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Mike’s face started to turn red and if one looked quickly, they might actualy think steam is coming from his ears. “Why.. WHY?! Those bloody fools actualy dare to ask why?”

He looked at Kaylia “Oh I’m going to tell them exacly why those were taken, and next time we make a pit stop ten times as much better be waiting for us.”
After calming down a bit he added. “Get a team of engineers down to the hangar. I want the second shuttle able to make planetary landing if needed. In the mean time, instead of assisting, i’ll be in my office writing a detailed explanation of WHY. “

He already knew what his reply will contain. Numerious aproved requisitions that were never furfilled, their cargo stolen or diverted. R&R’s cut short. If it happened once or twice it would be no problem. But just in the last year it happened over 14 times. He had everything neatly documented in the computer.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi had been sitting on the upper deck of engineering when Stone’s outburst growl reached her ears. A slight frown creased her forehead as she finished reattaching the conduit cables to their panel and closed the access hatch.

She counted to ten, twice, as she packed up her tools. The sounds of scurrying bodies and whispers between engineers as they grabbed whatever Mike had brought in, lifted up to her ears. As things fell silent, she stopped the toolbox in the maintenance locker and came down the ladder. Nodding in reassurance to a couple NEs left behind in the mass exedus due to the importance of their station, she headed into the office.

A moment later the young engineer leaned on the side of Mike’s desk and you a slow breath. “What’s wrong? This isn’t like you.” She probably didn’t have a right to ask, but she knew no one else would.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria

Her tail flicked back and forth while she listened to his rant. Holding her hands up, “Okay, okay, geez…calm down.” At least he wasn’t yelling directly at Kaylia like it was her fault. “Ensign O’Larria, don’t get rid of that kit just yet, you’re with me and so are,” she pointed at two random crewmen. “Shuttlebay, lets go.”

  • Ensign Kaylia Strenvale
    – Engineer

“Lieutenant Stone, a moment.” Reira asked, now the Chief Science Officer. He was holding the Transporter Save State System in his hands, only it appeared to be about as half as large again as previously with several screens built into it displaying Borg Alphanumerics, it was now reminiscent of a tiny Borg Cube with green elements glowing softly. “If you require additional parts from the Starbase I can get them for you but I can probably only do 2 or 3 transports maximum before they adapt to my frequencies. I also need to retrieve some… sensitive Borg technology from the base which I detected whilst there. I’d rather they didn’t have it since a false move in the wrong place would alert the Collective to it and I require the nanoprobes some of the technology has.” He offered, tapping directly at the controls with lightning speed, bringing up a full inventory of the supplies the Halycon had, thankfully in the more familiar LCARS.

“Tell me what you want and I can get it for you, or at least try to.” Reira stated, selecting the various Borg items on the list already.

Lt j.g. Reira Akaba (Chief Science Officer)

Back n forth, up and down, back and forth again…
Kristi had barely come around the corner to Stone’s office when Kaylia called out for the tool box. “I’ll grab it … ” She had been about to turn away when Stone turned to her and called out.

“Wait a moment, please, Ensign O’Larria in my office.” Mike said to Kristi, then turned to Reira.

“Kaylia, I’ll grab it and meet you in the bay,” she called to the woman before heading ahead of Mike into his office as he responded to Reira.

“Well be careful, stealing supplies we’re basicly owed is one thing, stealing Borg tech, even if it’s to prevent it from falling in wrong hands is another. You could make a lot of wrong type of people angry.” Although by Mike’s knowledge, a lot of wrong type of people were already angry at Reira. “I’ll submit the most crucial components we still need in 20 minutes or so. Now if you’ll excuse me…”
He left for his office, where O’Larria was already waiting. As the doors closed behind him, he exhaled a breath he was holding.

Kristi frowned slightly to herself. He never closed the door. She made a mental scan of everything she had done lately as she wondered if there was a reason she would have to be cloistered for privacy while in the mood he was in.

“I’m not proud at what I did, but I’ll do whatever has to be done, for this ship to stay together.” He stated quite loudly and walked up to her, stopping a few inches away. Much quieter he spoke: “To be honest I’m not sure how much longer I can keep her together. If it wasn’t for you and the rest of engineers covering my ass…”

“We know, Chief. It’s not a big deal, I’m sure. I am guessing you aren’t the first, or the last to pull such a stunt.” She smiled and tried to reassure him.

He hasn’t realized before just how much toll keeping his cool fasade can be, and even more, how much he wanted to.... he stepped from thinking to action and just softly hugged Kristi.

Lt .Mike Stone, CE

“Mike!” She hadn’t even realized she had used his first name in her gasp of surprise as the embrace. A heartbeat later, she had her arms around him and felt him tighten as if she had somehow just saved his life. She liked him, there was no denying that. They had had lunch a couple times together in the common rooms, and had had dinner once in semi privacy here in his office, but the door had been open and mid shift had been wandering around.

She kissed his cheek and whispered softly. “It’s gonna be ok. You’ve got this.” After a couple moments, she smiled. “Let’s get thru today and I’ll make dinner. My quarters. You can make it that long, Mike… Let’s get thru this crisis and we’ll take a break before the next one.” She closed her eyes and held him a moment longer. One more kiss to his cheek and and pulled back just enough to look at him. Her smile, which lit up her eyes, was one he would recognize from the occasional glance he caught when she thought she had turned away fast enough.


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