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Mike was in a good mood. He’d be in a great mood if they spend some more time at the Starbase Halcyon and actualy made some repairs in their dock. But he was still glad, that his plan went off without too much fuzz. Thanks to a Akaba’s modification to teleporters, they managed to ‘borrow’ some much needed supplies. A lot was still needed, but it was better then nothing.

He walked into the engineering with a large box in tow and turned to the first person not looking busy enough. “Get this box to the hangar. I think we finally have enough parts to fix our second shuttle.”

NE Alan jumped off the box he was sitting on and cleared his throat as he pulled his shirt down. “Uh, yes of course sir…” he said hurriedly and quickly picked up the box and scurried out of sight.

Uss Viking had its share of bad luck, and was right now down to only one fully operational shuttle. The second one was space worthy, but their current mission took them to a colony and making a planetary landing was questionable at best. Having a second shuttle in an emergancy could be life saving.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

The console in front of Mike suddenly sprang to life and indicated that there was a message waiting for him.

Mother Hen (GM)

Curious as he was, he touched the console and displayed the message. “I wonder if they found out already.” He muttered to himself. Uss Viking was long overdue for a refit and restock. But any R&R almost always seemed to be cut short as they were needed. The supply list they were supposed to get already was about 15 times longer, then what he took from the station. He didn’t care much about consequences, what mattered to Mike the most was wellbeing of the ship.

Lt .Mike Stone. CE

Almost imperceptibly quick, a single word popped up on the console which simply read, ‘WHY?’ but in less than a second it disappeared and an inventory list of what had been procured from Starbase Halcyon replaced it with a cross reference to the supply list.

Mother Hen (GM)

Kaylia glanced over her shoulder a moment to Mike, then back to the console she was at and blinked a bit. “What in the hell?” She could have sworn she just saw the image of Q on there but now it was gone and back to the normal display of ships systems. Tapping along the console to pull up a log and visual display of the last few minutes. Running through it she saw nothing out of the ordinary. “That’s..weird.”

  • Ensign Kaylia Strenvale
    – Engineering Officer

Mike’s face started to turn red and if one looked quickly, they might actualy think steam is coming from his ears. “Why.. WHY?! Those bloody fools actualy dare to ask why?”

He looked at Kaylia “Oh I’m going to tell them exacly why those were taken, and next time we make a pit stop ten times as much better be waiting for us.”
After calming down a bit he added. “Get a team of engineers down to the hangar. I want the second shuttle able to make planetary landing if needed. In the mean time, instead of assisting, i’ll be in my office writing a detailed explanation of WHY. “

He already knew what his reply will contain. Numerious aproved requisitions that were never furfilled, their cargo stolen or diverted. R&R’s cut short. If it happened once or twice it would be no problem. But just in the last year it happened over 14 times. He had everything neatly documented in the computer.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi had been sitting on the upper deck of engineering when Stone’s outburst growl reached her ears. A slight frown creased her forehead as she finished reattaching the conduit cables to their panel and closed the access hatch.

She counted to ten, twice, as she packed up her tools. The sounds of scurrying bodies and whispers between engineers as they grabbed whatever Mike had brought in, lifted up to her ears. As things fell silent, she stopped the toolbox in the maintenance locker and came down the ladder. Nodding in reassurance to a couple NEs left behind in the mass exedus due to the importance of their station, she headed into the office.

A moment later the young engineer leaned on the side of Mike’s desk and you a slow breath. “What’s wrong? This isn’t like you.” She probably didn’t have a right to ask, but she knew no one else would.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria

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