Approaching the Devil's Doorstep

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Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Approaching the Devil’s Doorstep

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Mike could see Kaylia’s pleading eyes to explain what was happening on the bridge. To be honest he had no idea what was happening here or elsewhere on the ship.
CO was convinced it wasn’t hallucinations, he thought otherwise, but who was he to argue about that. He wasn’t sure about anything.

“Better not to ask.” He just told her, raising his arm slightly in a stopping motion. “I think I’ll head down to engineering again, before the warp core turns into a steak and someone tries to at it. That is if I’ll get there.”

Lt. Mike stone, CE

Peter nodded to the Chief Engineer “Before you get there arm yourself then have the rest of your people armed as well. I think we can expect more of the same.” He said calmly before returning his attention to the Captain “What do need?” He asked with the same calmness as before.


Lance looked at them and said “spiritus meus in te custodiant” he felt like he was helping them by giving them Protection.

Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

“Although it sounds like a good idea, to get weapons I’m still not sure. I don’t want someone to get ballistic on something that is maybe not there, and hurt other crew members. I guess if we keep settings to stun only and prevent them to use any setting higher then that.”
As a former security, he had a very good knowledge how phasers work. Giving the crew ability to just stun would give them ability to defend themselves, but at the same time prevent them from causing too much harm.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“Wait!” She shouted to everyone. “Hold on. Enough of this bullshit. Give me a minute.” Kaylia closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Not only reaching out with it also using all of her enhanced senses to get any kind of semblance of things going on, where people were. The invaders if still there. She has not really used her telepathic ability much so it was going to be a struggle but hell, they needed it and answers. Holding a finger up to Mike. “Shush. I’m concentrating.”

  • Ensign Kaylia Strenvale
    – Engineering Officer

Mike was just about to interupt ens. Strenvale as she shushed him. He paused with mouth wide open and his index finger outstretched for a second or two. Then he simply shut his mouth and lowered his hand. It wasn’t often, that he was told what to do other then those higher ranking. Since he didn’t have anything really constructive to say, he just remained quiet for now.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi stepped up as Lance sat down, her hand resting on his shoulder a minute when he banged the console. Mike and Kaylie’s presence made her feel far better than she had earlier. Her eyes kept straying to her supervisor as her mind wished they were doing simple rounds in the black out areas of the ship as they had been doing last week. They had managed to open two more section of a blacked out deck and if it remained stable for a few more days, they were going to release the quarters back to the crewmen who occupied those rooms and were now doubled up with crewmates.

When Kaylie said for everyone to be quiet and even lifted a hand to shut up Stone, she bit her lip to keep from giggling. The look on the Chief’s face was one she would remind him of in the future for a good laugh.


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