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Have you ever imagined yourself as Captain of a Klingon warbird, charging heroically into battle with your valiant crew? Or as the DaiMon of a Ferengi scavenger crew on the hunt for your next profit? Perhaps you’d like to experience a semester of classes, and parties, at Starfleet Academy? Or maybe all you’ve ever wanted is your own fast food flythrough on the edges of the Romulan Neutral Zone?
Whatever your (PG-13) Star Trek roleplaying fantasies, the X-Fleet can help you to make them come true! All you need is a minimum club rank of Ensign, four other players and a concept that meets our criteria.
Read on to find out more about our active X-Fleet ships and any vacancies they currently have.
Or head to our Notice Board and check out the Classifieds section, where you can recruit players for your X-Fleet idea, or get involved with someone else's.

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Supervisor of Experiments:
Fleet Captain Sharon Miller

X-Fleet Rules

Commissioning an X-Fleet Ship

1. Ship Criteria

All potential ship and sim ideas for X-Fleet must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • The proposed X-Ship is set somewhere within the Star Trek universe.
  • Nothing about the proposed X-Ship violates the club's Terms of Service.
  • The proposed X-Ship is not a deliberate duplicate of any existing ship.
  • The Five members applying must be of club rank Ensign or above as defined by Fleet Command and Mundane Matters (FCOMM).

As long as you meet the above criteria, then you are free to let your imagination run wild!

2. Ship Application

To submit an application for an X-Ship, please contact the SOX and provide the following information:

  • The names of four other members, besides yourself, who endorse the X-Ship's establishment and intend to play on it.
  • Character ID's for your own, and the other four members, intended characters (these will need to be created in advance).
  • The name of the proposed X-Ship, which must be unique.
  • A description of the proposed X-Ship that does not exceed 250 words.
Running an X-Fleet Ship

Important things to remember:

  • The title or rank of Gamemaster may not be used in the X-Fleet. The custom position of "Storyteller" may be used instead.
  • Reaching out to Cadets will result in a Tier 8 punishment and/or loss of command.

Decomissioning an X-Fleet Ship

If an X-Ship ever has less than five members who have posted on it within the previous 21 days, it is to be decommissioned immediately by the SOX. An X-Ship may also be decommissioned by the SOX if that ship’s continued existence somehow violates the Terms of Service. Violations of the TOS by a member who happens to be on an X-Ship will not be grounds for decommissioning. Any decision to decommission an X-Ship by the SOX is final and may not be appealed. No one besides the SOX has the power to decommission an X-Ship.

Current X-Fleet Ships

CO: Jody Romero

It has been over fifteen years and the wormhole has been quiet. The Curie was decommissioned a decade ago and sits in mothball. But not all is as it seems. Recently a faint signal has been detected emanating from the wormhole. It’s possible the Bat’Leth are on the move and may be planning an attack. If Starfleet needs to know what’s going on on the other side of the wormhole, they need to send a ship that can assess the situation. A ship to gather intelligence. A ship with speed and agility. And there is only one ship that has ever traversed the wormhole successfully. They need the USS Curie.

This could be your ship!

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