Seek thrills and profit aboard STF’s one and only Orion Syndicate ship. Join the crew of the Pavlajia and live a life of adventure and crime. Take part in a myriad of crimes from piracy and smuggling to blackmail and extortion. No foul deeds are too great or too small in the search of profit. Come and explore the dark corners of the galaxy and see for yourself the danger that lurks between stars.

The Pavlajia offers an alternate roleplay setting where creative thinking and character driven plots are welcomed. We offer a place where you can freely add to the lore and knowledge on the Orion Syndicate and their inner and outer workings. Here there is no rigid chain of command and the role of “captain” is one freely shared among the crew, granted to the individual most suited to lead any particular mission or goal. Likewise, the role of storyteller (X-Fleet’s version of a GM) is shared among our players.

Storyteller and Sim Notes

Current Sim: Beginnings

Sim Storyteller: None

Sim Summary: On an quiet planet in an out of the way space port, the newly formed Syndicate cell comes together. Making their introductions and forming first impressions. All while familiarizing themselves with their new ship and its layout.

Noteable Side Sims

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NE's & Unrostered Characters


AWOL Policy

  • Syndicate Members: 7 days

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Current Vacancies

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Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Shivan Th’rellek Armaments Officer Andorian 26 6'1'' 150 lbs Nicole Cline AWOL (135)
Combat / Chef
Engineer / Weaponmaster
Caid Entertainer / Distractor Orion 19 4’10 92 Leonora V AWOL (120)
Thelev Medic / Pilot Andorian/Human hybrid 18 5'8" 116 lbs Amdirgol S AWOL (134)
Jezem Spy / Infiltrator / Quartermaster Orion 21 5'5" 130 Abigail G AWOL (120)

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