About the USS Dauntless:
Hello everyone, and welcome to the USS Dauntless; a Mjlonir Class starship. Here on the Dauntless, we like to create and run our mission in the style of the following 3 TV shows: JAG, NCIS and Star Trek DS9, along with the other Star Trek shows of course. The ship's mission types will be similar if not the same to as follows: Transport and tactical utilization of Starfleet’s fighters, engagement of hostile fleet groups, tactical flagship, search-and-rescue operations, transportation and protection of diplomats, escort and deployment of marines and air group, demonstration of Starfleet defense abilities to Federation candidate members, first contact, diplomatic Duties and JAG Duties (Disciplinary Actions). Furthermore the ships main ethos and rule is to enjoy yourself and have fun! More information regarding the ships concept and description will be added shortly.
Storyteller: Trinity Fister
Sim Title:The Trouble with Diplomacy
Sim Notes: While en route to the Bethrisian system, the Dauntless begins experiencing odd phenomena aboard their decks. A young marine was attacked by a crazed assailant, who has since disappeared into the mist; cargo packages line Dauntless' main bay, but there is no indication of where they came from nor what they contain; a mysterious man shows up in engineering, making odd tweaks to the ship's systems, but nothing can be found on him. What do they all have in common? A certain Admiral Lockehart..who is nowhere to be found.
Sim Threads: Cargo Bay 4: coming soon
Engineering: coming soon
Commanding Officer Captain Ael Aihia
Where has Admiral Lockehart escaped to? Is he responsible for the odd reports command's been receiving?
Executive Officer Maxwell Saunders
Keep things in check! Strange events are occurring across the Dauntless, and the crew is starting to notice.
Chief Tactical Officer: Bill Saunders
You're new to the ship, but that doesn't mean a free pass.. chaos is ensuing aboard the Dauntless. Where do you fit?
Chief Engineer: Heather E. Argeneau
Who is this man hogging the warp core? What does he want with Dauntless' systems?
Chief of Security: K'Vexx
Cargo without identification? There's something fishy going on around here..time to Investigate!
Chief Medical Oficer: Vacant
Those interested in the vacant position should contact the Commanding Officer.
Marine Commanding Officer: Crystal
Who attacked Kathy Iago? What threat do they pose to the Dauntless and her crew?
Judge Advocate General: T'Pon
A man has been murdered aboard Dauntless' decks and suspicions of foul play are rising..what do you have to say?
Air Group CO: Vacant
If interested in this position, please contact the CO.
Posting Limits:
CO/XO/Storyteller: 3 Days Department Heads: 5 Days Junior Officers: 7 Days
Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Ael Aihia Commanding Officer Human/Romulan 6’4 170lbs Trinity Fister LOA (10)
Commander Maxwell Saunders Executive Officer Human/Betazoid 6'0 168 Michael McDowell AWOL (8)
Lieutenant Commander Bill Saunders Chief Tactical Officer Human 6'5 250 Philip S Schreiber OK (0)
Lieutenant K'Vexx Chief of Security Klingon 6'0" 214 lbs Curtiss Schofield OK (2)
Lieutenant Prinz Esther Chief Science Officer Bajoran/Human 5'6" 68kg Cass Young AWOL (8)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Heather E. Argeneau Chief Engineer Altered Atlantean 5'6 125lbs Sara Rastellini OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dean House Medical Officer Sean Bigbee
Major Crystal Marine Commander Caitian 5’6 120lbs Christina Crafford OK (0)
Commander T'Pon JAG Vulcan Luke Paris OK (0)

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