun. He pushed the body of the bloody ensign and the smell out of his mind. He had to follow his orders and keep everyone safe, especially the captain. His heart sank a little when he heard the shuttle disappeared.

Ensign Sharvi

Kristi watched as the wolf shifted back to human and once more lashed at the forcefield. “Wait… there is no hunter here. And we are all prey if you cannot help us. Can you help us?” She moved back towards him and kept her hands out to show she didn’t have a weapon in her grip. “We haven’t met… I’m Kristi. I’m one of the engineers. We were attacked. But they are gone right now. They killed him and stuck him there because…” she glanced around in a moment of panic as her mouth ran ahead of her thoughts. Suddenly she looked back at the man in the proverbial cage before her. “They put him there so you would lose control and be unable to help us. They think you will smell the blood and be lost to us as a protector. Is that true? Do we have to send you to the brig and cage you till this is over? Or can you control your…” she shook her head, once more lost on the words, “your wolf… change… whatever you call it. Can you help us?”

She took the final steps towards the shield and tried to lock eyes with him. “I’ll stay right here with you… if you want me to. I know you won’t hurt me.” The final words made her heart race like no other thing in her life had done. Something told her, in that moment, she had sealed her fate… one way or another.

(and lunch?)

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