Approaching the Devil's Doorstep

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The Wolf looked at the young Engineer “ Wolfs Bane. Your vessels doctor have wolfs bane to help prevent the change it will work now“ the then took a set on the floor With a loud thump “ you have Word I will not harm anyone “he looks over to the CIO “Except for him I might remove an arm or two” the Wolf said with a small Chuckle.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Viktoryia put her self between the wolf and her intelligence officer “I have what you need here” she showed him the hypo spray and waited for just a moment before taking a step closer to the force field.

Ravenfall, CO

The wolf saw the hypo spray And continued to sit on the floor. He closed his eyes “You may proceed I promise I will not move” he said as he looked into the engineers eyes. He can feel a bond forming between them.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Kristi watched the exchange between the Captain and Lance. As he closed eyes to accept the Captain’s offer, she smiled. It was that smile he saw when he opened them again and locked eyes with her. Something told her she had just made a new friend.

She just hoped she didn’t come to regret it… She hoped none of them did.


With a single tap, Peter lowered the forcefield. His right hand held his phaser still aimed directly at the wolf-boy. If anyone would look they could see he had raised the setting on his weapon to maximum stun. He gave the Captain a brief glance, from what he knew about her he considered the weapon a more of a sefty measure for himself, the engineer and the Ensign than it was for her. If push came to shove she would take the wolf.


Viktoryia slowly approached the wolf after Peter had dropped the force field. She placed her left hand on the wolf’s shoulder in case he decided to do something he would regret later. With a deep breath she injected the wolf with the hypo spray. She took a step back toward the command chair and waited for the

In front of the view screen something blue shimmered, then for a second the engineering section could be seen.

“AAAAgggghhhh!” Mike came flailing through the portal. As soon as his feet touched the ground, the portal dissapeared, as if nothing was there seconds ago.

Standing straight, Mike first straightened his uniform, then took a look around. He probably looked calm, but his mind and heart raced. Was this a similar portal as Nakuto was captured for a whole year?

“Um…can I ask what year and date this is?” He asked before anyone else could ask him anything. He noticed Kristi in the corner. She didn’t look any older then last he saw her and just as beautiful as usual.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi had to blink twice as the portal spit her Supervisor onto the bridge. His look at her made her curious what was happening. “Sir?”

“2395” Peter kept his phaser pointed at the wolf creature. The Bridge was still bloody and the corpse of the NE was still stuck to the wall “Stardate 18032.6” He gave the engineer a look “Careful, chief, We’ve had a bit of a situation here” He stated the obvious.


Mike relaxed a bit. No loss of time. But as he took in the scene on the bridge, he kind of wished he’d lose a week or two. “What in blazes happened here? I though it was wierd down in engineering with mysterious worm-people appearing, cupcakes and the mirror portal.”

He has seen many wounds in the past, and he could tell, the NE wasn’t hit by phaser, explosion, electricity or flying debries. It looked more like something tore into his guts and pulled them out.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

It wasnt the mirror portal or the worm people that caught the captain attention it was the meantion of the cupcakes. “Cupcakes?”

Ravenfall, CO

As her Chief glanced at the body against the wall, Kristi set her hand on Lance’s shoulder in a comforting gesture. She tried to draw his eyes back to her. “Lance…” she hoped he would look and see her smile of comfort and support and not lose his control. She knew the CO had given him the Wolf’s Bane, but she had no idea if it was working… or even how.


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