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Posted May 6, 2019, 10:10 p.m. by Ensign Kristiana O’Larria (Engineer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm officer) in Afterthoughts-All can join

Posted by Ensign Kristiana O’Larria (Engineer) in Afterthoughts-All can join

Posted by Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm officer) in Afterthoughts-All can join


OOC: Hellsing’s gonna have a hell of a time explaining this to Kristi! Lol

Lance lifted her to the Couch and laid her down. He then light some incense design relax and revive the soul. As she was resting lance Made some tea that will help her recover. He went to his box and got an other silver cross necklace and put it around her neck protection. Then he finally Heard the door chime. (not good) he thought to himself I have a past out senior officer in my quarters.

“Enter” he called out the doors open to see Kristi there. “Oh hello” she can see the passed out counselor on his couch “you see this is not what it looks like. she was possessed by a demon done exercising the demon from her”

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

When the nose beyond the door became loud enough to hear, Kristi also heard two choices raised as if arguing. There was still to much muffled to understand the argument and she’d been about to turn away when something made her start pounding on door.

She didn’t have enough rank to override the door so she beat on it till the silence filled in where the screaming ended. Tapping the come several more times, the door finally opened. She stepped in half expecting to see a mess and lover’s quarrel gone awry. She didn’t expect the councilor to be unconscious on the couch with tea on the table and sage filling the air.

When Lance explained, she frowned and went to the councilor, half pushing him aside. “What do you mean, possessed? That’s ridiculous. I heard you two arguing.” She reached to check the unconscious woman’s pulse then stood up suddenly very protectively between him and the couch.

“Lance… What’s going on? This doesn’t look good. And I should call medical. Do I need to call security as well?” She was trying to be bold and brave. But he’s sense her fear, confusion and her racing heartbeat. Her bravado was tenuous at best. She’s come to see if he was ok… But had encountered something very unexpected. And was quite at a loss how to react.

(And very scared and confused)

Lance looked at her “ Trust me The counselor will be OK and exorcism is very hard on the host . She will wake up in a few minutes this stage will help her body revitalize itself And The tea is a special herbal blend with lotus petals. The tea in the sage works together to help the body regain its spiritual energy” he got up and put his hands on the far wall. “ if you want to call security that is fine I will not resist if you want to call medical I understand but she will tell you I did nothing wrong and not to mention the ship sensors “

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

“I…” Kristi stammered and seemed lost, but squatted on her heels and touched the councilor’s neck to check her pulse once more. “She should go to medical.” She managed to get out the words as he mentioned the ship sensors. “And how is the ship supposed to back up what you did? Did you happen to be recording … whatever it was… when it happened?”

Standing up, the engineer took a deep breath and moved over towards him and shook her head. “You don’t have to prepare for being detained, Lance. But you have to admit, this is a bit odd to walk into. I mean, I saw you shift into a wolf, then… well it’s been strange is all.” She didn’t mention the odd sensation she had around him that afternoon, nor the way he seemed to have such a prominent place in her dreams lately. He was always in a protective position, as if he was ever in the shadows, watching her. Well, at least in her dreams.


Lance was looking for something in his med kit “I have a hypo spray to wake her up but I feel like it will be better for her to rest” lance went back to putting his kit away with his (Hellsing gear) away.

He then looked at Kristi “Some one looks nice” he said with a smile.

Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

She held her hand up as he mentioned the hypo spray. “No, let her wake up on her own. But if she doesn’t wake soon, I’m calling medical.”

As he turned to her and gave her a compliment, she shifted in embarrassment. “I… thank you…” He had avoided responding to her comments about the shifting episode on the bridge, as well as the ‘body hunt’ afterwards. Perhaps it wasn’t something he thought much of, or even cared to. Realizing she was being a bit foolish now, she glanced around and decided that coming here had been a mistake. “I should, I should go let medical know what happened. I mean… even if she wakes up, she’s gonna need to see the Doc, I am sure… Right?” She was at a loss, now. The unconscious habit of biting her lip when nervous came back as she flexed her fingers in anxiousness then slid her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Ummm.... I should go. I am sure you need rest as well. I mean, to see to the Councilor.” She turned back to the unconscious woman and headed for her to check her pulse once more. To get to the door, she had to get within arm’s reach of Lance. Suddenly, she wasn’t sure that wasn’t such a good idea.


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