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Kristi frowned as she watched the swiftness of the Lieutenant’s eye movement. Automatically she set her hand on the woman’s arm. “Ssshhhh.... easy… easy....” She wasn’t sure if the woman could hear her or not, but it was something she did to her young charges when she used to babysit when she was younger. It seemed to help then, and she hoped it helped now.

Tal could sense her touch, its gentleness a sweet antithesis to the dreams that crawled through her mind. She could hear something, but it was as though her body was paralysed by comatose; words met her ears, but she couldn’t make out what they meant nor who was saying them. It was strange, this feeling of helplessness, but Tal wasn’t in the place to fully understand what was happening.

Hearing Lance speak up gave her pause. “I am sorry about what happened to you, Lance. Honest I am.” She leaned back against the edge of the couch. Her sigh was audible. She was caught, unsure what to do or how to respond. “I don’t understand what happened that day on the bridge. I just know you didn’t deserve to be shot because of what appeared to be an automatic reaction to the carnage.” She crossed her arms as if trying to protect herself but she glanced back down at Beveres. She shook her head and bit her lip. “I don’t know what to do, Lance.” Her words had to do with everything… with her dreams, her knowledge, and the Councilor’s state.

She looked back up at him. “We should contact medical. Let them look her over. If you promise to do that, I’ll let you tell them whatever you want. I don’t know the truth so I won’t say anything.” She hoped he would see past her right now and focus on the woman who appeared to be getting more restless, despite the almost death stillness of her body. It was a bit unnerving to Kristi.


Waiting for replay

Beveres struggled to keep up with the images that plagued her dreams. They changed constantly, eliciting stronger emotions and greater confusion. She wasn’t sure what was happening, nor half of what she was seeing; but she did understand the deep sensation of uneasiness washing over her. She could feel a shiver run up her spine at the stare of beady eyes, but her body refused to release the tension her muscles withheld. It was a dangerous game, and Tal had no joy in playing it.

Hapana!” Her body lurched upright, her breath ragged, heart racing as if she’d just run a marathon. Sweat began to bead her forehead, her eyes jumping back and forth, searching for something that had disappeared. She was frantic, a state uncommon of the counselor.

Several seconds passed before Tal realised she was in the company of two others. A redness settled into her cheeks, her eyes closing against the embarrassment and fear that coursed through her veins. Where was she? The last thing she could remember was the face of her father through the barriers of their transmission. Now, she felt lost; misplaced.

Lt. Beveres

Hapana - “No” in Swahili.

Lance kneeled down by her on the couch and took a cup a tea “ easy now breath in deep breaths. You were possessed by a demon I was able to exercise it from your body. When it left it did not leave easily so your bodies energies are a little low the incense I have burning was helping. Now I need you to drink this tea it will help” he handed the Counselor the cup of tea.

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)
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Tal gratefully took the cup of tea, unable to keep her hands from shaking. “A demon?” She echoed and did not sound surprised, but her aura was shaken. She had walked Viking’s corridors long enough to know the atrocities that scoured its decks, but very few times had she been subject to their evil.

When the woman awoke, Kristi was snapped from her inability to think of what to do next. Moving to Lance’s side, she settled on the edge of the couch next to the woman’s legs. “Are you ok? We need to get you to medical.” She didn’t realize it, but her hand went reassuringly to Lance’s shoulder and patted it as if to say that he did good, and she wasn’t mad. Then she let go and stood up to look down at the pair. “Shall I go fetch the doc or want me to just call for him?” Either way, she knew that Beveres needed to be seen to in more ways than merely drinking a tea concoction and sniffing smoke.


“I..” Beveres tried to stop the shaking, but something inside of her was frightened, even if she couldn’t consciously see it. She knew it foolish to deny medical attention, especially in the knowledge that there was time she could not recall. What had happened in those minutes? Or had it been longer? She simply didn’t know. “Do what you believe is best,” Beveres resigned from a battle not yet begun. Slowly, she brought the concoction to her lips despite knowing tea couldn’t solve her woes.

Beveres, CNS

Despite what she thought the tea was just what she needed. As she drink the tea her muscles loosened and relaxed the throbbing into her head slowed I felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around her and the feeling of approaching danger was numbed. Lance looked at her “if you still feel bad after a few minutes you can go to sick bay”

Ensign Lance Von Hellsing (Helm)

Kristi friend at the woman’s indecision and final resignation. She had been about to say something then call medical, but Lance’s comment left her floored. She want sure if he was looking out for the poor woman on the couch or himself.

She come here to confront him about her own curiosities and questions but had gotten caught up in something completely different. Taking a stand, she shook her head. “No… She’s going to medical.” Looking down at Beveres, Kristi touched her shoulder lightly. “You need to go. But I’ll give you the choice of calling them here or you going there, yourself. I don’t want to force it, but you need to go before you return to work on your next shift.”

Kristi was merely an engineer and didn’t have rank to make it an order, but she did have enough oomph in her voice that she hoped it would impress the necessity on the woman.

Hey eyes kept drifting back to Lance. Why in all the black and blue galaxies did he keep popping into her head?


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