Captain: Gunnar Kaldland
Player: Hjortur Ingi

Welcome all to our glorious experiment. I look forward to seeing what all of you bring to the table.

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Executive Officer: Jeremy O'Dell
Player: Timothy Frogue

Long Live the Empire! Welcome to the ship! Be sure to stay within the AWOL limits and ask if you need help.

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Storyteller (ST): Kirt Gartner
ST: Phoenix

Mission Information: Update done on 02/19/2020

"The Conquest Begins, Cerberus Rise!"

Time to put the newest class of Imperial Battle Cruiser through its paces!

Update: The Shakedown cruise was cut short due to one of the sister ships having to be towed back to spacedock! So instead Admiral Rivers has ordered the Cerberus to look in on the disappearance of one of the Empires Colonies

Set a course for the Delmise System!

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Department Orders: Long Live the Empire.

Chief Engineer: Thomas Shawe
Department Orders: Keep the ship in one piece and try not to sacrifice too many NE's to the Warp Coil Gods

Chief Medical Officer: Vacant
Department Orders: Keep the crew healthy and fighting fit. Also make sure the Agonizer Chambers are fully functional

Chief Science Officer: Vacant
Department Orders: Keep the sensors aimed forward. Remember your place Vulcan.

Chief of Security: Abigail Graham
Department Orders: Do your duty nothing more.

MACO CO: Abigail Graham
Department Orders: Prepare for battle, execute traitors, and seek out our foes.

AWOL Limits & Ship Info:
Ship Disclaimer:

The mirror Universe is inherently a Dark mirror of our own reality and thus the history of said reality is equally dark That being said While we will be playing our characters appropriately to match this dark society This is not a reflection of our beliefs or views We all seek to create a safe and fun environment to Role play with in and we are not looking to offend or attack anyone their beliefs views or lifestyles

Special Ship Rules:

1. of the ship is to leave Politics Real or otherwise out of the ship or Discord Chat This is a place of fun and relaxation and The Mirror Universe is an inherently dark reality to begin with there is no call or need for politics of any kind to appear in our Ship Chat or RP

2: Player vs Player combat will be allowed as per what has been seen in Mirror Universe themed Episodes for advancement However as per club rules this must be agreed upon by both players and the content of the combat and its result must be kept to a PG-13 level as per club rules finally these duels will be non-lethal combat unless story content is driven to give a good reason for it being lethal or both players agree to one or both characters dying

AWOL Limits:

Slow Rate Means - At least 1 post every:
  • 5 days - Command Staff
  • 7 days - Department Heads
  • 10 days - Junior Officers

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Lieutenant Junior Grade Demetrius Avenius Chief Medical Officer Human 28 5" 11 215lbs Damian Scott AWOL (29)

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