About the USS Dauntless:
Hello everyone, and welcome to the USS Dauntless; a Mjlonir Class starship. Here on the Dauntless, we like to create and run our mission in the style of the following 3 TV shows: JAG, NCIS and Star Trek DS9, along with the other Star Trek shows of course. The ship's mission types will be similar if not the same to as follows: Transport and tactical utilization of Starfleet’s fighters, engagement of hostile fleet groups, tactical flagship, search-and-rescue operations, transportation and protection of diplomats, escort and deployment of marines, demonstration of Starfleet defense abilities to Federation candidate members, first contact, diplomatic Duties and JAG Duties (Disciplinary Actions) . Furthermore the ships main ethos and rule is to enjoy yourself and have fun! More information regarding the ships concept and description will be added shortly.
Storyteller: Louis Harvatt
Sim Title:Coming Soon
Sim Notes:
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Commanding Officer Captain Ael Aihia
Commanding Officers noted coming soon
Executive Officer Si'Rek
Executive Officers note's coming soon...
Chief of Operations: Vacant
If interested in the vacant role please contact Trinity Fister the Commanding Officer.
Chief Engineer: Heather E. Argeneau
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Posting Limits:
Commanding Officer/Executive Officer/Storyteller: 3 Days Department Heads: 5 Days Junior Officers: 7 Days
Chief of Security: Vacant
Those interested in the vacant position should contact Trinity Fister the Commanding Officer.
Chief Medical Oficer: Vacant
Those interested in the vacant position should contact Trinity Fister the Commanding Officer.
Marine Commanding Officer: Crystal
Infomation goes here
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Ael Aihia Commanding Officer Human-Romulan 6’4 160lbs Trinity Fister LOA (5)
Commander Maxwell Saunders Executive Officer Human/Betazoid 6'0 168 Michael McDowell AWOL (9)
Lieutenant Prinz Esther Chief Science Officer Bajoran/Human 5'6" 68kg Cass Young LOA (8)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Heather E. Argeneau Chief Engineer Altered Atlantean 5'6 125lbs Sara Rastellini OK (0)
Major Crystal Marine Commander Caitian 5’6 120lbs Christina Crafford OK (2)

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