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"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." - Stephen Hawkings

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Bethrisian Rhaspody

"The soul that has conceived one wickedness, can nurse no good, thereafter." - Sophocles

It isn't uncommon for Starships to be asked to transport Admirals and other diplomatic officials to planets where possible negotiations might be held.. But this is certainly an odd occurence for the tactical-based Starship: USS Dauntless-A. Admiral Loquehart has come to the Dauntless, asking -ordering- to have her be the transport for him and a diplomatic contingent to the Bethresians system, for negotians concerning their implantation into the Federation. Though some things seem a bit sketchy.. What will happen on this queer voyage?

To be updates as Spiral Vortex of Doom pleases.


Red Captain's Collar
Captain Ael Aihia

Welcome to the Dauntless-A! We have several fantastic writers who man this unique ship's crew. I am Trinity Fister, the (new) Commanding Officer, and I play the quirky Romulan, Ael Aihia.

Forgive me while things are slow, as others get changed. If you're interested in a position aboard this ship, don't be afraid to contact me concerning it!

Enjoy your times with us, or just visiting the page. The only requirements are respectfulness and imagination. Jolan'tru!

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Executive Officer's Corner

Red Commander's Collar

Executive Officers note's coming soon...

Contact Form: James Sinclair

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Story Notes

ST's Collar
Spiral Vortex of Doom

ST notes: Here.

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Ops Lt Cmdr
Mark Johnson
Keep up the good work and keep this ship and her crew running efficiently.

Contact Form: Matt Wiseman

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Blue Lt
Make sure everyone has there physicals complete and that all injured are cared for

Contact Form: Liam Schoepp

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Yel Lt
Dan Vladar
Protect the New Ship

Contact Form: Sam Pennington

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Teal Lt
New Ship new Equipment

Contact Form: Vacant

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Marine CO


Contact Form: Christina Crafford

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Teal Lt


yellow LtCmdr

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Green Alert

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Posting limits are as follows:

3 Days: CO/XO/ST

5 Days: Department Heads (including CNS)

7 days: Everyone else

About USS Dauntless (A)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the USS Dauntless; a Mjlonir Class starship. Here on the Dauntless, we like to create and run our mission in the style of the following 3 TV shows: JAG, NCIS and Star Trek DS9, along with the other Star Trek shows of course. The ship's mission types will be similar if not the same to as follows: Transport and tactical utilization of Starfleet’s fighters, engagement of hostile fleet groups, tactical flagship, search-and-rescue operations, transportation and protection of diplomats, escort and deployment of marines, demonstration of Starfleet defense abilities to Federation candidate members, first contact, diplomatic Duties and JAG Duties (Disciplinary Actions) .

Furthermore the ships main ethos and rule is to enjoy yourself and have fun!

More information regarding the ships concept and description will be added shortly.



Crew Spotlights, Promotions and Ship News.

Ships Marine Detachment:

Information on the ships marine detachment coming soon.

USS Dauntless, JAG Team

Department Description:

Welcome to the USS Dauntless's JAG team. The ships JAG team is headed up by Colonel Tyrrel Decker and consist of 3 people. The Colonel as lead JAG, Castiel Jansen Dean; as the team's intelligence gatherer and evidence review officer and Corine McKnight; as the teams Diplomatic expert.

After the relevant people and authorities have investigated the crime/situation. The information is passed on to the JAG team and the accused in brought onboard for further investigation, judgement and possible prosecution. Though it is a long and well played proccess it is all fun in the end but the question is do the Security members and well trainined JAG team have what it takes to bring the correct people to justice. Let all hope that there is no mistrial and that the relevant evidence is present.

Current Case: >


Description Of Case:


Defendant Rapsheet




Home Planet:

Current planet of residence:


Previous Charges:

Propulsion Systems Warp Core Impulse Engines
Tactical Systems Defensive Shields Torpedos Phaser Arrays
Support Systems Life Support Environmental Support Gravity Plating
Transporter Systems T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Recreational Systems Holodecks Marines Mess Captains Mess Officers Mess Lounge Mess Hall
Auxiliary Spacecraft Runabout 1: Hudson Runabout 2: Columbus Runabout 3: Churchill
Cargo Bays Cargo Bay 1 Cargo Bay 2
Armourys Armoury 1 Armoury 2 Armoury 1
Fighter Squadrons Fighter Squadron: Red Squad Fighter Squadron: Blue Squad Fighter Squadron: Gold Squad
Shuttle Crafts 1-6 Shuttle Enstein Shuttle Newton Shuttle Galilei Shuttle Curie Shuttle Darwin Shuttle Pasteur
Shuttle Crafts 7 - 12 Shuttle Hawkings Shuttle Faraday Shuttle Edison Shuttle Corpenicus Shuttle Tesla Shuttle Bell
Combat Information Centre Helm Station Operations Station Engineering Station Tactical Station Captains Ready Room Flag Officers Office
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Ael Aihia CO Human-Romulan 6’4 160lbs Trinity Fister Late (3)
Commander Si'Rek XO / CE Takaren 6'11" 315 lbs. James Sinclair OK (0)
Major Crystal Marine Commander Caitian 5’6 120lbs Christina Crafford OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dan Vladar Chief of Security Human 6’5” 241 lbs Sam Pennington AWOL (33)
Lieutenant Matt Wiseman Assistant CE Human 6'7" 200 Matt Wiseman AWOL (21)
Ensign Heather E. Argeneau Engineer Altered Atlantean 5'6 125lbs Sara Rastellini OK (0)
Spiral Vortex Of Doom Storyteller Spiraling Vortex (of Doom) James Sinclair

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